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Since its inception, Mythos Arcane exists to be much more then just a moniker, or any individual narrative. MA is a multiverse built upon a broad-spectrum of everyday life, erotica, science-fiction and fantasy. At its core, MA is a 3D art project, comprised of imagery, story telling and resources.

If you are a Daz Studio artist, be sure to check out "My Daz Freebies" in my galleries. I also cataloged quite a bit of free resources available here on DA in my favorites galleries. There is some really great resources available so be sure to check it out!

Tools of the Trade
Daz Studio, Photoshop, GIMP, zbrush, Hexagon and Bryce.
Thank you all for the favs and follows! It's much appreciated~ :dalove: I just relocated from San Marcos to San Diego. Honestly my life has been crazy this past year, not to mention some awesome games have come out that have completely divided my attention and GPU operation. Once I get settled I would love to get back into doing some rendering again. I'm still chipping away at some comics as well. Not sure if I'll ever release those here. One is about growing up transgender in Utah and hasn't been the easiest story for me to tell. The other is world building origin stories from the Mythos Arcane Universe. Basically building off of the voids creation myth and the gods and demigods that follow.
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Just a quick status update. Got a little distracted with a new console, but have finally got sick of the non-stop gaming. I'm back to the Demon Queen comic with a renewed vigor and a much better story-line in mind. On the game making front, I happened to notice DAZ3D updated their user licensing to include 2D game animations as well. Which financially brings the game making to a grinding halt as I don't have $35 per item used to license for a game. Guess they weren't to happy game makers were making games with 2D renders that skirted their licensing rules, but kind of hoped that was intentional, because they knew indie makers couldn't afford thousands in licensing fees. I thought briefly about making a non-animation version, but instead decided to focus on the comics and forget about the game making for now. Hoping to have the Demon Queen comic out before summers end. ;) Pun in reference to one of my first uploads here featured below. The blonde models name is Summer. Not a very
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I relocated to California at the beginning of the year and have been working on a couple of different comics while I bid ado to the abusive relationship I had with Utah. The first, near completed comic will be posted here as I manged to keep it PG-13 / R rated for a change. I'm using a retro graphics style with this series, as a nostalgic style felt right for the story. The comic, which takes place in the MA multi-verse is about and aptly named "Demon Queen". It would probably be done by now if I actually had an editor. There is more then enough story there, but I'm not completely happy with the current layout. I've been designing to keep it readable on smaller devices and the first draft requires some adjustments. The other comic, dubbed "From Saint To Sinner", is the story of my childhood growing up a pan-sexual and transgender in a Mormon community. Given the increasing political and social abuses against LGBTQ people, I feel an urgency to tell this story. This is already my least
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PRIDE 2022

PRIDE 2022 - DEBUNKING HARMFUL FALLACIES by MythosArcane, journal

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Thank you for the fav:)

Thank you very much for the fav :dance: I'm so glad you enjoyed my story ;)

My pleasure... You're a very good writer. I will definitely be reading more.

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Thank you, that's very kind of you to say :hug: I hope you enjoy them all :love:

You bet~ :hug: I'm sure I will!

Thank you for the fave!

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Thanks for the favs!

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