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Rules of Submission

Hello, merry meet, and good day.

Okay, so here are the few rules there are for submissions of any kind:

Please submit to the correct folder. If there's not a folder you feel is correct for your work, note me.

There's no distinction between traditional and digital art here, so submit it into the folder that it fits into.

Don't send in multiple pictures of the same thing, like several shots of your altar or different angles of a tree. If it's an image that's so detailed it needs more than one picture, that will be an exception.

And no flaming; If you're coming here to bash other people for not believing what you do, you can get out now.


The Folders
Altars- Pictures or art of magick altars
Divination- Pictures and art of divination (Tarot, crystals, pendulums, and many, many more styles)
Fae- Anything to do with the Fae Folk/Fairies
Fantasy Mystique- Fantasy art (Dragons, monsters, and other such beasties)
Magick Literature- Any written art (this includes Typography)
Mythology- Art of any form involving mythology, regardless of where it hails from or if it's even still used today, or was real in the first place (Such as Arthurian lore)
Rituals and tools- Art involving rituals, from tools to pictures of actual rituals, and the tools that can be used for them
Spells- Spells, regardless of what belief path you follow, go here
Spirits- Ghosts, graveyards, and other things that fall into the category of the dead go here
Tarot and Zodiac- Anything involving Tarot cards and the Zodiac, separate from the Divination folder because I think it deserves its own branch, for how much art of it I've found
Visions- Things like art of dreams, or psychic visions, or the like go here
Celebrations- Anything having to do with celebrations like Beltaine, Samhain, or any other things you celebrate.

Also, anyone can submit a blog entry, so please, start some stimulating conversations and discussions! :D
Note me if you have any problems or questions.

Blessed be!
Dear Watchers and Page-Goers:

A great travesty has struck the Temple to Sekhmet in the state of Nevada. A statue of Sekhmet, this goddess who some of you may revere, has been stolen from the temple! Details can be found at the Wild Hunt blog post here:…

Or at the Facebook post here:…

Please, please, PLEASE pass the word around about what's happened. To put this in perspective for anyone not familiar with how serious this is: this is equivalent to someone stealing a hand-carved, custom-made crucifix from a church that's been there since the church was founded.

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