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Maple (Mei Mei), Sirius (Siri-bean) and Ambrose (Ambi) are all doing well. Maple is an emotional roller coaster of sulking when she doesn't get what she wants, begging for attention, glaring at me for going to sleep and not picking her up. When she isn't being moody, she is curious and keeps pressing buttons on my phone every time I turn it on while holding her. She tends to gravitate towards it when she see's me using it. Before long she will take over the world, I suppose. Sirius, is grumpy as usual, but he likes cuddles, and preening himself constantly. He really loves sunflower seeds, and comes over to let us know when he wants attention. But bother him before then and he is an angry lil bun. Ambrose is just weird. He is sweet, loving, and derpy. Everything spooks him, and he jumps two inches into the air when spooked. Other times he loves being scratched behind the ears and will fall asleep to Weightless by Marconi Union. He can't climb very well so he tends to sit on us and then start washing, fall off balance and just roll head over heels. He's relatively gentle and friendly, but also super fast. They made it through the Fourth of July without so much as blinking about the fireworks. And only showed mild irritation at the winds and rain beating the house around in the monsoon. This last monsoon was pretty bad. There was a trampoline misplaced on the other side of a brick fence, branches, leaves and tree needles everywhere, and pieces of houses ripping off and flying across the way as well. It is over for now but who knows how many times more they will come through in the next few months. Our streets are designed to channel and drain the water, so overall, it has been a quick recovery. House is good, hammies are good, not much else I could ask :)
Lily, has sadly passed away from old age. February was a very rough month for us. One sweet stubborn cuddle bean has left us to sleep in the clouds. Shortly after, we found a lump on Custard, and he then left us too. We loved them both dearly, and will miss them so much. For a period, Maple was the only hammie we had. And she has overcome her initial fears as we had hoped. She seeks attention actively, and while she used to favor me at first and always begged to be picked up, she now begs AxumDegraKevar to pick her up, and has taken to giving me the cold shoulder in favor of him when he is available. She likes to ride on his shoulders and lay in his hair when it is pulled back in a ponytail. Feeling a lil jealous, but I'll get over it lol

We did go back to the pet store, and Custard's brothers were still there. So we brought them both home. Now we have Ambrose and Sirius. Both are long-haired hammies, who when we first brought them home, used to squeak complain about things just as Cussie did. Since then they have started to calm down, but it will be a longer road as they are older when starting taming. Nothing can be as tough as taming Mochi was though, so I'm not worried. Both are still a bit jumpy, and both tried to fly (running in the opposite direction and jumping off the bed) after taking one look at the ball and deciding it was a threat, but otherwise they are now showing curiosity and actively coming over to interact. I am still a bit wary and hoping neither of them are prone to the same thing that Cussie had, but right now they are all healthy, and there are no lumps to be found :w00t:

As you may know, a lot has been going on in our lives and with our hamsters. While Mochi has left us, she is now with her beloved Truffle-senpai and in a better place. Lily Obaa-chan is still as stubborn and as cuddly as ever (Lily gives the best cuddles!), and we've welcomed two more fluffy hamster babies to our family. Custard is a sweet lil guy, who has something to say about everything. Just when we thought Lily was talkative for a hamster with her squeaks and grumbles, he has taken the cake. He is extremely calm, although some things still do spook him, and he actively seeks attention and just likes hanging out with us as Truffle used to. He sometimes cuddles, but more prefers to play and adventure. We also now have Maple. She is a bit more timid, but she is also gentle, so we believe that when she gets over her initial fears she will be something of a character. When something is new and scary to her she looks at it over her shoulder and turns her back square to it, and then looks away. Out of sight out of mind we guess. As she is the newest we have yet to see how she will grow, but we definitely look forward to seeing her future!

So that is the good news for now. I hope everyone is doing well!

