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Tiny Plants by Chibionpu
Riptide Poseidon by Andantonius
. by JohnKarnaras
Aphrodita by Reticent-82
April - Hana Matsuri by Ink-Yami

Mature Content

Niguma by Eldr-Fire
Temple of Gods by cheker123
Gautama Buddha by Elij09
Homemade Ganesha Idol by Diegoampage
Slaying of Bhandasura by bodyscissorfan
Nakula and Sahadeva by Artemis-Yates
To Swim With Kali by NapalmArsenal
Say Hallelujah ! by Yopukagoat
Swedenborg Tribute by ilTassista
Head angels designs by Moontowhee
Riders of the apocalypse: Famine by DeathsProdigy
Roman Greek

Mature Content

Mars And Venus by dazinbane
Queen Of Clubs - Nyx by SynedrionPPC
Diomedes by Polemokrateia
Commission - Nephthys by MadFretsy
Sekhmet - commission by MadFretsy
Anubis by jackebrasil
Bastet by jackebrasil
Middle Eastern
Flying Carpet by annewipf
Master of 1,000 Wonders by WendigoMoon
The Strength of Djinn by vampyrepryncess
Iblis by DoctorChevlong
Hel by dracontologe
Wolf in the Storm by KainMorgenmeer
Undine      /element wave/ by anais-anais61
Elf Scout by Wolfkerg
Middle - South American
La Catrina by phibesby
Minona - Tony Perna by Pernastudios
Native American
Raven by Bigsleeves-Arts
Saskylaana, Mistress of the Taiga by WendigoMoon
Dercetius by VikingWidunder
Star of Dark Light by Fenushko
The Prophet by TheSphinxDen
conjunction Tarot Back by InaAuderieth
The Krampus by AbigailLarson
Nymphs- Naiads
The Collector by phibesby
Heroes of Iliad_New OCs by BBApple
Mythological beasts
The angel of death: Mordad by ADRIANVALDEZ
Evil's Sons Arrow Shooting by TeroPorthan
All Folklore
Spring-Heeled Jack by DoctorChevlong
Pacific Islander
Guni by Eldr-Fire
Maman Brigitte by DoctorChevlong


This group is for artwork that depicts a mythological individual, event, or theme.

Mythology isn't the same as fandom, and isn't the same as fantasy. If you are not sure, please read this journal entry:

What is Mythology Art? (CLICK HERE)

This gives some guidelines as well as specific examples of what type of work belongs here and what does not.

Also remember:

:bulletblue: For visual art: if the mythological element is not overtly evident in the image, you should include information about the mythological significance of the piece in the artist's comments.

:bulletblue: For literature submissions: If the mythological content is not obvious in the text (perhaps it is a retelling of a mythological cycle or involves characters/Gods/themes from mythological lore), please make the following evident in the artist's comments: :bulletblack: Which Mythological Lore you are Referencing and :bulletblack: That it is a work of fiction.

Scholarly work, research papers or otherwise academic thesis' that discuss mythological topics and ideas are acceptable. This sort of discussion is encouraged.

Finally, things to remember about the submission process itself:


:bulletblack: We are human beings. Sometimes we hit the wrong button. Sometimes it takes us a while to get back to you. It happens, but it doesn't mean you are not important or that we hate you.

:bulletblack: We cannot possibly offer feedback every time we decline an image. If you would like to request feedback as to why your image was refused, please submit a note to us and those who have available insight will get back to you AS SOON AS WE CAN. This can be a few days, but often no longer than a week. If you have a problem with non-immediate reactions (though sometimes they are), please exercise patience. If you cannot be patient, we're probably not the right group for you.

:bulletblack: Absolutely none of us want any of our members or guests to feel put out, but we cannot please everyone. Many of our admins/contributors are -very- well versed in mythology, though we each have our areas of strength and weakness. If you can quote the lore, chances are we like you.

Recently we've got quite a few new members and we are of course happy for that. But, because of this joyful influx, the posting discipline has unfortunately become less upright and we tend to find more and more pictures posted in the wrong galleries. And also pictures with no clear reference to what myth or deity they are illustrating either in the picture's name or description.

I guess most people would recognize a Buddha, Zeus or Jesus Christ but it is always welcome with a bit of an information to what you are submitting. And that should be put in the picture's description post, not to us in the admin group when you post the picture here! After all we want all our members to have the chance to learn more.

So please, remember the gallery system when posting, and do add a description to your work.

Most of the time we admins have been kind enough to ask members to re-post obviously wrong-posted works but if this goes on we will sadly just have to decline the wrongly submitted works.   

With a Happy Easter to all of you celebrating it!
Mythology Art trough Hera
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I hope this was helpful to you :)
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