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Eleminated Page 1

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First of all, I'd like to give a special thanks to my man SlayerEndX13 for helping me edit this.

Next, for best viewing experience, please click the imgur link:

After way too long, comes my next cyoa: Eliminated. It's about bimbofication. Uploaded here mostly for posterity.
If you don't know what a "cyoa" (choose your own adventure) is, it's basically a mental game mostly used to make original characters. You just read it, imagine the situations, and have fun.  

Page 4 is supposeted to be one page, but it was apparently too large for deviantart, so it's been split into A part and B part so I can have it on here 
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Love the setup and so many good choices 
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Hey, can I ask you a question? I can find this on imgur easaly enough (great job on it, by the way)n but when I go to your imgur page, it there aren't any posts. I turned on mature content but nothing changed. Do you have any idea why this is?
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No, I don't have any idea why that would be happening. When I click profile, it shows all of my posts, but that's probably just because I'm logged in, it's me, etc. No idea why it's like that for you. 

Although I will tell you, that the only thing I've posted on imgur is my cyoas. And I have a folder in my gallery here on deviantart with all my cyoas if that's what you'd like too see. Each of these posts here on deviantart also of course, have links to the imgur post. 
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Ok, thank you for the help.
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Ohh, this was fun!  Went and filled out the whole thing "moooooo" *giggles*
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Thank you! Glad you liked it!
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I love these types of create your own adventure things. This one is looking good! I imagine these are a lot of work to make.
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Thank you! And yes, I worked on this one over the course of six months
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