- Ellie ^_^
Yesterday was a sad day. Our lil Robo-puff Mochi has passed away. She was so energetic right up until the end; I honestly thought she would out-live Lily. I can't really say I'm okay, I loved her very very much and I will miss her greatly. I guess the best thing to do is explain her good points, and celebrate her life.

Mochi was ornery as all heck. That might not seem like a good thing, but to me it was. She was Tsundere. Cold at first and then overly clingy and loving. She would run up to see us whenever we walked by her cage. Brandon insists she was begging for treats, but even when offered she often wouldn't take them, and instead continued to seek our attentions. She did show a bit of favoritism towards myself, and mostly had a go at anyone else who tried to pet her most of the time. She would on occasion permit a quick petting from others, like the little queen she was. She was extremely loyal. Her fur was as soft as powdered sugar. In exchange for head rubs and pets, she'd try to groom my hands and shirt to give back.

The cutest moments were when she had accepted a treat and rolled on to her behind with all four paws in front of her like a tiny teddy bear, and munched happily away on it. She also had a habit of storing treats in a circle around her bed, underneath the fluff so that she could lazily munch them, while 99% asleep. I could always tell it was her munching because of the tiny quick nibbles I could hear.

She was also very active. Even as a baby, when all she seemed to be composed of was a head and a butt with no middle, (earning her the nickname "headbutt" from one of my close friends) She ran the best she could on her wheel. Flying off at high speeds didn't put her off. She got right back on and kept running. We ended up putting extra fluff in the bottom of her cage because of her tendencies, but she was always so excited to run on her wheel. I gave her the nickname "hover hamster" because she ran so fast, her feet were a blur and she appeared to be floating.

She was a sweet girl, even with her stubborn streak. She will be missed very much.
Hello again.

I tend to lurk on here in between getting ready for work and when I get home, to wind down. That doesn't sound creepy does it? : P We've finally hit our monsoon season, and are getting a much needed break to the heat, but I'm not sure how much of a relief the temperature drop can be considered. How does one choose between 117 degree F dry heat and 90 degree F humid heat. Either are miserable in their own right, so thank goodness for A/C!

The Cicadas are out, and they are so loud  that they sound like being too close to an active high-volt power line. The crickets are also out and they keep getting into our house. Just can't keep the "good luck" out I guess.

Somehow today we went from down-pouring and a few power-outages, to fluffy clouds and blue skies. I have a feeling that with this drastic of a change we are in for one heck of an August.

So in the mean-time I've been working my behind off with a personal goal in mind. This caused a few scares with my blood pressure and I was on some meds for a bit. The stress was getting to me and I repeatedly got sick. However thanks to some great people, I worked through the rough patch, kept my scores up and got promoted again. It seems this new position is a better fit for me.

My blood pressure is normal again, thank goodness! I still have been getting sick more often than the average person, but that is just the changing of the seasons here, and my piddly immune system.

Here we go with the hamsters again. They are doing great, but are starting to get tiny grey hairs as they become elder-beans. My husband built some even larger cages for them, which seems to have appeased Lily's tantrums, and has especially pleased the Momomo. Mochi has also begun to let me hold her and the spoiled girl loves being petted and getting head massages. But heaven forbid if my husband tries to pet her, she will have a go at him.

We've had our share of problems popping up too. With the rains, cicadas and the crickets, also came beetles and cockroaches. Our house is bug-blocked and we've taken every precaution after discovering a few too close for comfort. Luckily the fire ants have stayed in the yard thus far, and there have been no black widows nor scorpions. No rattlers either. Despite the onslaught of the many legged critters, I am crossing my fingers that the temperatures will steadily decline with the storms, as these electric and water bills are no joke!

Checking out

-Elisa ^_^
Hi Y'all!

I figured I might as well fill you in as to what is currently going on.

