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Vallinra of the Dark Tide

:bulletwhite: Gods & Monsters :bulletwhite:
Character: Vallinra of the Dark Tide
Race: Elf
Class: Warlock
Alignment: Evil

 To the south of the mainland lay several large islands belonging to the elven nations. A seafaring people, they worship gods of the sea and among the elves there is no higher calling than to serve these deities. Vallinra was a young ambitious acolyte at the temple of Dawntrace. Studious and proud she worked tirelessly to assure she would be recognized and promoted. But as days turned to weeks and years, Vallinra watched her piers from noble houses rise through the ranks, not on the merits of their skills, but by how much gold their affluent families flaunted. Disillusioned, Vallinra fled the temple in search of other paths. It was not long after she found a new calling with a secretive sect of devotes who worshiped the "true" master of the sea, the Tide Lord, the Master of the Deep Places. They were known as the Dark Tide. And unlike the unworthy acolytes of Dawntrace, Vallinra soon found new power, not power begged in prayer, but power taken by sacrifice. Vallinra reveled in this new found power and took pleasure in luring her former acolyte brethren to bloody deaths, in service to her new master. With each drop of blood spilled, the Tide Lord bestowed more power and slowly began transforming her body and mind. These transformations would allow Vallinra to serve her master directly beneath the waves for eternity. A far better prospect than the lesser gods had offered. 
Commissioned by: lunarsapphire13 

© Mythka - Candice C. Sciortino 2020
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Beautiful. Now, did you draw this, or commission this?

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This was a commission I did for someone.

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Beautiful and pretty flipping cool!
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She beautiful!:love:
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Good morning, Dark Beauty!!!!!.
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Why is evil so sexy?
gordonphilbin's avatar
What character is she from?

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This year I'm doing a series of fantasy characters and monsters set in an Eldritch Horror based world. So all the character info I'm coming up with is all world building and from my own mind.

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She looks cool! Very good work!
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Woah! I love the fishy details on her!
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Lovely backstory alongside wonderful design! ^^
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She is elegant and deadly! Awesome work!

lunarsapphire13's avatar

She is absolutely perfect in every way. <3

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She looks amazing.
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