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Saldari the Serpent Queen

By Mythka
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Character: Saldari the Serpent Queen
Race: Gorgon 
Class: Queen
Alignment: Evil  

Information: Just off the rugged coast of the Diamond Desert are situated a small cluster of volcanic islands. In stark contrast to the barren wasteland of the desert, these islands are fertile, and rich in both plant and animal life. It is known that stepping foot on these sandy shores is a death sentence for most. The islands only inhabitants being snake like monsters that call themselves the Gorgon. There are old myths of these monstrous snake like beings who can turn men to stone and it is unknown if these creatures are truly descended from the legendary creatures or they are merely similar in look. It is however assumed that since no one ever returns from the islands that these Gorgon are formidable and deadly. The Gorgon once inhabited a vast stretch of the Diamond Desert, but when the great hydra Morbinrall came to power he tried to convince their Queen to serve him. Not willing to be subservient to anyone, least of all the multi-headed brute, she took her people and left the desert, establishing a new home on the islands. There have been talks in recent months of many Sethrak messengers coming and going from the islands, perhaps Saldari and Sinzallya are in talks to overthrow the usurper dragon. But these are only rumors.      
Commissioned by: Bio-Chimera

© Mythka - Candice C. Sciortino 2020
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LysAnimationHobbyist Digital Artist

Really nice design !

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sn1cknsnackNew Deviant

All your creatures and characters have such a nice design and color scheme they're lovely

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morwen666Hobbyist Traditional Artist

really beautiful !

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She looks so cool! Very good work!

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beautiful medusa

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KnockoutNorko87Hobbyist Artist

I love how each of those snakes has its one lil crown.

That‘s just really cute, mate.

Really cute.

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Fuego-fantasmal3New Deviant

Great work.

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