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Eliminated Page 4 Part B

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I picked all my options to best maximize my abilities. I took robot and immortality with time stop and flight. As I robot I wont need clothes making flight always at its max potential, and immortality stops aging so I can use time stop with no drawbacks. I took sian and alister for fire and ice powers respectively, and Ashley for more simple strength backup. The only issue is that I took the mute option because of its apparent lack of drawbacks only to learn that in the mystery box I was given that the trick to defeating my nemesis is with a spoken word. I choose the drawbacks size queen, bored, and lock the door after he leaves to minimize sexual urges and took the drawback of heavy weighs the tapestry both since I choose robot and because I gave myself normal sized breasts and ass anyway.

I picked my options specifically so I could kick my nemesis ass. I'll have ashley say my nemesis weakness, put them all in a pocket dimension, stop time, bring them out of the pocket dimension into stopped time, and have us all collectively beat the shit out of him for an hour, then an hour coffee break, then another hour of beating him to a pulp.

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Thanks for this gorgeous CYOA. It is really detailed, with good ideas, well written and despite the length there are just a few mistakes.

I'd choose to be a short very cute girl with the following properties and features:
Gender: Female (I simply do like the total transformation more)
Intelligence: Ditzy Moron (I'd probably still have an IQ of at least 100, that's totally fine :))
Height: Short (1,47m, 4'10'')
Expression: Cute (Drawback: Unintimidating)
Accent: French Cutie (Drawback: Submissive)
Hair: Blond (main) with Black
Breasts: Normal (I don't want to be flat, but Large isn't cute anymore)
Mid-Section: Fit (just fits...)
Hips: Somewhat Thick (with thighhighs as suggested)
Ass: Cute
Pussy: Tight
Body Type: Catgirl (may be popular since it's simply the best)

Perks and Powers:
Immortality (this is a no-brainer)
Fine Dining (it'd probably want to do it, so it should taste good)
Time Stop (as said, who wouldn't want that power?)
One Million Dollars (makes living easy)
Flight (I can flyyy!)
Genderbender (I really want to try this)
Sexuality (very useful for some bi-sexual action and fetishes could spice things up)

Other Stuff:
Philosopher's Stone (2nd no-brainer)
Maid Leash (very useful, who wants to clean anyway?)
Magic Pajamas (healthy and good sleep is always nice)
Grimoire (it's magic!)
Mystery Box (i was very curious (lucky me ^^))

Kitten (2, she's just so cute and we can have much fun)
Sian (3, she can do the dirty (non-sexual) stuff if needed)
Spider Sisters (5, I want them to tie me up at least once)

Un-Intimidating (by the Cute expression)
Submissive (by French Cutie)
Accident Prone (adds to the cuteness)
Heavy Weighs the Tapestry (with normal features, this shouldn't be a problem)
Cosplay Addict (I really like cosplay, so it's nice to be good in making it)
Pointless Denial (no return necessary)
Over Productive (I wonder how my milk tastes)
Easily Captured (I like living a little dangerously)
Anal Enthusiast (a tight good useable ass, that is always clean doesn't sound bad)
Spoiled Genes (well, if they are perfectly healthy that is already a good start)
Scrambled (since I'm not that dumb, I'll hopefully get around these days just fine, or not...)

Artist (if there's spare time, I'd sure had ideas for many interesting pictures...)

Again thanks for this great creation. I'll have a look at your other works soon, since I'd really appreciate more things like this.
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Complete bimbo 
American bimbo 
Platinum hair 
Large breasts 
Nice and thick 
Huge ass 
Easy to please 
Fine dining 
Ahegao queen
Pointless denial 
When you going learn 

I just want to be the dumbest, horniest bimbo around. Becoming scrambled sounds so good, my life would revolve around the moon. 
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fireknight0Hobbyist Writer
Super Weeabo (Cosplay Addict)
Mixed (red Pink)
CC-breasts   fit-body    wide-hips cute-butt  inviting-pussy Race catgirl
Infection, immortality, and assassination
Rising blade, Philosophers stone, and magic mirror
Tanya, kitten, and jacklyn
Accident prone, pointless denial, and submissive
Maid (Maid leash and homemaker)
"Decided to go with the unimaginative short busty maid catgirl. Also probly will have my templates have zero infectivity but someone needs to ensure there are new maids for my master." giggle
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Here is one of my profiles.
Eliminated CYOA Profile 1 Lilith
Gender: Female.
Intelligence: Ditzy Moron (-30 IQ) Because I need as much intelligence as possible to corrupt the world.
Height: Tall (6'6''). I intend to be perceived as a dark demon goddess eventually.
Expression: Lewd (Ahegao Queen). Because succubi are supposed to be sexy as hell.
Accent: Super Weeaboo (Cosplay Addict). Because I would like to show off just a bit.
Hair: Black. Because it looks very regal to me.
Breasts: Large (F-FF cups). Because Succubi are supposed to be stacked.
Mid-Section: Concave. Because Succubi are supposed to be inhumanly attractive.
Hips: Nice & Thick. Because Succubi are supposed to have serious hip sway.
Ass: Huge. Because Succubi are supposed to have hourglass figures.
Pussy: Tight. Because Succubi are supposed to have perfect tightness.
Cock Type:N/A. 
Cock Size:N/A.
Body Type: Succubus (Milky Porcelain Skin). Because I like the idea of being a demon sex goddess.
Powers: Sexuality Moral Corruption, Assassination, Immortality.
Other Stuff: Transportalponder, Golden Ticket extremely useful , Philosopher's Stone for invulnerability, Mystery Box to find my rival.
Companions: Tanya, Alex, Lia. Tanya to manage my mundane affairs, Alex to maintain my home, and Lia to support my dark endeavors.
Drawbacks: Ahegao Queen because Lewd face, Anal Enthusiast, Cosplay Addict because Weeaboo accent, Blood Ties, Party Girl, Pointless Denial, Wheel of Life.
Job: Teacher (If I were a would be Succubus Queen I would focus on training future generations to embrace rather than reject sexuality.
Once I have the mystery box I'll hunt down my rival and tell him fate is not so easily changed before using my powers and stuff to turn him into my sexy futanari general.
He can still conquer the world, but he'll do so for ME. All hail the Demon Empress and her consort.
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Sounds great, thanks for the build!
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I went through and came up with my own form:

