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Mythodreas Banner by Mytho-Dreas Mythodreas Banner by Mytho-Dreas
Mythodreas is back in action and relaunching on June 22nd!

A smile runs across dry lips. You finally found it, the entrance to the world of myths and dreams. It was once believed to be a world only found in storybooks, but you 
found it. The entrance is a cave with floors caked with moss, stalactites that shimmer with ethereal blues, and a ceiling engulfed with a cloud of fireflies in a myriad of colors. The deeper you go, the darker it gets, but the blues and monochromatic colors brighten. They're your only source of light, your flashlight having been dead since yesterday. As you continue wading through the forest of moss, you see a flicker of shadows far off in the distance. When you get closer you discover that the added light is from a torch. It gets brighter when you draw nearer, and when your'e right beside it, the shimmering stalactites and glowing fireflies die off like breath to a flame. It's just you and the torch... But you're not alone. You hear a rustle of fabric, a chorus of unrecognizable whispers, and you look up to see a tall figure standing before you. It's taller than any skyscraper you've seen. It leans forward, skeletal hands visible from the torchlight, and you notice that its face is clad in darkness. You should be scared, but the whispers envelope you and encourage you to move toward it. You hesitantly approach the towering figure clad in robes and darkness, and it acknowledges you with a voice that trembles with time, "you've journeyed far, young one, but the age of the wanderer has not yet come."
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June 19, 2017
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