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Plague Doctor Tynbrick

By Mythka
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Character: Plague Doctor Tynbrick
Race: Aarakocra
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Neutral

Information: Hailing from the land of Droth, the majority of the Aarakocra once lived in the regions lofty peaks. Best known for their collective of healers and magicians, the Aarakocra were once sought after for their impressive magical skill. After the destruction of Droth the remaining members of the Aarakocra fled their ancestral home and scattered across the lands, quickly finding new homes and work with their impressive skill sets. The highly experienced Tynbrick easily found a new home in the human city of Altenburg. Having already been a proficient healer he had amassed a small fortune and was able to open an apothecary and doctors office within the city. His skills would be needed most, several years later when a deadly plague swept through the city. Caring for the sick was a daunting task as fear quickly spread causing many of the cities wealthy physicals to flee rather than aid the sick and dying. Tynbrick never wavered from his duty and spent day after day treating and caring for the ailing inhabitants, till he was able to find a cure and almost single-handedly cure the plague. Because of this dedication to his craft, those he saved gave him the moniker of Plague Doctor Tynbrick and show him the upmost respect.    
Commissioned by: IvlKaydalvI

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Fuego-fantasmal3New Deviant

Great work.

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I really like the subtle colour palette!

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Ahh! So absolutely gorgeous ;-; The swirl part of the beak, the clothes, the color palette ;-; I'm weak, and so absolutely in love!

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KredriProfessional Artist

Appealing creature)