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A Date with Morrigan by fantasio
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Mahakali Maa by Ravimishra085
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G A I A by jairolago
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With Her Redrawn by A-gnosis
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Character Sheet: Helios by SebvirartZ
Mother, Father, Sun
We have sometime before the big news broadcast tonight sweetie. Would you like to hear a story? Which one? Honey there’s not much i can tell you about him that I haven’t already Okay, okay I’ll start from the beginning. I was twelve feet under the earth, and digging deeper still. And still the desert sun cast it’s way down across the soil walls and baked me inside. I was on my hands and knees digging for something that might not even exist. I only knew about it through rumour and intuition. It was one of the happiest times in my life.I really shouldn’t have been excavating on my own. It was stupid not to go with a team. No one person can hope to find the earth’s buried secrets all on her own. But the last excavation I worked on my then teacher snuck off with the Pharolax Amulet by himself. Last I heard, Niles was still coughing up hairballs in the Spike. Serves him right.Anyway, I was digging alone. So you can imagine my surprise when this a voice like cat-tails pounding in the wind came from up aboveYes, sweetie that was your dad. Though not quite yet. This was the first time I met him. I couldn’t even tell what he looked like since the sun was behind his head. I just knew he was big, bigger than you’d think from the voice. So I told him, “Get lost, this is my excavation.”“Maybe I will,” he said back, “But you should too. There’s a sandstorm brewing.”I tried calling back to ask what he meant but my words didn’t reach. That was not his voice that sounded like wind, but the warning signs I’ve missed so far below. I put my goggles on and lifted my scarf to my mouth. The rope ladder shook as I reached out for it and it’s wooden steps rattled under my feet. I climbed up, 5 feet, 10 feet, 15. When I was nearly at the top my foot reached up and just barely missed. The shock and energy felt like I was being dunked in a pool. I was holding on to the rope with only one hand. Then another one reached down to grab a hold of my wrist. It was strong and firm, but did not squeeze as he pulled me upwards to the edge of the site. I took a second to feel the sand beneath my feet again. But it was shifting, and cutting at me through my jeans. Soon more would be in the air than on the ground. I tried to catch my breath but the man next to me pulled me up. “No time. We must go now.” He definitely wasn’t a native based on the accent, but he also didn’t sound like any of the pompous colonial academics I came here with. “Why did you stay?”“You were not safe. The sands would find their way-” "I know that!” I snapped, breaking free from his grasp. Honey if you’re ever in a sand storm, put up your bag or whatever else to protect from flying objects. Cover your eyes and mouth, and for high ground, or any other shelter you can find. In this case, it just happened to be my jeep. Your father tried following in through the door behind me, but I stopped him and made him go to the back seat. He was not your father yet. In the sands outside I could not see his face, only a flash of emerald between the red sands. When he got in the back, I could see it was only the shining green of his eyes. He was light but not as light as some of your friends. He looked like a terracotta sculpture come to life, and had the physique to match. He even had to crane his neck forward to fit his whole body in the car. If i had shown Akhenaten a picture of him, he wouldn’t have believed me. He did not have goggles, or anything more than a green and red scarf to keep the sand away. I did not think this was strange at the time. “Thanks for the warning, but I could’ve gotten out there myself.”“Really?” He said in that voice like trees swaying through an Oasis. “In my experience, Archeologists want to be buried with their relics. Time passes, and another one finds you. It is networking, is it not?”I tapped the steering wheel. “You have a lot of experience with archeologists?”“No. My name is Cyrus.” “Whatcha, doing out here, Cyrus? You’re not an archeologist and you don’t sound like a native. ”Through the rearview mirror I could see a shy, awkward smile. “Would you believe I lost my house keys in that hole.” I shook my head. He smiled and said, “My family’s been arguing over who will take over the family business. It didn’t go over well and my brother stormed out. I have been looking for him.”“And you think he’s here?”Your father didn’t look up. “Yes, maybe? I do not know. I want to talk to him. Tell him I don’t even want the business myself. I do not think he can run it either, not after he stormed off like that with the- keys to the vault- but I am not sure I am ready. My- sister wants me to take it but she is far more suited to the job than I am.”Huh? Oh sorry sweet-tums? I actually forgot you were there for a second. Good thing I remembered cause this is the part where- Oh? Business not buzzy-ness. It depends if his sister allows it. I honestly don’t think Auntie Ice really is his sister. Then again- Anyway, I think you can take over the family business if you want. But you’ll have to really impress them first. Anyway, I told him about my folks. You remember seeing their grave last week? They worked very hard to make sure I could get an education. Never take education for granted sweety, learn everything you can. I learned about the pharaohs. Sobekneferu, Hatshepsut, and Pharolax especially. They were great women leaders, I wish you’d ask about them more. Your father wasn’t that interested either, but listened just the same. The sandstorm died down a little. It still wasn’t safe outside but we could at least see the road ahead of us. His hotel was in the other end of the city, much too far in that mess. So I let him stay in my flat. I recited to him my entire dissertation and listed which museums were still crediting Niles with my work. I told him how I was scared I would never get a professorship and I’d be stuck repeating the same phrase in the corner of a museum all day. It stormed for a full week. We talked mostly and- played games. Had to when it was too dangerous to go outside. We played so much monopoly. Maybe I’ll tell you more about that another day. He told me how much he loved the area, how he went here once when he wasn’t much older than you are now, and always wanted to come back. How he never wanted to leave. It reminded him of his childhood home. He didn’t talk much about his family or even what the business