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Myth's Big Fat Hair Color Swatch Chart

By Mytherea
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This has been sitting on my hard drive for ages, half finished. ~BurnNotice asked me if I would ever do a hair tutorial, so I finished this old thing up for submission. Not quite a hair drawing tutorial, more like a hair color thing, but hey, close enough right?

Oh, and let's pretend the Salt and Pepper colors are black and grey, not brown and grey. Black didn't look right. Feel free to exchange the brown for any other color in the chart (although, with the lighter blonds, trade the grey for more of the white shades).
These colors are the basic ones. You can go darker, or lighter, or change shades entirely. In fact, I encourage you to. But sometimes, it's really nice to have a little cheat sheet for when you don't feel like having to think deeply about your color choices.
As ~JavaLeen mentioned in the comments, you can also use the Hue/Saturation tool (or whatever equivalent your program has) to adjust any of these colors to the exact shade you want. Just be sure to have your hair on a separate layer. ;)
Enjoy! :)

Oh, and by the way, I do happen to do art too, so why don't you give some of the stuff I spend a lot of my time, effort, and tears on some love, okay?
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Hey, I know it's been a while since you made this but I thought I'd create an Illustrator swatch from it for all the vector fans out there
It can be found here…
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omg thank u soooo much! all so beautiful *_*
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This is really awesome! :D I downloaded them awhile ago to create some natural looking hair shaders for DAZ Studio. Shaders made using your palette are pretty much the only ones that turned out awesome. :D
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Absolutely brilliant!
Thanks for making this man :) Great for references
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Thanks and you're welcome! I'm glad you find it useful :)
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And my search for simple hair color swatches has ended. Thank you so much. :heart:
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You're welcome! I hope it's useful. :)
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What brush settings in Photoshop should I use to get the same soft hair effect? Please help. :D
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For the flats, 100% opacity, 100% flow. For the painting/shading, a mix of 45% opacity and 45% flow and 60% opacity and 45% flow. The first is for shadow and highlight blocking, the second is for picking out detailed strands. 
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Thank you very much! This is a great help.Here's a kiss for you, my love! 
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Thank you so much for this!Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Eyes) [V6] 
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You're welcome! 
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Oh, this is very useful! Thank you for sharing it Smile 1
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I'm glad you found it useful! You're welcome! :)
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Hi! I've made a group dedicated to color palettes! Mind if I include yours?
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Certainly, you can. Just send a request to incorporate it into your group and I'll okay it.
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Thank you so much! This helps a ton with character designing!
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:worship: amg thank you so much! It especially helped with white hair because my white hair on an oc of mine didn't always look right. Thanks!
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