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Morbinrall the Serpent King

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Harbinger: Morbinrall the Serpent King
Race: Hydra
Class: Overlord
Alignment: Evil 

Information: Far to the east lies the Diamond Desert, who's black volcanic sands glisten like jewels. At it's heart stands the great spire of Mazbatan. Long ago the tower was created by mages as a gathering place to hone their skills, to exchange knowledge and work secret magics. But their greed for power grew too great and awoke an ancient monster who lived deep beneath the spire. The ancient hydra had a taste for magic and found a veritable feast awaiting him as he crawled up the spire level by level, devouring it's inhabitants. Morbinrall's power was great and his brutal strength unmatched, but with each mage fat with magic he fed upon, his powers and reach grew. With the mages dispatched and a new dwelling conquered, Morbinrall called out across the desert, summoning all of his kind, no serpent from the smallest sand viper to the ancient stone wurm could resist his call. Eager to please their new lord, they made their way to the tower, bowing before the serpent kings will. Morbinrall sits in his spire, sending out his minions to capture and bring him fresh sources of magic. The desert now a no mans land that even novice magicians give a wide birth. 

Commissioned by: Zalla00 

© Mythka - Candice C. Sciortino 2020
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I love the design! The colors go really well together!
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Sick! Love the concept and like the snake/dragon/hydra look. The colors are really nice and clean too.
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this is so cool!
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Good morning, Morbinrall looks amazing!!!!!.
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That is a very brilliant name!!! Very Tolkien-like!!!

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It looks so cool! :D
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I know since it's a Hydra it's poisonous but I don't care I'm gonna go and hug it.
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Truly badass! :D
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