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2020AUG09A Ruler of Hyrule part 9



Commission from RubyLemonLimeade

Follow up to 2020JUN28E Ruler of Hyrule Part 8 by mythkaz

"Demise's spirit leaves Ganon's body after the change. Acknowledging the fact that Hylia managed to fall to the very same hero she chose to protect her. And commending Link for once again defying his expectations. Despite being another incarnation.
Link having the full kingdom under his control would prove to be a pain to fight against. Link is confused by this spirit, and Hylia gives him a tap on the forehead as the memories of all his old incarnations come rushing back. Knowing what Demise's desire is; he creates a parallel dimension for Demise to reside in that's the perfect world for him using the Triforce. (The Triforce can restore and even create other versions of itself so long as it's not in the same world as seen in A Link Between Worlds.) Banishing Demise to his own paradise at the promise to keep peace between their realms. Amused once more Demise accepts, but comments that perhaps Link wasn't the perfect hero he thought he was before disappearing. As Link achieves a true GOOD END???"

Hope you all enjoyed this little comic
And thanks once more to RubyLemonLimeade for commissioning this to me!

Happy Sunday!
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I like the design you gave Demise