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Alicorn School - page 5

15/15 raffle prizes done :party:
The final 5 raffle prizes are a 5-page comic 
:D (Big Grin)

First:  Alicorn School - page 1 by MythPony
Previous:  Alicorn School - page 4 by MythPony

story developed by Lightning-Bliss and MythPony 
Lighting Bliss and Twink belong to: Lightning-Bliss 
Fausticorn belongs to: fyre-flye 

ThanksGiving 2018 by Lightning-Bliss
^ This picture used with Bliss's permission, and features:
JasperPie Bloom-Tazza93DaWillstanatorKatie-Patterson-91EliyoraAcharky, British Ninja, Sub Zero, CosmicChrissyGoldenFoxDAAynWyeMLP-Silver-QuillScience-SteelRailIrish-JohnKeychi-FimAeonOfDreamsNikita-NichitaRelightLionKingDRWolf010, Lady Wolf, TericDragonDragonofsteamUmbra-MackJ-Fox of ChaosGreymatter603Mad--Munchkinhenmo24SolarFlare-KageLuximus17joshscorcherAramauFierySecretaryfinnthepony17TranzmuteProductions, Commander Solo, ChuggleDBugl, Fiaura the Tank Girl, Robin0928CyberRidleySweetie-Bloom, and DustyPony

Myth and other artwork featured here are mine

Well, that's it folks!  The comic is done, all of the raffle prizes are done, and I'm never giving away comic pages as a prize again :XD:
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This is a very cool comic. Do you ever plan on doing a continuation of Alicorn School in the future? It would be interesting to see how many Alicorns there are in this fandom. My ponysona Gargon would love to go to this school.
MythPony's avatar
I'm not planning on it at the moment, but Lightning Bliss and I might discuss it in the future.
I know there are several people who have said they'd like to be included as extras in a continuation, but there has to be some kind of storyline before I could even consider that.

I will say this much: comics are a ridiculous amount of work, and it's very draining to make them. 
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Ok, well if it happens give us a heads up so that we could be on the look out for it. Get some rest for now though, you did some good work.
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Now that all of this is done, I imagine you must feel something like "AAH! After 10 000 years I'm free!"
"It's time to conquer Earth!"

Really nicely done.
MythPony's avatar
Oh, my sights are much loftier than conquering Earth.
No, instead I shall bring under my command... all of the Internet!
Or maybe just... watch some funny cat videos.  Yeah, both are equally good :XD:

and thanks ^^
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That's sweet.  Well done and yeah I remember that group picture.  Lol, I forget what Goldie and AnY are doing hehe.
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I think they're being teased with milkshakes
MythicMoonArt's avatar
Super cute and well done ^^
MythPony's avatar
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I love this story 🤩🌈
Lightning-Bliss's avatar
Love how this all turned out, I do feel like I've accomplished something in meeting all these wonderful talented people and friends and family. Whether it's my true calling or not I'm not sure, but I am happy to be a part of it ^W^ thank you so much Myth!
MythPony's avatar
Well, I had a teacher once who told us "your passion will change over and over. I'm in my 50s, and some days I still decide to do something new."

Anyway, as far as "true calling" goes, I dunno, and probably can't say. But when I look at you, I can honestly say that I see an accomplished individual with a bright future. ^^
Lightning-Bliss's avatar
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I really enjoyed this story!! To bad there wont be more about Alicorn school ;^;
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