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EarthBound:Fuzzy Pickles stamp

Ahh...yes, fuzzy pickles, best photographer aver! 8D

subscribers feel free to use :)
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During a voice-acted Let's Play of Earthbound, he appeared three times in the first thirty videos.  In the thirty first video, he appeared sixteen times (and before you ask, that thirty-first video was about the same length as the previous videos).… Is there a button you can press to make the photographer appear?
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Not that I'm aware of.  To my knowledge he just shows up in very specific locations/times.
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Fun fact: In the Japanese version, he tells Ness to say "cheese sandwich"
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That makes a bit more sense XD
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this guy was amazing in earthbound, i would always giggle when i read his text, and now i have a stamp to remind me of him! (and the great adventure obviously written about him from the view of ness) i hope you don't mind, but i made it my background, and now i laugh ever time i load up my computer.
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Yeah, he always cracked us up too c:

Nice! c:
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XD I just started playing the game, for the first time, and this guy shows up.
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Awesome c:

He always cracked us up whenever he'd pop up c:
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He sort of looks like a fuzzy pickle. XD He's wearing a lot of green and he has that beard. XD
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Yeah, he kinda does XD
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can I use this for my blog?
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thanks so much, it's link backed to your DA as well
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Awesome~! Thank you :3
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you're very welcome
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This stamp will always bring back the fondest of memories!
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Best Photographer ever... or Pedo Bear in disguise?
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Saaaaay Fuzzy Pickles. XD
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