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It started with a nightmare and a daydream, hate and desire, end and beginning. It started with the dark, eternal damnation, and with the light, eternal hope. The dark was jealous, the light was greedy, and they took refuge in a world of nothing. Only the dark and light existed in a universe absent of time, absent of breath. That universe was small, silent, and the dark and the light clashed, a war of imbalance. The war was endless, and the dark and light grew weary. Loneliness enveloped the alignments.

What was there to fight for, in a world of nothing?

What was there to live for?

The dark and light questioned their meaning of existence. Their universe was devoid of purpose, and it left them wanting anything that gave them desire.

The dark pulsed, thickened, and it gathered negativity until its very soul dripped ether. In turn, the light throbbed, thinned and it gathered positivity until its very soul dripped ether. The ether fell between them. The drops cascaded into the nothing until they touched. The opposing ethers clashed, erupted and engulfed the world of light and dark in a sea of color. It shook, that glorious light, and it ripped away the oblivion.

If time had existed then, that holy light would have lasted two years, but the burst of color and life breathed into the universe between light and dark like breath to a flame. It resonated with a crack, and when it settled and dispersed like fog, it left a sparkling world behind.

That world was beautiful. It radiated in the depraved space between dark and light with grace and purity. It was the epitome of perfection, round and fresh, but it was not enough. The alignments felt nothing from their creation, and they exhaled in defeat.

When the dark and light exhaled, the breath of life devoured the newly-birthed world. It roused the round surface until an empire of endless mountains came forth, until trees with long, weeping branches took root, spiraling towers of colorful crystals resurfaced, and until glistening waters spouted and cascaded from the depths of that perfect world. The mountains called forth the skies, the trees called forth the sun and moon, the crystals called forth the dreams and energy of dark and light, and the waters called forth the winds. In that moment, the dark and light looked upon the world with awe.

But there is still no meaning. There is no existence.

Yet the dark and light shared an epiphany. What if they created actual life? With a breath, a breath much more meaningful and purposeful than the last, they summoned forth the energies that gathered in the crystals. The crystals glowed, their monochromatic hues embracing the world in a bright light. When that light settled, it left myths in its wake: beings that were made from magic and dreams with souls that favored either the dark or the light.

The alignments looked upon their creations in satisfaction. Finally, they had meaning. Finally, everything was at peace and right.

But nothing lasts forever.

Over time, when the summoned sun and moon began to create days, weeks, months, years, the world and its myths began to separate. That world became split in two, one side dark and one side light, and this caused animosity between the alignments and their myths. The dark claimed the light was far too greedy as it sought absolute perfection, and the light claimed the dark was too jealous as it sought to overthrow and retaliate.

That beautiful world erupted into conflict. Mountains crumbled, trees withered, crystals deteriorated, and the waters reddened. Time reverted, night and day battling as myths and dreams ceased to exist.

It had lasted for ten centuries, that dreadful war. How did it end, you ask? With the downfall of light. At first, the light had the upper-hand. It had attempted to banish the dark once and for all, but the dark had begun to feed off hatred from the light rather than the energy from the crystals. It grew in strength and decapitated the light. On that day, the crystals fell and the world weakened. Light struggled, and then disappeared altogether.

The myths of the light saved one crystal, and it is said that that is the reason that the world of dark and light still exists. Although not much is heard from the light, the myths of light still held their favor, and their strong faith was rewarded with the return of light. Yet… the light has yet to be found.
The creation of Mythodreas, and land of myths and dreams.It started with light and darkness.

Mythodreas is an interactive, mythological, virtual pet site that was once known as Zetapets. It is currently undergoing major changes and is now considered as Mythodreas Beta until further notice. Registration requires the approval of a Mythodreas Guide (Staff Member). The site accepts most if not all users who register. 
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September 13, 2017


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