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Vedetta by Mytew

"Haaah..." Victor huffed, clearly worn out by the heat of the desert. In a desperate attempt, he had poured some water on his scarf and tied it around his forehead, but the solution didn't last for more than a few minutes. Their turn would have lasted one more hour at most, so he didn't have to endure this for much more. The Lucario actually forgot to get the scarf off his head: perhaps it helped him believe it was actually helping. "I wish I was a fire type like you, man. You don't seem to mind the sun too much..." 

The Braixen chuckled. "Might be true for the heat, but I don't really have it easy for other things. I hate all this sand, really. No matter how much I try, there's no way to get it all out of my fur. I really can't wait to at least get to the city." He sighed, getting distracted for a moment. "I mean, there's still gonna be sand, it's a city in the desert. I would be surprised if there wasn't. But at least it's gonna be a little easier, we could get some more commodities. I need a fricking bath." 

The Lucario stifled a smile. "I get ya, I get ya. We've been at the outpost for so much time..."

"I know..." The fox turned to him. "But I have a good feeling! I'm sure we'll be moving out soon... although I'm not too eager of moving around." He pointed at his chest, still clad in bandages- quite dirty too. 

"Oh gosh, those Gibles did a number on you." Victor mumbled, worrying about the Braixen's state. "Shouldn't you just rest?"

"I definitely should get some rest, but I'd end up feeling useless... so the turns at the lookout post are just perfect! I get to help without overdoing it. And I don't wanna see a Gible for a few weeks more..." He said. Victor wasn't exactly able to say if he was joking or not, but he assumed he was. 

"I heard you punched one so hard it flew away! It must have been a though battle..." 

"I was more worried about the guildmates I had with me. If someone were to happen to them..." The firefox shuddered.  "I don't want to even think about it. What matters is that we're all fine. Well, more or less. Hehe."

The taller pokémon gave a sad smile and kept staring off into the distance. "You know, I sort of envy you." Mytew's ears perked up, but he didn't interrupt Victor. "Despite everything, you don't give up, you keep on going, and you keep fighting on and believing." Victor scratched the back of his head as he went on talking. "All it took to break me was a crappy remark from both my teammate and a client. And that was all it took to make me lose faith in what I do..."

The fox listened closely to what he said. "Vic, you got it all wrong, man. I'm not like that at all." He shook his head, smiling softly and reminiscing. "Remember Atlas' rampage? Of course you do, you were there. At some point I got... cocky, and attacked him head on. It was madness, and as such I got scolded by one of the Guild Leaders- scolded so hard I got a water gun to the face." The fox sat back on the nearby stool, taking off his hat while looking at the Jackal pokémon. Said 'mon was listening with interest to what he had to say.

Mytew continued. "I ran far from the battlefield and moped in an alley. But there I met some friends who were just as scared as me, and told me that I shouldn't give up on my dreams because of a mistake. We all make mistakes. It happens. And if it wasn't for them, I probably would have given up on the Explorers' Guild." He stared down, looking at the Explorers' crest embroidered on his hat. "Everyone has some bad times in their life. It takes effort to leave them behind but you should never give up. And I mean, look at you!" The fox smiled wide. "You're the fricking Blue Mask! A superhero! I bet there's a lot of people that believes in you." 

Victor panicked, trying to husher the fox. "Shhh! Nobody must know..!! It's a- a secret identity!" 

"It's the two of us, nobody ever gets close to the post, relax. My point is- you have so much potential. Just believe in yourself. And fuck Ebenezer. He's an asshole, I still don't know why you're paired up with him, seriously." 

"I-It's a long story. B-But..." Victor rubbed his face, a bit embarrassed. He wasn't that good at accepting any kind of compliment. "Y-You really think so?"

"Dude, we would have never caught that Sceptile imposter if it wasn't for you, holding him off like a pro. And back then you were still a Riolu! I bet you could kick his ass now." Mytew nodded, nudging his side. "Hell, I probably wouldn't last a minute against you." 

The Lucario didn't say anything: he just turned his gaze back to the seemingly endless desert. His thoughts raced. Mytew had no reason to lie at all, and his words sparked something inside of the Steel type. On his face was an expression, a smile, a determined look that had been missing for a long time. After a few more moments, Victor turned to Mytew. "Thank you..!" He said, catching himself tearing up. The Lucario blushed slightly and quickly wiped away any trace, rubbing his eyes with his forearm. "A-Ah, we better get back to work! I don't want to get yelled at again, eheh!"

Mytew smiled just as wide. "Yeah! Oh, I got an idea-" He took his hat and tossed it at Victor. "Put that on! It should help you with the heat. It's specifically crafted for that. Just give it back when you're done, can't have a Hunter go around with Explorer's gear, hehe!" 

"Haha- yeah, you're right. Thank you, Mytew." He said, putting said hat on. "I owe you one."
A quick one-shot thing I wrote to get back into the swing. Sun and Moon are out and PMDU seems to be coming out of its slumber. Better get the dust off some characters~
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Oh nice, nice! Loving the interaction between these two!
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Mytew is such a great fella~
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I like a picture with a story, this is a cool snapshot =^^=