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TCoD - The Sunlit Crypts - CH14 PG01 by DrMistyTang
TCoD - The Sunlit Crypts - CH11 - Cover by DrMistyTang
Pixie Girl by DoodleBard
Only Natural, 'Tock the Gnome' by rachelillustrates
Masterpieces - Based in Myth or Legend
Maha Rakta by Andantonius
Beamy Chibi Ra by Andantonius
Khonsu by beidak
Amonkhet Divert by IgorKieryluk
Masterpieces - Others
TCoD - The Brothers - PG05 by DrMistyTang
Nanami by TheSeaKnight
Calm Death by M-Jenai
Aries - Iron Bull by yuhime
Digital Art
Red Dragon in a Dark Cave by GhostlyMetalhead
Egyptian Dragon for NekoAdderstein by lady-cybercat
Cinco de Mayo Mermaid by YasuMatsuoka
The Power Within - Prints Preview by Iduna-Haya
Traditional Art
The Explorer of Ua Huka by Eldr-Fire
Nukekubi by Ink-Yami
Morkt by eiyia
Kelpie in the pond by Kirschpraline
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sea shell dragon by claymeeples
Air by SweetSign
Pomegranate Dragon by SweetSign
A Little Fuzzy Dragon by Maximilien-Serpent
Photo and Photo-Manipulations
Balayang [Legendary Creatures] by FabioRosado
Psychopomp by GothicNarcissus
The Queen Raven-RISING by Sinphie
Peregrine Reign by kaisernero121
Fanart - Anything that's still copyrighted
Elina redraw 2019 by Elainuar
[Commission] Aurora Aldora - Final Fantasy XIV by Lynariti
The Bear and the Priest by solar-sea
JunJun and Disney Hera by TabrisXhawk
Mythical Writing
Taking responsibility - Part 3 by hippo2
Digital Art - Full
GE - V2 - CH3 - PG14 by DrMistyTang
Dancing with VFX by Ace0fredspades
Shine by FlashW
A dream within the dream by Hera-of-Stockholm
Digital Art - FULL

Mature Content

Girl to anthro deer TF - animated gif by Cyberalbi
Digital Art - Full
COD - LTL - Chapter Four - PG16 by DrMistyTang
Traditional Art - Full
Inktober 2018 - 03 by DrMistyTang
Traditional Art 02 - FULL
Inktober 2018 - 04 by DrMistyTang





Welcome to the Myths and Legends Group!


Our focus is to bring fans of mythology and legends together in one group. We also accept anything that has fantasy in it, so join up and start submitting!


:star: How to Join

:star: Submission Rules and how to submit

:star: Contests

:star: How to Run Your Own Group

:star: Why my Groups Don't Do "Quality Control"









:bulletblue: First Place :bulletblue:
What the judges were saying: annewipf shows us her amazing photomanipulation talent in this beautiful piece depicting Tethys collecting the sun. The focus, lighting and color choices really make this one luminous. Amazing work!

:bulletblue: Second Place :bulletblue:
What the judges were saying: SimonLB made a beautiful story in one single piece of artwork. The various bits of symbolism and amusing style made this one stand out to the judges. Congratulations!

:bulletblue: Third Place :bulletblue:
What the judges were saying: The judges loved the amount of detail and the bright colors of Typthis's depiction of Scylla, and her knowledge of her traditional medium is well represented here. Great stuff!

:star: For this contest you'll be drawing/writing about Legends of the Sea!

- The contest is as simple as it sounds! Draw or write a myth or legend that has to do with the sea/ocean.

***Mermaids are NOT allowed in this contest because we recently had a contest for mermaids. So, you can't do anything that's half-human, half-fish. That being said, if you wanted to do something like half-human, half-octopus, you're good. Just... pretty much don't do something that looks like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. XD

- You may draw/write about something completely original or something based on an actual myth or legend.

- Your picture/story must take place in a large body of water. Preferably the ocean, but lakes and rivers and the like are fine, too.

- This being a fantasy group, you must include fantasy elements to your piece. In other words, you can't just draw a Great White Shark and enter it in the contest. What those fantasy elements might be are up to you- we won't be strict about it- you can even chose to make your fantasy element radical coloring. Just go for it!

- Preferably, if you're drawing something original, it'd be a good idea to have a story to go with it to go in your description.

:star: Extra Points :star:
These are ways to get extra points in the contest. Each are worth 5 extra points in your popular vote score.
:bulletpurple: Draw/write about or include a deep sea creature in your art/literature as a focal point. Deep sea creatures live below 1000 fathoms and are easily googled. Please leave a link to a picture of your chosen creature in your description.
:bulletpurple: Include a specific sea plant in your image with a link to a picture of the real thing.
>>>>>Please include which points you included in your description so that the admins don't have to do any guesswork.

- No vulgarity. Artistic nudity is fine.

- No fanart. All designs must be your own. Incorporating classical features of legendary characters into your art is fine, though.

- No literary characters. So nothing from Shakespeare or JM Barrie and the like.

- Do not submit an old work of art. It must be new and created after this contest was put up [November 29th, 2016]

- Do not copy/trace the work of somebody else. Your art must be completely your own.

- You can be as serious or comical as you want.

- Any medium is acceptable. Ex: Sculpture, Digital, traditional, costume... anything!