We've been searching pretty hard for houses, it has been our dream to finally be homeowners, and that dream has finally come true thanks to a lot of hard work and a little over 9 years of saving up. It happened to be the first house in our list (go figure) although we saw some real winners sarcasm that I myself would not wish on anyone. There is more room than we ourselves know what to do with, having lived in a tiny 10 by 12 bedroom for many years. When I mean lived in, I truly mean lived in. The process was not as rough as we had originally thought it might be, more that the process was time-consuming. We signed our 100+ pages of contract, and sighed in relief. Currently having our own house still feels like a mini-vacation from our prior situation.

However one of the joys of home ownership happens to be that when things break, prepare to be broke. One week in, our plumbing was backed up. We could only flush the toilets once a day, but for some reason, showering was still possible with little to no effect. After dealing with many horrible companies that did not know the meaning of customer service and tried to back us into a corner like some sort of criminals, we finally gave them the proverbial finger and chose our own company, which came out that very night. Many much expenses later, the roots were cleaned out of our sewers which was the first problem, a main line clean out was installed to make future issues easy to address, and we learned that the final problem was the connection to the city sewers. They cleaned out that second clog and advised us to speak with the city as that connection is entirely the city's responsibility.

So while all of this was going on, I was promoted and have been training for a new position. Of course I was exhausted learning all of this new material and the stress of the sewer issues was draining my battery quick. Throw in a new schedule and switching from part to full-time and I was at first dreaming of going back to bed from the moment I woke up. With the sewer issue resolved, I've had a much easier time adjusting to a full 40 hour week. While I still adore my sleep, I'm not wanting to sleep to escape from the stress anymore, but just because I need rest : )

Of course I do need to bring up the hammies. They are doing well and enjoy having so much space to run around in their hamster balls in. In fact I would say that they are entirely pleased not to be in a room with a loud A/C unit. They are just as spoiled as ever; even Mochi our little Tsundere ham has been begging for attention.

Right now we are currently working on building ourselves a wrap around desk for our crafting room, which would not only provide me the room to do more of my bead work, but will make life easier for me when I need to get on the computer. Hopefully I won't be remaining much of a stranger from now on. No promises though. Never figured my adult life would be so jam-packed, given how much of a shut-in I am outside of work, but hey, it keeps life pretty interesting :w00t:
T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the stuff
Not a creature was stirring, except for our fluffs
Mochi ran on the wheel without a care
Lily chewed on everything, in her fluffy hamster lair
They would soon be nestled snug in their beds
Dreams of treats and foodstuffs dancing in their heads.

Oh did they get spoiled this morning!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Us and our Beans~!!! :iconmythrilangel::iconaxumdegrakevar:
Over 10 years and 1 different account ago, I met Brandon on deviantART. While the journey has been a long one with lots of unexpected twists and turns, we finally decided to start a new chapter to our lives. For those of you who have heard our story since the beginning, you can exhale now : P

My wedding dress was a purple plum color -- I never did want to wear a white dress, I felt it just wasn't who I am. My veil was hand-made by my mother-in-law to match my dress as well~ My bouquet was made by myself with the faux flowers from the craft store, which lucky me it happens to be close to my favorite time of year! So with my beloved orange roses, I had sunflowers and velvet-textured fall leaves to hold. Just that one day I wore those accursed high heels that everyone praises -- it was a one time deal and all ; P

He was dressed up in a plum shirt with the sleeves rolled and buttoned at his elbows, a black tie, black pants, shined shoes, his hair pulled back and the most dashing smile :dance:

We had waited so long for our wedding day to finally happen. And when that day did come, the relief and happiness was overwhelming :w00t:

