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Blessed Bliss and the Tower

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Note: There are supposed to be 10 characters total but I can't freaking draw a standing wolf to save my bloody life! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Character designs have been messed with some to try and fit the roles more, along with linking them together (Siblings are both pegasi and Twins both have cloaks)

So 2 months ago I asked for a list of friend with no context as to why, each of which filling a role within the song this is based off of. 1 friend isn't in here at the moment due to my inability to draw Dr.Wolf lol. A little context for this, for those that haven't listened to the song before is that the messiah character is picked to go to a tower, collect all the 9 "blessings", and pray to an altar to save their world. While the messiah character does not know what the blessings truly are, her friends do. So under the guise of going all together to support her, they one by one take the blessings before she can reach them as if to betray her. This destroys her for a short while believing that her friends had fallen to greed and her mission had failed. Reaching the alter though, she sees 9 statues holding 9 candles. Each candle lighting for each sacrifice that was given by her friends in their supposed greed. The messiah was not told that the blessings were truly sorrows in disguise when she was chosen, meaning she was expected to endure all of the sorrows by herself or have someone else take her place for each. Giving up their lives, they allow her to keep living and allow their world to once again reset and be reborn.

From list of who goes in what order in the song:
Young Man - Sacrifice of Tsunamis: Will be Dr. Wolf once I figure him out.
Swordsman - Sacrifice of Forest Fires: :iconkeychi-fim:
Older Sibling - Sacrifice of Droughts: :icongoldenfoxda:
Younger Sibling - Sacrifice of Disease: :iconsolarflare-kage:
Monk - Sacrifice of Earthquakes: :iconaeonofdreams:
Poet - Sacrifice of Lightning Strikes: :iconeliyora:
Dancer - Sacrifice of Tornadoes: :iconfirepetalfox: (I'm a hoarder for dancer roles)
Older Twice - Sacrifice of Blizzards: :iconmad--munchkin:
Younger Twice - Sacrifice of Volcanoes: :icondawillstanator:
Messiah - Restart of the World: :iconlightning-bliss:

Each piece will be uploaded by itself as well. Happy Birthday Bliss o3o
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