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Monster: Kelpie
Alignment: Evil

Information: The swamps outside of Urris are home to a wide range of creatures from the mundane to the mystical. The Kelpie was once a relatively obscure beast and a rare site. It was so rare in fact a whole host of legends sprang up around this large aquatic horse. Most of these stories are a fiction made up by travelers and parents wishing to scare their children into behaving. In recent years with the unusual number of dead bodies that mysteriously end up in the swamp growing yearly, the numbers of these creatures have been increasing. Once solitary ambush predators, they can now be seen working in small bands of three to five individuals. Though it is sill common to see them solo and it's believed the bands are made up of younger males. The Kelpie emits an odd odder that's not all together unpleasant, and seems to attract wisps. These wisps will congregate around the kelpie like flies and seem to act as a sort of hypnotic lure for prey. Kelpie will eat anything that they come across including carrion, but they much prefer the taste of mortal flesh and will actively hunt those that enter its domain.  

Commissioned by: Silfriia 

© Mythka - Candice C. Sciortino 2020
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Sinister creature! Very good work!

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beautiful detailing

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Amazing work.

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i heard if you had a harness you would control the kelpie

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NebulaNebsWormStudent General Artist

Aaa!! This is such a neat concept on a Kelpie! Hands down one of my favorite designs made by you 😁