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Dragon-A-Day June (SOLD OUT)



 June Gemstone Dragons 


:bulletpink: Each dragon will be themed around a gemstone. 
Designs are full color and will belong 100% to their owners. 
You are not allowed to resell them for more than you purchased them.

:bulletpink:  $35 or 3500:points: Random Gemstone (you will not know what you are getting ahead of time). $40 or 4000:points: Select any precious or semiprecious gemstone. 

:bulletpink: Payments are due up front. Once you request a slot, you have 24 hours to pay. I will not reserve slots longer than this. If a slot isn't paid for in this time, it will become available again for someone else to purchase.

:bulletpink: You may pick more than one slot and are welcome to gift a dragon to a friend.

:bulletpink: Dragons will be released on calendar date they are requested. 

:bulletpink: You will receive a high res downloadable version for your own personal use upon request. 

:bulletpink: You may not request specifics about your dragon design, all designs are a mystery. 

:bulletpink: All slots are first come, first serve. 

To Reserve a Slot
Please leave a comment with the following:

:bulletpink: Random Dragon or Specific Gemstone (please specify stone)
:bulletpink: What date you would like your dragon ( that is available) .
:bulletpink: Paying in Cash or Points. 

:star: June List :star:

  1. :bulletgreen: Bio-Chimera (Hope Diamond)
  2. :bulletgreen: Ulario (Dragons Breath Fire Opal)
  3. :bulletgreen: Ulario (petoskey)
  4. :bulletgreen: uber-blue-dragon (Sapphire)
  5. :bulletgreen: Arccyfox (boulder opal)
  6. :bulletgreen: Black-Wren (Dragons Breath Fire Opal)
  7. :bulletgreen: MerbusLeader (Garnet)
  8. :bulletgreen: AlimareEmpire (White Opal)
  9. :bulletgreen: Nobu-Nori for KurosuAi (RANDOM)
  10. :bulletgreen: lavendarskylight (Lapis Lazuli)
  11. :bulletgreen: Mekachii (RANDOM)
  12. :bulletgreen: Ulario (Galaxy Opal)
  13. :bulletgreen: Ulario (RANDOM)
  14. :bulletgreen: tigerwolf44 (Apache Gold)
  15. :bulletgreen: Bio-Chimera (fluorite)
  16. :bulletgreen: Bio-Chimera (Rose Quarts Geode )
  17. :bulletgreen: Nuwame (Opal)
  18. :bulletgreen: Wings-Unfurled (black star sapphire) 
  19. :bulletgreen: Bio-Chimera (RANDOM)
  20. :bulletgreen: Ecanusiofiel (Carbonado Diamond)
  21. :bulletgreen: XiaLOK (RANDOM)
  22. :bulletgreen: Falrenn (RANDOM)    
  23. :bulletgreen: Falrenn (Watermelon Tourmaline)
  24. :bulletgreen: Nuwame (Random)
  25. :bulletgreen: Nuwame (Random)
  26. :bulletgreen: Bio-Chimera (Red Jade)
  27. :bulletgreen:Sad-Magic (RANDOM) (F)
  28. :bulletgreen: Nuwame (Garnet)
  29. :bulletgreen: Sad-Magic (RANDOM) (M)
  30. :bulletgreen: StardustDragon258 (RANDOM) (F)

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yknow what I'll take red jade for the last one please