And now, life goes on as usual :)
I had originally started the build with the intent to keep it small, as I fail to do so on most of my structures...and low and behold I did on Alkiina too. However I've realized that when I walk through the spaces I've created within the lodge, that there is a feeling of nostalgia. So sometimes when I've had a bad day, when I get home I log into Minecraft, with Optifine Seus and Dokucraft all loaded up and take a walk through Alkiina. Somehow this structure relaxes me and makes me feel like everything will be okay again. And as I continue to build on Alkiina, I hope to create more spaces that trigger a cozy nostalgia and give off the feeling of safety. Maybe the structure itself is therapy for me. When I do complete portions, I will post more pictures, so I hope you all enjoy :)
You had so many hopes and dreams. When did you stop chasing them? Why? Didn't those things bring you happiness?
I am sad to say on May 23rd, Truffle passed away after a hard battle with a sudden sickness. Her death shook us so badly, that it took everything we had to remain strong during the day. When we came home, we could only grieve at the emptiness left behind. But being Truffle, she had smiled at us one last time before she passed. I believe that is how she wanted us to remember her.

On May 29th, we decided to go look at the hamsters at the pet shop. No commitment, just to look. It was still so close to Truffle's passing and we really weren't sure we would be ready for another hammy for quite a while. There, in the store, there was only one Syrian hamster. Her appearance was so similar to Truffle that the pain came back almost raw. Not only that, she responded to: "Fufufufufu" just as Truffle used to. I could tell Brandon was unsettled by this too. But, at the same time, we felt she was the one. So we brought her home and built a new bin cage.

Her personality is already so very different -- She lets us pet her, but when she's had enough, she growls. She's also a bit plump and I always catch her nibbling on something. We haven't bothered her much at all, as we want her not to be stressed from the sudden move, but we are both sure, that in the future, she will be writing her own quirky story, just as Truffle and Mochi have :heart:

I happened across this deviant's page by chance, browsing through Artisan Crafts. I must say I've never seen paper-quilling done quite so lovely. Rather than the usual 2D, flat against the mounting surface, Eti-chan has gone beyond and into the 3D realm:

Birthday bunnies - close up by Eti-chan

And with skillful application, made these lovely decorated boxes that are oh so satisfying with their beautiful flowers:

Pink Birthday Box by Eti-chan BabyBoy No.8 by Eti-chan

Just look at this amazing little Tea Pot and Cake!

Pink Birthday Box 2 by Eti-chan

Most of all, who wouldn't feel happy to receive cards like these? :heart:

End of the School Year 2 by Eti-chan End of the School Year 1 by Eti-chan

Their gallery is filled with many, many more beautiful pieces. So if you have the time, stop by and take a look~!!! :w00t:

About a month ago, we happened upon a tiny Roborovski hamster at the pet shop and she won our hearts. We brought her home and she still is very timid about being petted, as shortly after bringing her home we came down extremely sick and unable to work with her. But she is gradually coming along, and will, if she feels like it, take food from our fingers, or in a rare case climb onto our hands, so long as she is still in her cage. We named her Mochi after the Japanese sweets, because we wanted a cute name, as well as the fact that she looks like a peanut-sesame Mochi. It may be a long while before I can get any quality pictures of her, but if I am able, I will share :)

Truffle is still alive and well, although as she ages her tiny bum is balding. Not for lack of nutrition, and not because of underlying conditions, she's just roughly 65 years old in human years. She has gotten so cuddly and will sleep on me for nearly an hour at most now. We bought her a bed that looks like a miniature version of those doughnut-shaped dog beds. She either sleep in it happily, or throws a fit in it. Otherwise she still begs for every single piece of food we are eating, loves to interact with us, and will sit as close to us as she can in her cage when she is feeling sociable. She's very laid back, compared to when she was younger.

They are two happy healthy hamsters hoarding heaps of helpings :dance:

They are caged separately, as most of the time fights to the death break out among hamsters kept in the same cage. Being trapped in a cage, they cannot flee as they would in the wild. There are rare cases however, where they get along. Very very rare cases. I do not recommend trying.
Finding the right beads for any pattern can be a difficult, time-consuming process. And often the easiest thing to do is stick to the most generic, popular sizes, colors and shapes. There isn't any worry that those beads will go out of stock, and colors can always be substituted in the name of adventure. Taking a look around the web, patterns offered up openly reflect this. However sometimes there is one bead that may catch a beader's eye that might just be different ever so slightly.