Gender: Futanari w/ Internal Balls (Because in my books no external balls is cuter, not to mention I think that is what makes a futa a futa. If there are exteranl balls, they're a herm to me. It's how my mind separates the two - No visible balls: Futa, Visible balls: Herm)
Intelligence: Complete Bimbo (If I'm going bimbo, I might as well go full ham, though I still would want to be self-sufficient to some degree)
Height: The Same
Expression: Cute (This makes perfect sense)
Accent: American Bimbo (Because, like, isn't that what everybody totes think when they of bimbos and stuff?)
Hair: Platinum
Breasts: Hyper (Big breasts are one of the cornerstones of bimbodom, so hook me up with some M-cups)
Mid-Section: Concave (I'd love to have a tiny waist and never get fat)
Hips: Hyper (A perfect contrast to my tiny waist)
Ass: Cute (Never been a fan of overly large asses, but at the same time I wouldn't want a Hank Hill butt)
Pussy: Tight
Cock: Big (It makes sense a futa bimbo would have a big one)
Cock Type: Human (For once, I'd say this is a case of "Keep it Simple, Stupid.")
Body Type: Catgirl (Because catgirls are fucking awesome [Screw you, Hawk], and there are tons of kinky things one can do that kitty tail :3)
Perks & Powers: Infection (I wouldn't mind making more of my sexy ass self), Easy to Please, Fine Dining (Helps if everything's yummy), & Immortality
Other Stuff: Golden Ticket (That thing seems supremely useful), Endless Box of Bimbo Pops (Goes hand in hand with my Infection power), Philosopher's Stone (Paired with my Immortality, wil make me indestructible), & Mystery Box (I'd like a way to thwart my nemesis)
Companions: Kitten (Would want another catgirl with me - she'd be my fave), Amber (A regular everyday bimbo sounds fun to have), & Lia (Would be good to have someone to protect the other two, plus bonus points for being futa and dat demon tail)
Drawbacks (7, since I took an extra Perk and an extra artifact): Unintimidating (Because Cute), Wheel of Life (Because American Bimbo), Accident Prone, Ahegao Queen, Blood Ties, Lazy, Over Productive, Pink, & Pointless Denial
Job: Nurse (If I were a catgirl bimbo, I would love to heal folks by fucking them... It'd also be a good chance to "infect" people.)

Also, one of the first things I'd do is find my Nemesis and disable his defenses, then make him a catgirl as well.
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Thanks for the build!
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Here's what I came up with.
Gender: Female (Because still having mine would freak me out)
Intelligence: Ditzy moron (Gotta have a little intelligence left in my head)
Height: Tall (I'm already tall, might as well stick with it)
Expression: Cute (I don't mind looking unintimidating as long as I got a wingman/woman to protect me)
Accent: British Tart (I find british accents sexy, even if they are trashy it's still kinda hot lol)
Hair: Blonde (Dem blondes)
Breasts: Large (Might as well since they're weightless)
Mid-Section: Fit (Wanna look like I at least eat something)
Hips: Wide (Perfect for bearing children)
Ass: Cute (As long as it giggles)
Pussy: Inviting (meh)
Body Type: Succubus (I always liked demon gurls so might as well become one)
Perks and Powers: Assume control (taking other dummies for my own), Immortality (I like the thought of being a free spirit and finding new people to screw), Breast expansion (for my friends who need a boost or for my enemies), Sexuality (If Imma be bisexual like this I might as well have the power to change the ladies to want me as well), Fine Dining (Might as well, y'know)
Other Stuff: Magic pajamas (Can be useful for maximizing my time and being fully productive), Philosopher's stone (Goes hand-in-hand with the immortality and it'll make me unkillable for real), Grimoire (because magic is awesome), Golden ticket (I'm going to get into anywhere I want), Maid leash (Because who doesn't need a sexy maid to clean up after me), Trans-portal-ponder (My own woMancave)
Companions: Kitten (Everyone needs a sexy catgurl), Sian (She'll be my sexy wingwoman), Lia (Might as well have on futanari)
Drawbacks: Unintimidating (Because cute), Trashy (Because british tart), Lock the door after he leaves (Something simple since I have to take one anyway), Over productive (I can work around being a human cow), Pink! (Don't mind being obsessed with pink), Pointless denial (No point in pretending I'm still a dude), Scrambled (If it's just one night a month it can't be that bad), Spoiled genes (I can handle raising a bunch of mini-mes(although It'll suck sine I'll likely outlive them all), Wheel of life (It'll be fun and keep things interesting), Ahegao queen (If I'm gunna go, might as well go all out lol)
Job: Teacher I wanna be a teacher anyway, might as well take it easy and do some students while I'm at it)
I'll confront the guy in 2 years. I'll expand is chest so large and I can just roll him off the empire state building.
lol This was kinda fun. Wish there were more like this.
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Thank you for the build! 
And if you're interested, there are plenty of more nsfw cyoas here:
This is my favorite place to find more 
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TfgameHobbyist Digital Artist
I really love your CYOA ! Good work on it !
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