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Ephemeris the Omen

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Harbinger: Ephemeris the Omen
Race: Amphiptere Dragon
Class: Messenger
Alignment: Good

 The Monastery of Saint Ephemeris sits atop a cliffs overlooking the southern sea. Beneath the monastery are a vast network of sea caves where the wurm resides, his glittering coils nearly completely filling the entire cave system. Due to Ephemeris's great age and apparent wisdom he is often sought out by scholars and philosophers. It is known to be wary however as these conversations can last days and it's quite impossible to politely excuse yourself from a conversation with a dragon. Remaining inactive much of the time Ephemeris slumbers peacefully, lulled to sleep by the near constant chanting from the monks above. On the rare occasion he fully emerges from his home, it is certain he has been called upon by the Deities Beyond the Stars. It's at these times the monks are busiest, taking careful note of the dragons colors as he streaks across the sky like a twin tailed comet. If his colors are golden and pure, the omens for the coming days are good. But if his colors are darker, orange or even red, this means a great calamity will befall the world. 

Commissioned by: atlaswakes 

© Mythka - Candice C. Sciortino 2020
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Cool! It's not everyday you see a dragon with TWO tails! =D
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This is just so beautiful! The pose is so good!!Clap 
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The dragon looks so majestic. nice job!Clap 
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Wow! He is so cute Love 
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Sorry I hid the comment 
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