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Omnisit the Game Master

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:bulletwhite: Gods & Monsters :bulletwhite:
Harbinger: Omnisit the Game Master
Race: Sphinx
Class: Deity
Alignment: Evil

Zephrum is a land of contrasts. Beyond The Shining Silver City, the many rivers of Zephrum converge and flatten into a massive flood plain that stretches to the sea. Sitting at the waters edge is the crescent moon shaped city of Urris. In an almost purposeful mocking of to the Shining City's white and silver walls, Urris's walls are made of black and red stone, with towering obelisks of obsidian so large they can blot out the sun. At the heart of the city stands a massive dais, where black robed priests make offering to their cities progenitor, Omnisit. The great sphinx is ancient and some argue she is older even than Ra'ell. The two cities are at constant odds with each-other, though not at all out war, they try to out do the other in various feats of engineering and skill. Omnisit delights in these contests and encourages her followers to make even grander displays, both for her glory and simply to one up Ra'ell. Urris has an usual tradition that Omnisit is central too. Once every ten years a great festival is held, people come from all over the world at a chance, to become the next king of queen of Urris. The reign only lasts ten years but during this time, every whim and desire of the ruler is fulfilled. The catch is, the would-be applicant must answer Omnisit's riddles. If they can answer them all, they are crowned, if they do not, they are thrown onto the pyre, burned and then eaten. Omnisit does detest cold food. Much like her silver counterpart, Omnisit can gaze into the heart of any being and see their true nature. It is speculated that if she likes what she sees in a person she will give them simpler riddles, if she doesn't she will simply make the riddle impossible to answer.    

Commissioned by: Bio-Chimera 

© Mythka - Candice C. Sciortino 2020
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RllyMeNew Deviant

I love the design. So much detail!

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Nice design.
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Cool :)
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yeouyeouStudent Photographer

Fantastic work, the color scheme is great!

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That's great!
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HeisoruWillStudent Traditional Artist


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B-G-C-Art General Artist


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Insanity-ManStudent Traditional Artist
It has a very Lovecraftian feel to it! Awesome! 
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Amazingcreature design, with the majestic horns, wings, tail and many eyes give Omnisit a distinct and appropriately divine (and ancient-looking) design. 
The many eyes and her propensity for asking riddles help carry across Omnisit as a being who is smarter and more powerful than mere mortals, knows it, and uses this to her advantage and to keep herself entertained. 
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OzzymodanHobbyist General Artist
Awesome! c:
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I don’t know who she is, but I know I like it! Take your llama! Take your llama RIGHT NOW!
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Good morning, Omnisit is creepy awesome!!!. 
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why do I want to call it mommyXD
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VeryVeryRealPersonHobbyist Digital Artist
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AnisopterrorHobbyist Digital Artist
Gorgeous design! I love the color palette you chose for this. :)
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Amazing work.
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Now that is a cool design!
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