Toxishade Hunters Task 2: To Guide and to Guard

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Toxishade Hunters Task 2: To Guide and to Guard

"Hello, my name is Tyr, and this is my partner and friend, Hikari. We're honored t' be able t' escort ya 'round," The eloquent male Nidoran humbly introduced himself with a bit of a bow before the Froslass ambassador, Hikari titled forward in a bowing gesture as he spoke. The Froslass bowed slightly herself. "I am honored to meet such fine members of the Hunter's guild," she said. "May our time together be a pleasant one."Hikari couldn't help but smile a bit as the ambassador spoke. There was something comfortingly familiar about her accent.

"I assure ya tha' it shall be. Now, wanna see where th' statue once stood?"

For much of the morning, the tour around the city was pleasant, and thankfully, uneventful. Tyr knew the city like the back of his paw, and was quite pleased to have an opportunity to show off his knowledge to someone else. He knew which attractions gathered crowds from sheer observation, and could recall some interesting tidbits he'd overheard from guides before. They went from where the statue once stood, to the buildings where the Explorers Guild and Researchers Guild were, around the beacon even. Currently, they were along the outskirts of the shopping district.

Of course, their companionship wasn't merely meant to serve as a tour-guide service. Hikari had been chatting it up with the ambassador, much to Tyr's surprise. She told her everything she knew about the town, and about how kind the mons were (even if she didn't like them that much herself). She told her about Brigid, and about other teams she had met. All the while, the ambassador listened, either politely or out if genuine interest. Rowanhardt certainly hadn't been kidding when he said she wasn't fussy. Tyr smiled as he glanced back at the two Ghost-types as they walked along the street. Maybe they could stop at a small café soon for some lunch, then see what else the ambassador would like to see...

Hikari froze suddenly, and her eyes widened... "Tyr," she said hushedly as she put herself between the ambassador floated and one of the outlying stalls of the shopping district. Tyr turned around, confused, his ears twitching on top of his head. What was it...? Ruby eyes followed the wide-eyed gaze of his partner, and landed on a shady figure standing right by a Berry stall...

Hikari let out a yell as the Sceptile spotted the ambassador and lobbed a Cherri Berry as hard as he could at her. She tried to deflect the berry, only to be hit herself. She let out a cry as the berry erupted into flames, burning a lot of the gases around her. Tyr's eyes widened and the spines along his back bristled. Hikari almost fell as she tried to gain stability with the remaining gases. She looked at the Sceptile, eyes wide and filled with horror as he started to rush towards her and the Ambassador, who seemed to be in shock herself.

"Hikari! Get 'er outta here!" The ground in front of the two Ghost-types crumbled away and a blur of red-violet shot out of the newly-made hole. Tyr squared his posture, and prepared to hold his ground. His horn oozed a thick, deep violet toxin. There would be no talking their way out of this one...

Hikari looked shocked as Tyr did all this. She could feel tears well up in her eyes as she nodded. "Ambassador, please, follow me!" Hikari quickly lead the foreign Froslass off. "I understand you are concerned, but do you not think you should help your friend?" she asked softly as she followed. Hikari glanced back towards Tyr now. "No. ... I know he can do this," she said in a hushed voice.

The Sceptile glowered at Tyr. "You foolish little Nidoran," he hissed. He lobbed another Cherri berry at the mon in question, jumping back from the fissure that had erupted. The toss was fast, too fast, and a burst of flame smacked into the chest of the small Poison-type, burning at his fur and skin. A strangled sound left his throat as he charged at the Sceptile ninja, oozing horn and spines ready to release their toxin into whatever they could touch. The horn and spines connected, but not with the Sceptile. The ninja stood back, smiling smugly as he watched Tyr impale his substitute. "Chuk, Chuk, Chuk...."

Tyr yanked his horn and spines out of the wooden fake and narrowed his eyes. He charged for a second time at the ninja, tips oozing poison once more. The ninja figured he'd let Tyr get closer, taunt him. He went to move, but too late did he act. He was hit by the poisonous horn at full force, letting out a sharp gasp. He smashed his last berry down and shoved Tyr's back as well, trying to get away.

Earthy spikes shot up from the ground and slammed into Tyr's side with enough force to knock him over. With a grunt, he got back to his feet and squared off again, panting a bit. He charged for a third time and leapt back into his hole. He worked at the earth with his claws, ignoring the painful sensation of dirt and rock rubbing into sore and open wounds. His large ears swung around, trying to pick up on where the ninja was above him.

The ninja tried to stay off the ground now. He looked around, eyes narrowed. He shuddered a bit, feeling one of the special effects of Tyr's move kick in. He tossed another substitute down to the ground a little ways away from him, hoping to trick Tyr into revealing himself. Tyr heard something smack against the ground. He dug rapidly and shot up out of the ground... He had missed even the dummy entirely, but not by much. He swung his head around, trying to find his target.

Tendrils shot up and wrapped around Tyr's neck and chest and glowed deep red. Tyr let out a deep cry and stumbled forward, the tendrils yanking against and digging into his neck.The Sceptile darted towards him, readying another attack as he went. Tyr dragged himself back up to his feet and tensed up.

