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Self-portraits have been dominating my artistic work for the better part of the last fifteen years. My preferred medium changes throughout the years, but the subject matter stays the same.

Currently I work mostly with drawing comics of my daily life, illustrating song lyrics that I relate to, or working from “selfies” taken with my phone. I mostly use Sharpie and PITT markers, but experiment with pretty much anything: alcohol inks, block printing, etc.

I grew up on a cattle farm in Southwest Minnesota. My first artistic influences were a large collection of illustrated fairy tale books my mother collected, which eventually turned into an interest in comic books and graphic novels for me. In 2009, I earned a BA in Studio Art and with an emphasis in intaglio printmaking from Hamline University in St. Paul. After college I moved back to the prairie in rural Southwestern Minnesota. Late in 2016 I became the marketing coordinator for Southwest Minnesota Arts Council, a non-profit regional arts council located in Marshall, MN, which serves the 18 counties of Southwest Minnesota. Working in this field has rekindled my artistic desires and inspirations more than anything else since working in the print studio during college, and I am starting to exhibit again. My work often turns back to the bold lines and narrative qualities of illustrated fairy tales and comics.

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Coheed and Cambria
Favourite Games
The Last of Us
Tools of the Trade
Sharpie, alcohol inks, charcoal
Other Interests
graphic novels, art history, comics, horror
Let me vent about my painting instructor for a bit. There's a lot of things I like about her. However, today she gave me this look, like that look I remember getting from jocks in high-school, that misunderstood, worried/pity/this-girl-is-weird look. That's not something I expected in college, let alone a college art course. And from a girl who freakin' makes creepy dolls and then paints them for her artistic career. As if her art is the most sane, normal thing. Whatever. Alright, the story. We had to paint 2 self portraits, then use both of them as a spring board for a 3rd painting, which should be better, more artistic, than the 2 self por
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My apologies?

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I'm taking 5 classes this semester (And 3 jobs, I know, what the hell is wrong with me?) Anyways, they're all art classes-only 3 of them studio, which is still a lot. So, there will be a lot of art being posted on here from me, but most of it might be pretty "boring" and if you added me to look at Gargoyles artwork like I've been doing lately, I do apologize. I highly doubt I'll be able to work Garg art into my assignments, especially since all my instructors here are devastated that I want to draw for graphic novels and think I'm wasting my time and talent on that dream. So, I'll be super busy and probably won't be able to do much fan art,
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Hey all. I'm more in debt right now then I've ever been (trip to Europe, have to buy a new computer, just moved into my first apartment, etc.) So, as a result of that every art I've ever done is for sale. I currently have all of my prints priced (even early prints and ones that I've sketched over the print-those are generally cheaper) and some of my paintings etc. I have also priced. On top of that, I'll re-print any of my prints at your request for $25. So, if you see anything on my deviantart page that you would like to have (and to pay for), let me know, and you'll have it. Also, I've decorated my apartment with some of my artwork, and a
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Wow, thanks for noticing! :)
Thank you for the fave on River Tam!
Thanks for the fave!
I love your DA name, MyThoughtsAreDeep. It's like what everyone (especially artists) wants everyone else to think about them, and you just straight up say it as your name. Clever.
It's from a line of a Tori Amos song that I really liked, "So you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts. What's so amazing about really deep thoughts?" It just sort of stuck. :)
Oh yeah. I actually know that song.