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Borrimortis The Final Judgement

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:bulletwhite: Gods & Monsters :bulletwhite:
Harbinger: Borrimortis The Final Judgement
Race: Dragon
Class: Celestial 
Alignment: Good

There are many old legends of the time just after The Calamity. A time when new born gods sprang forth from the shattered void in search of their purpose. There are even stories of a great war between The Calamity and these gods. As the Calamity spread and grew in power, she devoured world, whole realities in her many mouths to satisfy an insatiable hunger. The new gods could not have their own creations destroyed, thus they fought her. Unified they managed to subdue the Calamity by cutting off her heads and casting them to the far flung reaches of the cosmos. From what remained her blood spilled out and created the stars and from these droplets countless less powerful dragons spawned. Though the Calamity may have been scattered across the vastness of the nether, she was not gone and her influence still lingers to this day, or so the old legends say. 
One such spawn of the great dragon goddess was Borrimortis a golden dragon with mane of fire, blinded by the first gods in fear he may take after his mother. But Borrimortis as unlike his patron, more content to study, watch and learn. He took up a place within the heavens to keep watch over the scattered heads of his mother and assure they never be rejoined. As such, he guards the gates to reality, preventing the unworthy from passing. If one who is unfit should try to pass, they are banished never to be seen or heard from again. This rule is just, but final. There is no escaping the determination of his unseeing gaze. 

Commissioned by: rairyu 

© Mythka - Candice C. Sciortino 2020
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So beautifully made
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TurquoisephoenixStudent Filmographer

Oh man, there's so many great things in this dragon's design that I love. The disembodied wing and the glowing strands of hair are just so cool, they really make this creature feel unreal.

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Excellent work.