In my case, it was the Light Sapphire Czech Pressed Dagger Drops at the tiny size of 3mm by 10mm. For many years now (about 5) I haven't been able to find that bead anywhere. It just so happens, this year, a seller had two sets of them on Ebay. The problem with this is, often, if I don't buy wholesale, the price has been marked up quite a bit. In this case they were marked up about 33% on top of the retail price I remember paying. That is pretty significant.

Here is something to think about: One pair of earrings could take me up to 3 hours to make, depending on complexity. If I were to charge a minimum wage of $8 per hour, and not acknowledge my experience level, you as a buyer would be paying $24. Now, consider the cost of the earring hooks (high awareness of allergies and which metals are used), the rings (again, allergy awareness), the thread, the needles which snap quite often, the little rubber stoppers on the backs of each earring, the velvet card they sit on, the packaging and the shipping. All of this could easily bring the cost up to $30+. I won't mention the cost of the tools I use, because they haven't paid for themselves yet.

Then we come to the beads. Swarovski, Miyuki brand, delica and lampwork. They have the most beautiful colors and finishes, but the price also reflects this. If I want to use good quality beads, the cost is passed on to the buyers. Now, perhaps you can see why I'd hesitate to buy the beads I'd been looking for, for so long.

On that note:

Every artisan craft seller out there, looking to create a financially successful business, goes through the same meticulous log keeping with their own media. Considering this, please be kind in regards to what they choose as a final cost.

Thank you for listening,

- Ellie ^_^
Here's a reminder that if you tell yourself something is going to be hard, or that you won't be able to do it, you really won't. The game is all in your head.

So please don't ever tell yourself you can't do something or that it is impossible, when you haven't even tried. Everything takes time to learn, yes even math.

Nothing is "hard" rather, it just takes more time to learn.

Most of all, never compare yourself to others. Focus on improving yourself and pat yourself on the back when you do improve.

If someone gloats about how smart they are, or rubs their accomplishments in your face, ignore them.

Know that with a bit of effort you could easily outrun them if that was where you wished to apply your efforts.

It is okay to respect someone for how far they've come in their skills, but it is unhealthy to fawn over and worship them.

So get out there, take that first step to improvement and have fun~ :D
Apologies for being silent for a bit. Life jumped in front of me, and blocked my way forward. Every time I tried to go around, it moved in front of me with a big nasty grin speaking of tortures if it wasn't addressed properly.

So I found out that the fantasy image I had found, that I based the main shape of Tainted Halls on, is an actual place! Although the fantasy image I had found seems to be a very good photomanipulation job. Originally I had built what I could from the picture, so that I could try walking around in it, because the image was so mysterious and beautiful. The perspectives of the fantasy picture however, were kind of weird in some spots. So I ended up with parts entirely different than the original, and continuously growing more and more different.…

I will continue to work on my Tainted Halls structure, with a big nod to the beautiful architecture of the Natural History Museum of London. That place is absolutely gorgeous!

I started with what I thought was a fantasy structure from what I later discovered to be a photomanipulation, found out it was real, and then I realized how much of my structure is created from my imagination. Fun fun fun!


"Hmm..." -rolls cupcake away-

"What is it?"

"Seriously, what did you want?"

"Honestly, disturbing my peace."

"Grumble grumble" -rolls cupcake back in front of door-

Going to be gradually cleaning up my account. I want to bring the quality back up to what it used to be, as I used to be incredibly hard on myself about what I posted. I've gotten messier as I've gotten busier, and I know that is usually a given, but I feel sad looking at the mess that has become my account. If anything I want my art to make people smile, think and hopefully make you guys want engage in active conversations about art and share your creations and inspirations too. Currently, if I can't even make myself smile, what can I bring to you guys? Hopefully, I can change that :)

- Ellie ^_^
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

    Actually a little bit longer than is indicated on my profile. I had a previous account, before name-changes were implemented, and it just didn't suit me anymore. So I've actually been on deviantART for 9 years.

