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We admins of myths-and-fantasy proudly present our first contest for 2014 and we hope for lots of enthusiastic members to participate! :D

:iconrose5plz:What to do: Choose your favourite classical myth/fairy  tale/legend and paint/draw a scene from the story. You can use either digital or traditional art. Sorry, not crafts or literature entries this time.

:iconrosellabottomplz: Include in your description:
1) that this picture is for the My fav myth/fairy  tale/legend -Contest at myths-and-fantasy
2) the title of your favourite myth/fairy  tale/legend
3) and a short summary of the story/scene that is shown in the picture.

:bulletpink: You can choose any classical myth/fairy  tale/legend that you know. It could be a fairy tale like The Little Mermaid or Red Riding Hood, or a legend like King Arthur or Dracula, or it can be a myth like the one about The Thunderbird or Hercules.
:bulletred: Your picture should only show one scene from the story. So, no comics and no words. Let the picture talk for itself. We will judge your entry after the criteria: How well does it represent the story?
:bulletyellow: Every participant may submit 1 entry to the contest.
:bulletgreen: Please submit your entry to our contest folder  and also post a link of your entry here on this blog in the comment section below. :below:

:winner: First Winner: 1 month Premium Membership (396 points), a feature of the artist on our group homepage and a free commission done by CandidKatydid
:winner: Second Winner: 100 points and a free commission done by Drachenseele
:winner: Third Winner: 100 points

:iconbutterfly5plz: How the entries will be judged:
:star: 0-10 How well does the entry represent the story? Can we tell it is that story without reading the description? Does the picture show that this artist really likes the story?
This is our most important criteria, that's why it gets the most points.
:star: 0-5 Creativity: Is a well known scene shown in a new, creative way? Or, is a not so well known story shown in an interesting way, that it may appeal you to look deeper into that story?
:star: 0-5 Technique: Did the artist try to make his/her picture interesting? Are there some special details? Did the artist work with shading/light effects? How is the atmosphere of the picture? Did the artist fill up the page?

So ever entry can receive 20 points maximum. Winners are those with the most points.


Contest Beginning: February 15, 2014
Contest Ending: March 30, 2014
© 2014 - 2022 myths-and-fantasy
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I'm afraid I got my entry up late--I finished it about an hour ahead of the deadline, but had too many technical issues that kept it from being saved first as a PSD, then as a JPEG, then uploaded to DA. :/  Anyway, here is mine: callego.deviantart.com/art/Vol…
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It's ok. ^^ It is accepted.
Drachenseele's avatar
It's ok, It is accepted. ^^
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DariDariKashi's avatar
:D sounds fun! *grabs sketch pad*
SvalaW's avatar
Still 10 days to go! :) Have fun!
TheLadyMoon's avatar
OK!! I still have 19 days to do something!!! :icondarkrageplz:
SvalaW's avatar
Yeah, time flies, doesn't it.^^
Though, we might consider expanding the deadline if a lot of people need more time.
Crimsondynamo55's avatar
I don't known which myth story to go for, I am thinking maybe Hercules. 
Drachenseele's avatar
Hercules is ok ;) He is a very cool legend :D
Crimsondynamo55's avatar
I am think maybe drawing hercules and pegasus
Crimsondynamo55's avatar
u think it's a good idea?
Drachenseele's avatar
yes ^^ it is your decision. ;)
Crimsondynamo55's avatar
ok thanks I think I'll just go with my first idea
BlackJakeRandom's avatar
I like this idea^^
SvalaW's avatar
Yeah, it's nice, isn't it?^^ CandidKatydid came up with it.
UndeadKitty13's avatar
just curious would any of Edgar Allen Poe's stories count 
SvalaW's avatar
Depends. Do you have a specific story in mind?
UndeadKitty13's avatar
maybe the tell tale heart or el dorado, or Bells
SvalaW's avatar
Okay, I think these stories may qualify for the contest. :)  Just keep in my that this is a myth/fairy tale contest and if your picture features fantasy creatures you should be fine.
Have fun and good luck for the contest.^^
UndeadKitty13's avatar
TheLadyMoon's avatar
AAAAGGHH!!!! my FAV one!?!?!? I can´t decide TT____TT
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