was but one day when I went on a tangent about Atenists cults and fringe-groups trying to prove super-powered mummies starting the apocalypse in pyramids built by aliens, he burst out laughing. “People think the aliens built the pyramids? How big are the theory groups?” I smirked, “Small thankfully, but with all the time travelers messing everything up constantly it’s hard to prove anything. And the ones who have been there aren’t really sharing.” “Sometimes it is better not to share. Still, there may have been aliens but it was the Egyptians who built the pyramid ships.” We were quiet for a while. I asked Cyrus if he wanted to tell me more about his family. He said no. He asked me If I wanted to play monopoly again. I said no. He asked if I knew what gods the Egyptians worshipped. I told him how Ra was the sun incarnate and would fly by sailing his Sun bark across the sky. Osiris was the oldest son, a gentle soul who brought the crops to the world. I told him of Osiris’s scheming siblings, Isis who tricked Osiris into marriage so that she may take the scales of Judgement. and Set who plotted to kill them both. I told him of the great snake who will eat the world and how the siblings fought together to destroy it. We have no myths after that time. Cyrus shook his head. “It was not Ra who gave the sun to the people but the Egyptians who gave it to Ra. They flew on sphinxes and taught him how to fly. Eventually Ra decided he liked looking down at the land from above and never came back. And Apotheosis was no snake but a storm. It hit Geb. Osiris helped everyone evacuate the planet before the storm hit. Isis is a master of order magic but it did nothing against the whirling chaos. It was only Set’s magic that worked against the storm. I don’t know how.. It went through Geb but then back the other side, away from the sun ship. This saved everyone. After that, Set declared himself the new heir. Ra said to wait. They had to rebuild first around his new pyramid in the sky. We did not talk to the people again for a very long time.”Cyrus remained quiet for a long time. As your father recited history he did not look at me but watched the ceiling fan slowly rotate above like a sun spinning around the earth. The sand was pelting the window outside casting a reddish tint on his firm lips. Yet his eyes still burned green. Something welled up inside my throat. A miniature sun that burned. As it moved I could feel my insides rising to its gravitational pull. It burned the tips of my lips and spilled out of my nose as a snort. Then through the sides of my cheeks as a giggle. At last it plunged back down my throat as a full laugh. Your father looked at me and I told him I’d have to rethink my stance on ancient aliens. The sandstorm got worse in the coming days. We could hear it skittering on the windows like a swarm of spiders. It stung and stung and only reached glass. The local reporter said it was the worst sandstorm in generations. Cyrus looked green. At night we went to bed together. But I couldn’t sleep. I kept dreaming about the hint of gold I saw in the ground. Right before the sandstorm started. The thing I found right before your father appeared. Your father did not toss and turn. He slept perfectly still with each palm resting on either the opposite side of his chest.What’s that? It’s almost time for the new report? Very well. Then I’ll skip how afraid I was. I’ll skip thinking I went insane or was cursed or possessed or tricked. I won’t tell you why I decided not to ask him first, I’m not even sure I could now. I’ll just say this, honey. If you ever run out into a sandstorm on purpose, make sure you’re protected, and make sure you have a very good map of what you’re looking for. Luckily I did. It was slow going, windshield wipers don’t really help against sand. Yes I used them to scratch my jeep again and again beyond repair just for those few hours of clarity. I had traveled this road many times to the most recent site. And once I realized I was traveling into the eye of the storm, well I knew I was on the right track. Cyrus was waiting for me there. I don’t know how he got there first, but sometimes when I see you racing against your friends I think I do. He was hardly dressed for the storm in the same cargo shorts and green muscle-shirt I met him in. Instead of a respirator he was wearing a mask that looked like his own face carved in emeralds. Ostrich feathers ran down the back of his head. From the eye holes he looked at me with those deep verdant eyes. “You sure you want to do this?”“I uncovered this. I need to know what it is, and how to stop it.” “Always the academic.” He made a noise. I’m not sure if he was laughing or crying. “This world does not have gods anymore. It has heroes. So please, let me be a hero.”“Not alone!” I screamed. “I need answers!”He told me...he told me something but it was lost to the wind. Then he turned around and descended into the site. I tried following him but the wind was too strong and I couldn’t see. I lost my footing and almost fell in. There was sand, and there was fire, and what sounded the clashing of mighty swords. I thought the storm I could see a green figure, and a beast made out of flame. It was like no other animal I had ever seen. It turned to me, and I don’t remember anything after that.When I woke up, the storm had stopped. The site was excavated another dozen feet revealing a perfectly unveiled temple. Along it’s walls was a new myth I had never recognized. Osiris and set fought along it’s walls in the paintings so well preserved you think they were put up yesterday. In the wall opposite to me was an imprint to hold some kind of large balancing scale. I’ve examined it many times and wrote many papers, but all I know for sure is whatever those scales were, they were made out of some material not native to this planet. But you don’t want to hear about mommy’s papers, sweety. You want to hear about Daddy. I do too. And he’s going to be on TV soon. See, beyond the small boy with the bird mask. Beyond that awful woman with her scowl and inconvenient truths. In the box she’s holding, and in the boxes carried by the people behind her. That’s your father....
Anubis, guardian of the underworld by Per-Netjeru
The Book of Thoth by kovalewski
Harpocrates, Horus the child by Per-Netjeru
The Big Bad Wolf by HorseyGator
Louhi by YunaXD
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Phoenix Impera Pilot (Prologue Page) | Ryuichirou by TheUnlimitedFortress
The Morrigan by nekkuu
Oombaba - The 'Real' Cthulhu by OGYungLilBig
Native American
Yapa Cover Tlingit Mask By Kanjikamehameha Ddefqq5 by kanjikamehameha
Samodiva II by DStoyanov
Dercetius by VikingWidunder
ASTAROTH by FrancisLugfran
The Skiier of Sapmi by Eldr-Fire
Gemini the Twins by MeganLovesAngryBirds