  2. What does your username mean?

    When I was in high school, I was writing a story that I called project Mythril. The goal was to create the details of a living world that any writer could enter into and create their own stories based on the seed I was putting together. Honestly, at times Angel represented being an invisible being to the characters in my story as I wrote, and at other times I just thought it sounded cool. However when I made this account, I stopped drawing my story characters, so having that username seems kinda silly now.

  3. Describe yourself in three words.

    Quirky, disturbed, hamster

  4. Are you left or right handed?

    Mostly right but I can also write with my left. Got bored one day and taught myself how. I also crochet left-handed.

  5. What was your first deviation?

    That, I don't remember, as it was on another account that I've long cleaned up and closed. I believe it was back when I was just learning how to color things digitally...and everyone knows how blur and dodge are the worst tools you can ever use. My poor Izumi was the shiniest, most poorly color-balanced wood-elf out there. But everything is a learning process.

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

    Currently? I love building structures in Minecraft as I've always loved architecture and engineering from a very young age. I otherwise enjoy drawing in the Manga style, but like to emphasize line weight and textures for fun. I don't do much of this however, and rarely draw anymore except to sketch odd creatures.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

    Probably the combo of pencil and watercolor to create those fairytale like drawings used in children's books. The style is so reminiscent of a flower garden with the feeling it brings to your heart. Light, happy and peaceful, all in one.

  8. What was your first favourite?

    I'll have to go with my first favorite on this account which is:  sweet lolita Rose collection by lenneheartly

    I usually hang out in the artisan crafts category of dA and while there I found these lovely pendants :)

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

    Probably a tie between photographs of nature and abandoned buildings and jewelry artisan craft work.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

    I never really had a favorite. I like so many different styles and like to sit back and enjoy them for their differences.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

    :iconromaji: my lil Bro~!!! We've been through a lot together, and despite the distance I wish I could give him a big hug :tighthug:

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

    :iconaxumdegrakevar: and I met here on dA roughly 9 years ago, during the first year I was here. He was landing space ships on people who were arguing in the old AnimeLover chatroom. A year later, we got together and 8 years 2 months later, here we are today :)

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

    Minecraft, a mechanical pencil or conte crayons. I guess for earrings, beads beads BEADS O_O I have a hoard of them stored away that I just stare at for the pretty colors, shapes and patterns.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

    Right now I currently have to create a place mentally to be inspired. I have a folder on my computer full of pictures of places and things that make me happy. I just go look through that, or try to find new ones to add. The process relaxes me and gets my imagination going. A lot of the pictures are a reflection of the favs I have on dA, as I enjoy pathways and doors leading off to some mysterious place. There are also lots of Fae inspired pictures in there too. Most of them are devoid of people as I feel the presence of a person in a photograph forces recognition and takes away from the magic of the unknown.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

    I always remember creating names for the different levels of members of the GayBiWorld chatroom. We always changed the names for different celebrations and events. The brainstorming was a lot of fun!

    Another memory would be that a long time ago, I had a character named Kirin. All of the sudden, she had a bunch of fanarts made of her. I was both surprised and honored. I had never had someone draw my character before and so it was a new experience for me. I did eventually draw her again, but her outfit is not the same and her facial markings are slightly different. Perhaps I will draw her original design again some day:  Kirin's Contract by MythrilAngel <---her new design

    Speaking of old horrible drawings:  Gothic Lolita Coloured by Club-Lolita and in the comments where the club mentions the artist, there is a Chibi Kirin right there as my icon for my old account. Good memories :)

Another cute video of her. She's happily bruxing and living it up. Such a ham!

Don't be alarmed, I AM wearing shorts, my fluffy belly just gets in the way a bit.