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Oris the Game Warden

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:bulletwhite: Gods & Monsters :bulletwhite:
Character: Oris the Game Warden
Race: Manticore
Class: Lancer
Alignment: Evil

Information: A favored pastime among the citizens of Urris is gambling. It is said there are more gambling dens and casinos in one square block, than in all other cities combined. Omnisit, the cities patron encourages these games of chance and has established a whole host of etiquette and laws around these activities. She also established the Warden Corp, to patrol these gambling halls and enforce her laws. The term "Game Warden" takes on a whole other meaning in Urris, as these authoritative figures are judge, jury and literal executioners. Rules infractions are met with swift punishment, with the obvious offence of cheating being met with the most severe of punishments, death. Omnisit believes in competition, balance and fairness, and to have individuals, "game" the systems is seen as the most egregious of offenses. Young Oris was brought into the Warden Corp as a pup, having been kidnapped from there village by marauding Sethrak and sold to slavers. Purchased at Urris's slave market and raised to know nothing more than the teachings of the Corp. The young manticore grew to embrace their new existence. Though not unfairly treated, Oris has never met another of there kind and is presumed to be the last. Tremendously strong, and quick on their feet, Oris is a favorite among the senior wardens. Fully indoctrinated into serving the Corp and Omnisit's laws, there is no changing the young wardens mind or pleading for ones life if being judged. Executing their tasks without remorse or a second though, is the only pleasure Oris seems to find in life.       

Commissioned by: xRedwing

© Mythka - Candice C. Sciortino 2020
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beautiful piece

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xRedwingHobbyist General Artist

Ahh- I love them so much! ;w; Excellent work, the colors are perfect and I love the little backstory! <3 Thank you! Will definitely come back for more <3

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Amazing work.