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twin buns and a chicken by samarasArt
Nymphs- Naiads
mermay2020 by Vita-Tori
The Martial Lord OC Design (1st Edition)|Tom Smith by TheUnlimitedFortress
Mythological beasts
Oni! by MuppetGt
Knight of Disks / Ritter der Scheiben Origin Tarot by InaAuderieth
A World That Once Was. by Wolf250
All Folklore
Mandrake, the Screaming Root by AtmaFlare
Pacific Islander
Yaaru by kanjikamehameha
Traditional Vampire - Sasabonsam by OGYungLilBig


This group is for artwork that depicts a mythological individual, event, or theme.

Mythology isn't the same as fandom, and isn't the same as fantasy. If you are not sure, please read this journal entry:

What is Mythology Art? (CLICK HERE)

This gives some guidelines as well as specific examples of what type of work belongs here and what does not.

Also remember:

:bulletblue: For visual art: if the mythological element is not overtly evident in the image, you should include information about the mythological significance of the piece in the artist's comments.

:bulletblue: For literature submissions: If the mythological content is not obvious in the text (perhaps it is a retelling of a mythological cycle or involves characters/Gods/themes from mythological lore), please make the following evident in the artist's comments: :bulletblack: Which Mythological Lore you are Referencing and :bulletblack: That it is a work of fiction.

Scholarly work, research papers or otherwise academic thesis' that discuss mythological topics and ideas are acceptable. This sort of discussion is encouraged.

Finally, things to remember about the submission process itself:


:bulletblack: We are human beings. Sometimes we hit the wrong button. Sometimes it takes us a while to get back to you. It happens, but it doesn't mean you are not important or that we hate you.

:bulletblack: We cannot possibly offer feedback every time we decline an image. If you would like to request feedback as to why your image was refused, please submit a note to us and those who have available insight will get back to you AS SOON AS WE CAN. This can be a few days, but often no longer than a week. If you have a problem with non-immediate reactions (though sometimes they are), please exercise patience. If you cannot be patient, we're probably not the right group for you.

:bulletblack: Absolutely none of us want any of our members or guests to feel put out, but we cannot please everyone. Many of our admins/contributors are -very- well versed in mythology, though we each have our areas of strength and weakness. If you can quote the lore, chances are we like you.
Hello Everyone!

Can you please refrain from posting random art work in the Buddhism gallery.

In that gallery should go pictures of Buddah himself of course, and also pictures of Buddhist legends, Zen, Mahayana, Hinayana, Yoga et cetera.

No centaurs, angels, fairies, monsters and art you seem to have no idea where to put it.

Please, instead, take some time and post in the correct gallery and if you're unsure, it's probably a Folklore work a Mythological Beast work or something along that line. Do not put it in Buddhism!

Have a great weekend!
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