The Sceptile shot out small spores that stuck to Tyr and peeled away, coming back to the Sceptile and healing his wounds. Tyr flinched a bit as the spores stuck, his legs trembled a bit. This was bad, really bad. He shook himself off a bit and tried to charge at the Sceptile once more, summoning poison to his spins and horn once more. Just one more try, one more landed blow...

The Sceptile went in to use one more Giga Drain, stopping to shudder as poison took effect again. The spores blinded Tyr momentarily, made him stumble and miss his mark completely. A groan bubbled in his throat and he stumbled again. He refused to fall, refused to yield. He staggered back up. One...last...time... He charged head on, poison at the ready.

The Sceptile glared at Tyr, almost with fear in his eyes. Tyr continued his charge and felt himself smack into his target... Out of the corner of his eye, the male Nidoran saw a blur of green. The ninja.... He quickly snatched a few berries and ran off with them. Damn it...

Tyr untangled himself from the fake, breathing heavily. Maybe... Maybe he'd find him. The Sceptile had been poisoned, after all... His cohorts were captured... Maybe... He slowly sank down against the ground, exhausted. His side bled and ached and his chest still burned, and He wanted to rest...

Did Hikari get the Ambassador somewhere safe? Were they okay right now? Would the Sceptile try to go after them now?... He wasn't there now... He pulled himself back to his feet. He needed to know, needed to see for himself. He started off in the direction he believed the two Ghost-types fled.


Tyr didn't have to walk too far before the silhouettes of two floating specters caught his eye. After a little bit more walking—and floating on the others' part—Hikari saw her partner. "Tyr!" she said, eyes wide as she floated over to him. "What happened? Are you ok?" She looked over him, almost frantic. The Ambassador watched silently, a small smile forming on her face.

"I'm alright. He ran 'ff, but managed t' poison 'im. Didn't g' 'fter ya two, did he? Are ya guys okay?" Tyr responded as he lifted his head up a bit. He tried to grin a bit at Hikari, despite the aching pain he felt. They looked okay...

Hikari shook slightly. "No, he didn't. We're alright, but... Tyr, you need help!" She hadn't seen him hurt like this before. She didn't like it. The ambassador cleared her throat. "You two have shown me a wonderful time so far," she said. "But as an ambassador, I must also see facilities such as those where you go when injured or sick. So, I would not mind seeing this place." She herself seemed worried for Tyr.

Tyr was silent for a bit, ruby eyes locked on Hikari's trembling gases. A soft sigh left his mouth and he lowered his head a bit. "Heh... I know there's other places 'Mon g' ... But we have a close friend who does some work 'erself..." He responded to the Froslass. With little else, he began to move forward once again, in the direction of home. It wouldn't be much longer now, not much longer...

The Ambassador followed the two in silence. She couldn't help but feel a bit guilty for what happened to them... "So Tyr... How did it go?" Hikari asked.

"...They sure weren't kiddin' when they said he was fast. Tha' ninja was all 'ver th' place... Attacked a few fakes... Got berries thrown at me... Fire an' ground..." Tyr mumbled tiredly, for once. "Used some sorta move tha' drained me, along with some spore thin's... Kept tryin' t' jab 'im with poison, dug once..." He lifted his head a bit again as they rounded the corner. He could easily make out Brigid's house from here. Finally... "Sorry tha' your tour was interrupted by tha'...ninja..." He stumbled to the side, but righted himself, and picked up pace little to make it the rest of the way there on his own four paws. As soon as he reached the doorway, he sagged against the frame.

"Do not worry about the interruption. It was out of your control," the Ambassador said. "If anything, I must commend you for your bravery." Tyr smiled a bit and merely shook his head. "...Jus' was doin' my duty. Would've been cowardly an' cruel if I didn't..." Hikari looked at Tyr silently. She peeked in the window to see if Brigid was home. "Thank you, Ambassador," she said. "We'll be sure to continue the tour afterwards, if you're still interested." The Ambassador smiled lightly. "Of course, thank you."

Brigid noticed Hikari near the door and hurried to answer it. Dark eyes took in the three, and a bit of surprise crossed her face when she noticed the Froslass. It was quickly replaced with concern at the sight of Tyr, though. "Oh dear, what happened?... Actually, tell me that once you're settled inside. Think you could walk a little more, just to the cot?" Her tone was smooth, though her words were quick as she looked over the male Nidoran. "I can," Tyr grunted as he pushed himself off the frame and stepped inside. Brigid hurried after him to make sure he could indeed make it, and paused only long enough to look over her shoulder and address the two Ghost-types, specifically the Ambassador. "Oh, my apologies, please, come in, come in, if you'd like."

The Ambassador looked around as she was invited in, looking rather surprised by how well set up and supplied Brigid's house was. After a few somewhat awkward moments, Hikari spoke up. "Ambassador, would you like me to take you back to the guild? We can bring along some of Brigid's Pecha Berry Puffs," she said. The Ambassador looked at Hikari silently before nodding. "Yes, please," she said. She turned to Brigid. "Thank you for your hospitality," she said with a slight bow.

"Anytime, Ambassador," Brigid responded with a dip before she hurried off to go work on Tyr. With a few of the puffs at hand, Hikari and the ambassador left and returned to the guild safely.
In which Tyr tries to be a hero.

Reward: Iaponnese Paper Doll +1 merit

Team Toxishade written app: fav.me/d7juvkk
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