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[DL] Thorax [Outdated]



Edit 2/16/17: PLEASE don't use this model anymore! Sindroom made a better changeling model with the Thorax Skin!  [SFM/Gmod] Overhaul Changeling by Sindroom

Thanks for being patient! The Model now works in both Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker!
Changes to the Model [8/24/16]:
-Fixed Phymodel and Ragdoll problem.
-Added a separate bat wings model. (Why not?)
-More "bug" fixes...get it?

Re-download now, if you haven't already, for the new model.

I gave it a go on the Thorax Model, and this is the result.

Original Changeling Model by: Legoguy9875
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i think i know the problem there are two body vtfs one called body and another changeling body
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