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Nov 20 - Cornucopia

By Mythka

November Dragon-A-Day

November 20 - Cornucopia

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Hi Candice!  I just wanted to let you know that I've featured your work on my dragon artwork blog (with proper attribution and links back, of course).  I've actually featured you twice, I'm just not very good at my notifications, sorry! 

You can find me at Writing Dragons, and my Thanksgiving feature of this and some of your other November dragons here.  I also did a Spring dragons feature on you earlier last year here.  

I adore your artwork and I commend your dedication!  Keep up the amazing work -- you have such a diverse collection, I'm sure I'll be featuring you again in the future!
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Thanks for the feature. You have a wonderful site. 
JamieLynWeigt's avatar
Thanks in return, you have wonderful dragons!  Take care!
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awww! almost looks like a proud momma fruits and vegetables... but a proud momma nonetheless!
thank you so much, they're so cute!! :'D
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oh Floofychu your's is so cute!! He looks so happy! :D
Floofychu's avatar
it's like a proud momma derg! :'D
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Your style is so cute and awesome X3 
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Oh this is SO CUTE. 
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