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Shando the Star Gazer

By Mythka
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Character: Shando the Star Gazer
Race: Arctic Wolf
Class: Archer
Alignment: Good

Information: Few venture to the far north, beyond the Diamond Desert, to the region where permafrost never melts and the air smells of pine. The great tundra and forests of Wraithgloom are a formidable land. Only the most hearty of individuals dares call these lands home, and few thrive there. Shando is of the Arctic Wolf Tribe, they are elusive and some even consider them a legend. As so few travel to these regions, stories of white wolves thriving in these cold unforgiving lands are thought to be just that, stories. Though the wolf tribes are very close nit and tend to stick together, living in elaborate tree house structures deep in the forest. Young wolves are cast out of the tribe when they reach adulthood, in their early teens. Though at first this may seem cruel, its a right of passage. It's up to these young wolves to fend for themselves for six years on their own, without the help or support of the rest of the tribe. Once they have completed this right of passage they are welcomed back with open arms back into the community. Shando is nearing the end of the her six year exile from her tribe. Strong willed and cunning, she's quickly grew accustomed to life as a lone wolf. Her skills with a bow are unmatched among her piers and he taught herself extensive survival skills. Including the impressive ability to navigate the entire forest by reading the stars. The forest is at such a high latitude that half the year it remains in near pitch conditions, making her ability to read the sky invaluable.  
Commissioned by: winterfrostwolf97

© Mythka - Candice C. Sciortino 2020
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:heart: :heart: :heart:

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A very nice work of art.
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No words can describe how amazing this is it's So I love it

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Great work.