- Yes, that means writing/literature is allowed.

- For literature participants: don't make your story too long; the judges and voters can't spend too long going through your work. Aim for 15 pages or less.

- ***When you submit your entry to deviantART, PLEASE mention that it's for the contest in this group somewhere in your description. Not because we need more promotion, but because there are a ton of people who submit to the wrong folder and don't even mean to try to enter the contest.
If you don't mention that your illustration is for this contest in the description, it will be removed from the folder.***

- You may have up to two entries this time. But that's the limit.

- Keep it clean. No porn, no fetishes. Keep it tasteful - Keep it PG13. If you have any questions about taste level, send us a note or leave a comment.

- You may enter the contest even if you're not a member. Just be sure to give us a link so we can add it.

- When you're done, post a comment with a link to your entry here, and we'll add it to the list.

- Also, we've created a folder for our new contest in the gallery called, "Contest 20 - Legends of the Sea". Be sure to submit there.

-When the contest is over, we'll put up a blog with all the entries on it, and the members will vote on which one they think is best.

- If you have any additional questions, either comment here, note the club, or note the owner, (DrZime)

:bulletred: Creativity! The best artwork won't necessarily win. The artist who thinks out of the box and puts in a ton of work will win.

:bulletred: Make a scene! Interaction, impact!

:bulletred:  Effort. The judges can really tell how much effort was put into an image.

:bulletred: Think outside the box!

:bulletred: Your panel of judges are:

:icondrmistytang: :iconratscout: :icondrzime: :iconpaavolongshanks: :iconkitsunechibi-chan:

Judges may enter too, if they want. But, you won't be up for the winning in the judge's section.

Three winners will be chosen by a panel of judges. If we get up to 21 entries, we'll add a popular vote section for three additional entries.
If you're interested in doing a prize request for one or more of the winners, just note or comment here!
:star: If you're willing to donate a subscription to one of the winners, just let us know! :star:

:star: Winners Chosen by Popular Vote Get:

:bulletred: First Place winner Gets:  

-- A half-body drawing request from: Myslii
-- A free premade background and feature from: annewipf
Your entry will be added to the Masterpiece section of our gallery
Your entry will be added to the club's Winner's Section. (Our favorites)

:bulletred: Second Place winner Gets:  

-- An art request (one character, simple background) from: MeganMosier
-- A free premade background and feature from: annewipf
Your entry will be added to the Masterpiece section of our gallery
Your entry will be added to the club's Winner's Section. (Our favorites)

:bulletred: Third Place winner gets:

-- A free premade background and feature from: annewipf
Your entry will be added to the Masterpiece section of our gallery
Your entry will be added to the club's Winner's Section. (Our favorites)

You don't necessarily have to accept the prize if you win. If you don't want the request, we could always pass it on to the runner-up.

February 15th, 2017

There will be no extensions unless there's less than 6 entries.

01.) Returning to Land - Contest Entry by HeroismInACan

02.) The rise of Atlantis. by JettieHier

03.) Tales Of Mysteria: The Sea GoddessThe times were cold and bitter. The world was brittle and dying and the Gods… The Gods were cruel. They regularly attacked, enslaved and plagued the mortals with any type of suffering their saw fit. They could end the world at the drop of a hat though so no mortal dared speak against them. But this was one of the times someone did. Far on the coast of human lands, on the docks of a city called Harowick was a woman and a massive crew of warriors packing several ships full of supplies and materials needed for the trip they were going on. The woman’s name was Saenis and she was in charge of this expedition.
“Come men! We haven’t much time! Mareus is sure to be expecting us and the longer we take, the more time we give her to prepare!” Saenis shouted as everyone doubled their efforts. From the distance running through the crowd of onlookers came a messenger, with a scroll in hand.
“Hermion. I hope that scroll you hold brings good news,” She said pl

04.) Scylla by Typthis

05.) Dynamene by FangsAndNeedles

06.) Ys by SimonLB +5 (Deep Sea Creature)

07.) On South Georgia Island by MeganMosier +10 (Deep Sea Creature + Sea Plant)

08.) Tethys collecting the sun (2) by annewipf

09.) :thumb662187457:

10.) Cecaelia Barbie by TheSeaKnight

11.) Davy Jones Locker by Prakorimas

12.) Heart of the ocean by MoonFey +5 (Deep Sea Creature)

13. ) The sea dragon by Holmes-JA

14.) Hakunui, the Pliosaur God
There was something peaceful about the Jurassic, Lin thought as she sat on the deck.  No one ever believed her and on land, the dinosaurs could be very dangerous, but Lin was sitting on a boat in the middle of the Panthalassic Ocean, the biggest ocean in the history of the Earth.  Nothing but water as far as the eye could see with a few clouds in the distance.  The smell of the salt air in her nose and a cool breeze in her face.  Lin could not be happier.  She got up to refresh her drink when it happened.  Despite all her years time traveling, Lin had never really felt ‘outside of time.’  Until now.
Lin’s feet were thrust out from under her as the boat itself rose up.  It all happened so quick, yet despite that it seemed to take forever.  In front of her the deck disintegrated into splinters and was replaced by a massive set of jaws.
The monster that owned them followed, breaching out of the water for almost thirty feet, bl

15.) Sweet Thing by Jackjackdb
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