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Aura the Wind Dancer

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Character: Aura the Wind Dancer  
Race: Golden Ferret 
Class: Sword Dancer
Alignment: Good

Information: The Ferret clan are one of many who inhabit the Wandering Reach. The Ferrets are nomadic traders and playwrights best known for their generous nature and jovial attitudes. Ferrets travel in large caravans of colorful and elaborately decorated wagons. Small bells are attached to the wagons wheels, creating a symphony of chiming song that echos off the Reaches canyons and heralds the approach of the Ferrets. Best known for their lengthy plays that incorporate traditional dances, the arrival of a ferret caravan is welcomed by both young and old. Aura has spent her life traveling the length and breadth of the Reach. Training under her strict mother, she learned at a tender age how to preform lengthy dances and sing traditional songs. Having mastered the skills of the Sword Dance, a highly technical performance, she became one of the youngest dancers to preform for eager crowds. Life as a traveling performer is not all fun and games however. The Reach is dangerous and filled with many threats including rockfalls, monsters and bandits. On one such occurrence the Kamaitachi Clan, a band of ruthless weasels attacked Aura's caravan. Seemingly imbued with some mystical power, the weasels moved with a supernatural swiftness and seemingly turned to wind before a sword could land a blow. Aura, despite her disadvantage and lack of skill, managed to catch one of the bandits unaware. Felling the brute she did as any Reach Wanderer does and quickly looted his corpse, pocketing a shiny gold medallion in the process. Days later she began wearing her liberated bobble and soon realized this unusual item was what gave the Kamaitachi their seemingly otherworldly powers. The medallion allowed her to move like the wind, to seemingly disappear and reappear like vapor. She incorporated her sword dancing performance into an impressive fighting style utilizing the Kamaitachi's wind magics. Giving her performances a bit of flare and to protect her people from the dangers of the Reach. 

Commissioned by: Tohokari-Steel

© Mythka - Candice C. Sciortino 2020
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She looks very beautiful and cool! Very good work!

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Wow! This is so great! And I love the background info, too! Thank you very much for doing this!

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Quite the nice design, specially the clothes. Good color contrast with her fur

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cute and detailed