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146 - Naga


Monster Field Guide 2018 - 146 -

Monster: Naga
Theme: Tsunami
Caretaker: Bio-Chimera

Most naga are land dwelling serpents, but these sea naga prefer the deep oceans as home. Because of this it's rare to see them, and its
rumored they only come ashore just before a tsunami strikes, so seeing one is a bad omen. 

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*Looks at the lore in the description* So... are they warning the land-dwellers of an incoming aquatic disaster?
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A tsunami naga, ooooh I though she looked a bit aquatic! Her markings are really gorgeous, simple yet elegant and match her theme beautifully. The structure of her face is interesting, which is super neat too, very sharp cheekbones. Her eyes really demand attention too, they're stunning!
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