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Rococo the Ostentatious

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:bulletwhite: Gods & Monsters :bulletwhite:
Harbinger: Rococo the Ostentatious 
Race: Hellhound
Class: Prince of Hell
Alignment: Evil

Some say the path to hell is paved in good intentions, Rococo likes to say it's dotting in white lies, good company and copious amounts of glitter. Outspoken even for a Prince of Hell, Rococo is best known for continually temping as a crossroads demon. Though to many a task for lesser demons, Rococo delights in shaping the life of a mortal soul, crafting a life of fame, wealth and debauchery, before their inevitable death and eternal damnation. Rococo is also known for his fabulous, extravagant parties that can last for days. Here he invites those he's damned to revel is his own realm, much to the displeasure of his other princely counterparts. Though many of his kin would love to put the garish prince in his place, he's accumulated enough dirt and gossip on all of them to fill the great library in the Silver City, making him virtually untouchable. 

Commissioned by: Bio-Chimera 

© Mythka - Candice C. Sciortino 2020
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SketchMonster1Professional Digital Artist
Amazing design. The color technique is exquisite. Extraordinary work.
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He looks very cool! Very good work!

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beautiful work here

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TurquoisephoenixStudent Filmographer

I absolutely love how you draw wings! Amazing work.

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Awesome work.