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I've actually been on DeviantArt since 2010, but deactivated my old account.

I make MLP-related artwork for myself (and frequently others) including several stories and comics.
Continue scrolling down the page for a list of my stories-in-progress, and brief descriptions.

You can also find my artwork on:
Myth-Pony Tumblr blog:
MythPony on FurAffinity:…
MythPony on Youtube:…
(I do not upload anywhere but at the links above. Any other "MythPony"s out there, are not me)

Character Counter

I wanted a place where I could keep count of how many times I had drawn certain characters and uploaded them here on DA

last updated on 9 - 14 - 2020


Dreamweaver: 383

Minnow: 226

Sprite: 106

Milly: 87

Shadow: 75

Taryn: 113

Nightwing: 119

Razor: 156

Myth: 200

Solar: 43

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you comment on my page:

-I will not be selling commissions during 2021. However, I will be looking for some opportunities to sell some art for the people who really want to buy something. So be sure to check journals if you're curious.

-No, I don't just give out requests or art trades. When I want to do those, I always post journals to let everyone know.

-I don't mind if people want to draw any of my characters, you'll find ref sheets for most of them in my gallery. All I ask is that you please not depict them doing something that is very out of character for them. (Sticking to the personalities that I gave them is a sign that you respect me as a creator)

-Also, for the record, I don't like derpibooru, or the fact that people constantly upload my artwork there, (especially since this has already happened literally hundreds of times, and only one person has ever asked me if they could re-post one picture there) and I refuse to make myself an account to have it all taken down. I just ask that if you respect me, please do not repost my art on other websites, unless it's work that you have paid me to draw for you. (However, this doesn't apply to my artwork of canon MLP:FiM characters. Those are not under my jurisdiction and I accept that I have no control over where those get spread)

-If you want to comment to invite me to a contest, giveaway, or some other event, then feel free. Although do remember that doesn't guarantee I'll partake

-If you want to ask me random questions, or post smalltalk (like "Hi" or "How are you?") on my page, I probably won't reply to it, especially if I don't know you.

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Okay, couple of things, from least important to most important.

1, I have a box of text on my profile, just above the comment section, labelled "Before You Comment On My Page" that would have informed you (had you read it) that I don't regularly give out requests.

2, If you looked in my gallery, you would have seen that I don't draw Kaiju.

3, After posting this large message on my profile page, it was rather unnecessary to send me multiple private messages asking me if I had seen it yet. I would have seen the first message as soon as I next checked my inbox. More messages saying "you have a message from me" make it look like you're desperate for attention.

4, It's better etiquette to ask someone if they DO take requests, and get a response back, before posting a novel worth of information about what you want artists to do for you. It's especially important to use good etiquette if you're asking for people to make art for free.

5, I already see a LOT of artwork of these characters in your favorites, most of it already matching the descriptions that you gave me, so it's clear that what you're asking for isn't anything unique, but more of "just one more for the collection."

6, and speaking of having multiple samples of artwork that all matches the same description. I can see that you've already copy/pasted identical messages like this to MANY people, and just changed out their individual usernames. Sending identical messages like these are what DeviantArt calls spam, and the site has rules against people spamming others. That means that these comments, or your account, can be reported for spam, and from what I've seen, it seems like some already have. So, I'd suggest you try to break that habit soon, for the sake of not accumulating too many reports against you and being suspended.

Thank you for reading. Please have a nice day.

Hey you did a piece for Apple Fritter recently which included my OC and I wanted to say fantastic job :D

I'm really enjoying the comic, can't wait to see what happens next! :)