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The Birb and the dragon



The First KissIt wasn't even past eight when she ran into her room. She didn't bother and change her clothes as she simply slid under the covers. She cocooned  herself in her bed hurriedly, unable to hold back the smile that crept up her face. She knew that she had acquired a new set of dreams this evening. Dreams that will be haunting her for a very long time. 
She'd banished every other memory on her way home. This one dream was so majestic it seemed unfit to share anything with it. She feared a picture of her precious moment would seep through the smile she couldn't hide and someone would catch it and drag her back into the dull silent world. 
It was a kiss that lasted seconds, but in her head it was a cinematic that went on for hours. Her heart pounded so viciously to the point she thought the sound alone could fill the entire world around her. She recalled her kiss, a blush creeping on her cheeks. 
She closed her eyes tightly as she stirred in bed. Maybe her dream will go on

DD awarded Sep 20. 2013
Suggested by ttbloodlusttt and featured by inknalcohol
DLD awarded July 22nd 2013 Here

For Science, You monster“Doctor, they are approaching. You need to evacuate. The population in the city is down to 10%. My statistics show that at least 40% have been infected and the rest have either died or fled.”
The high pitched, automated voice echoed among the alarms and sirens that went off through the compound. The screens that lined the wall conveyed an emergency broadcast and lights flickered in ominous hues of red. However, the woman in the lab coat remained in the same focused pose as she worked on some numbers and formulas.
“Doctor McKay, they are on the second floor. Please head to the nearest exit. This situation has a 0% chance of survival.”
“For the love of god, just shut up.”
“God is an entity whose presence is questionable doctor. I can’t have a feeling about it without interacting first.”
“Shut up Glyph,” Dr. McKay groaned between clenched teeth as she scrapped the line she wrote moments prior. “Stop the alarms. I can&

DD awarded Jan 24th 2015
Suggested by StevenGilby and featured by HugQueen
DLR awarded June 20th 2014 Here

A guide to breaking Earth."Sir, sir, please do not touch that!" The panicked man jumped between the hand and the button. "Please sir, with all due respect. No touching allowed, not even for you. I understand it's your first day and you're curious, but please. This room is very delicate!" 
"Aww, Grim, what's the worst that can happen? Why are you named Grim anyway, you look too cheerful for grim." The young man shoved his hands in his pockets and whistled a carefree tone as he walked around the busy room.
Men and women in formal clothing ran around. Papers flew from one side to the other and a lot of buttons blinked as a large monitor, which occupied an entire wall, displayed an image of the world's map. Different numbers flickered on top of the screen, while a control panel filled with weird-looking symbols lined the bottom.
"Is that Earth Grimmy? I never knew it was this small."
"This is just a map sir. Look Jerry, if I can call you that, why don't you go back upstairs? I'm sure you're needed."

DD awarded Feb 14th.2016.
thank you so much TheMaidenInBlack for featuring it.

Eden EternalIn a world where the chatter doesn't cease,
and claps for the hollow silence
I cling to the voice in my head,
the one I don't wish to lose.
In my wounded city,
the scents of spices and copper,
lingers in the old markets,
along with the shadowy figures
of merchants and people,
that no longer tread these roads.
The mad man who once sang
words that were long disowned, 
rode a black horse, and set fire
to the golden wheat field he called home.
In my city, the one that now runs red with blood,
I wake to scorching bullets, 
and tank barrels aimed at my chest,
every single day, and every morning,
I promise myself this is the last day,
we'll have to endure war,
but the sunset never draws near.
The story teller has gone insane
and we're still waiting for his tale to end,
but he set fire to his books
and coated his stories in ash,
he threw at the wind.
A thousand nights went along,
people marched into darkness,
holding on to matchboxes that threatened to blow,
and yet we escaped w

DD awarded Oct 12th, 2016
Thank you so much PolarAnemone for suggesting it and thank you doughboycafe for featuring it.

Minimal Rotary by Mythiril
DD awarded August 3rd, 2017
Thank you so much Tuntalm for suggesting it and thank you ChaosFissure for featuring it.

Cherry by Mythiril
DD awarded April 7th, 2018
Thank you so much Aya-DNA for suggesting it and thank you SinistrosePhosphate for featuring it


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