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Diannavan the Ash Queen

:bulletwhite: Gods & Monsters :bulletwhite:
Harbinger: Diannavan the Ash Queen
Race: Dragon
Class: Necromancer
Alignment: Evil

Ever since the lands of Droth erupted into a volcanic hellscape, it's been said that all living creatures either were killed in the ensuing carnage or fled the region for less dangerous lands. That's not to say however that there still isn't some "life" among the chard ruins of the once fertile land. Droth is now flooded with strange undead abomination, comprised or magic, twisted chard flesh and ash. The unusual nature of the ash that erupts from the volcanoes was first thought to cause this blight, but after time, it was discovered that an enormous dragon named Diannavan was to blame. Some even suggest this creature was the cause of the calamity, that her very movements within her mountainous cavern home caused the land to rupture and die. Diannavan is ancient and powerful and prefers to have others do her bidding. Like most great dragons she has amassed a vast horde. Using her miasma breath she can incinerate any living thing. From the ashes these beings will rise again as undead slaves. Currently there are forces attempting to mount an expedition into Droth in hopes of slaying this god like dragon, but it's becoming increasingly hard to find fool-hearty heroes brave enough to face her. 

Commissioned by: madame 

© Mythka - Candice C. Sciortino 2020
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Those colors look great on there♡
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these colors! <3 I love it

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lovely colouration :D

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hail to the queen :bowtome:

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can you see the dragon

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