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Hey guys check this out! My friend @MythPony is hosting her very own Patreon with a Patreon Discord Server to boot, for supporting her "Within" Comic series! This is my favorite fan-made comic that is within a different universe of My Little Pony. I frequently read it and even go back on the pages from time to time. The story is captivating, has mystery, and of course, magical cute ponies of varies types! Not to mention the artwork being one of my favorites to look at. Please consider supporting Myth and her comic series! There will be great rewards involved and an opprotunity to join her server and meet other fans like me! MythPony Patreon -
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My Bio
I've actually been on DeviantArt since 2010, but deactivated my old account.

I make MLP-related artwork for myself (and frequently others) including several stories and comics.
Continue scrolling down the page for a list of my stories-in-progress, and brief descriptions.

You can also find my artwork on:
Myth-Pony Tumblr blog:
MythPony on FurAffinity:…
MythPony on Youtube:…
(I do not upload anywhere but at the links above. Any other "MythPony"s out there, are not me)

Character Counter

I wanted a place where I could keep count of how many times I had drawn certain characters and uploaded them here on DA

last updated on 10-22-23


Dreamweaver: 478

Minnow: 240

Sprite: 121

Milly: 99

Shadow: 93

Taryn: 137

Nightwing: 133

Razor: 173

Myth: 218

Solar: 47

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you comment on my page:

-I do sell commissions, please check my Posts/Status Updates to see if they are open, or when they will next be opening price sheet:

Commissions CLOSED

-No, I don't just give out requests or art trades. When I want to do those, I always post journals to let everyone know.

-I don't mind if people want to draw any of my characters, you'll find ref sheets for most of them in my gallery. All I ask is that you please not depict them doing something that is very out of character for them. (Sticking to the personalities that I gave them is a sign that you respect me as a creator)

-Also, for the record, I don't like derpibooru, or the fact that people constantly upload my artwork there, (especially since this has already happened literally hundreds of times, and only one person has ever asked me if they could re-post one picture there) and I refuse to make myself an account to have it all taken down. I just ask that if you respect me, please do not repost my art on other websites, unless it's a gift specifically for you, or work that you have paid me to draw for you. (However, this doesn't apply to my artwork of canon MLP:FiM characters. Those are not under my jurisdiction and I accept that I have no control over where those get spread)

-If you want to comment to invite me to a contest, giveaway, or some other event, then feel free. Although do remember that doesn't guarantee I'll partake

-If you want to ask me random questions, or post smalltalk (like "Hi" or "How are you?") on my page, I probably won't reply to it, especially if I don't know you.

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That's very sweet and I'm glad you're enjoying Within. However, I already have too many projects and activities taking up my time to add another one. Sorry to disappoint, but I hope you do find someone to collaborate with ^^

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I'd suggest looking through the comic groups on DA.

Hello myth, is it ok if I use your oc in one of the fanart comics I am making

Do you mean a story comic with multiple pages, or the one-page kind like the one you already did?

Just a one page I already did, I wanted to ask to get your permission, idk why I become more scared on how people will say so I started asking.