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140 - Unicorn Kitsune


Monster Field Guide 2018 - 140 -

Monster: Unicorn
Theme: Kitsune
Caretaker: (FA) Kraven-gothly

Born of the uncommon magical paring of a unicorn and kitsune, this magical beast has one hoof in the mortal realm and another in the spirit world, allowing it to pass between the two freely.
Unlike its unicorn cousins, it is not shy and is willing to interact with mortals. Unfortunately the kitsune side of this monster tends to make it mischievous, leading mortals into almost certain danger. 

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Brilliant. I love this

kaburninator's avatar
interesting concept
GokuMartin's avatar
Unicorn are not monster, especially since THIS arrived:…
evil-vivianne's avatar
reminds me of a kirin
Nemotionless's avatar
pretty much is one, just mixed with a kyubi
MariaJosePM's avatar
Wow!! Very beautiful designLove  
TifaHart's avatar
D'omg I love it so much :la:
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Magnificent combination of creature themes, as is choice of colours. There is a nice dynamic feel to the pic.

I would not have thought that deep red-brown and white would have made the best colour combination, but you pull it off with grave and style, and the details in gold and turquoise enriches the pic immensely. 
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Oh wow what a magnificent being! Goodness the concept is super neat, never would have thought a Unicorn and a Kitsune could be combined to make such a great looking creature. The colours and flowing mane and fur look so gorgeous! 
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ughhhhh im inlove
Saraeustace91's avatar
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You come up with some awesome ideas.
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