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Listra of Cresthaven

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Character: Listra of Crestheaven 
Race: Gargoyle
Class: Cartographer 
Alignment: Good

Information: The Cresthaven Society for the Furtherment of Natural Study is one of the few organizations in the world who's members span the globe and holds no allegiances to any one nation or race. Comprised of many races and cultures the society was established to explore the natural world and expand the study of many branching fields of science. In recent years cartography has been an invaluable resource as the very land from mountain to coast seems to be undergoing dramatic and sometimes abrupt changes. Listra is a new member of the society, having recently finished an extensive training course and apprenticeship. The society was thrilled to have Listra as a member, as her clan of Gargoyles can be somewhat private people, and any opportunity to learn of new culture is highly sought after. Originally from the mountains of Droth, the gargoyles scattered to the four corners of the world following the calamity. Being displaced from her home and of the age to strike out on her own, Listra took the opportunity to start traveling. She quickly befriended members of Cresthaven and soon found herself in the thick of new adventures. Now a full fledged cartographer, Listra wants to make a name for herself. Her spunky determination will certainly see her reaching her goals and maybe get herself into a little trouble along the way.      

Commissioned by: Cattibrieanne

© Mythka - Candice C. Sciortino 2020
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She looks beautiful and cool! Very good work!

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nice detailing

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Amazing work.

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Omgosh she’s sooo cute!!! The pencil tucked in her hair. The piebald spots! Her outfit— 😍

So much love for the plucky cartographer ! Thank you!