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I've been working away on my webcomic , but I actually have a lot of other projects going on- I'm just not ready to show any of it yet.
Feel free to watch my english main site- , temporarily on tumblr, though I must say I like the interface a lot.


p.s. And yes, I kinda wrote this journal entry to mask the previous one- my ero-comic is currently unavailable because of paypal having a problem with it. The Cummoner will be available (in polish and english) in my store, when it's up and running in a month or two.

p.s.2. I have a ton of new art, but most of it is too hot for deviantart- I might take a day to add some pants to some of the characters and post it here :)
I'm working away on A Quartz Bead and some other comic projects I hope to get off the ground and published. In the meantime, i'm doing all sorts of commissions, so if anyone's interested in commissioning a piece with your favourite characters or some characters from my comics or anything at all- commissions are OPEN.
Contact me for prices and such- konrad.koko (at)!
Msging me here on deviantart will work too, but I might be slower to respond.
I am pleased to announce that my webcomic A Quartz Bead is now updating again!
I welcome you to check it out, it will be updated twice a week until it's (hopefully) done. We have two chapters to go.
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Hey guys!

I am working hard on designing, writing and thumbnailing the 4th chapter of A Quartz Bead -
It will resume updating in a few weeks, so I'm just giving you the heads up. I'll probably post any new developments here or on my twitter konrad_koko. I will also try to reactivate the english twitter aqb_koko.
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Anyone interested in commissions- you're welcome to contact me at
You can check out my portfolio at
And my animation portfolio at


Osoby zainteresowane zamówieniem rysunku/obrazu proszę o kontakt mailowy na
Moje portfolio rysunkowe pod adresem
a portfolio animacyjne -
What's up?… - jeden klik dzieli Cię od poznania szczegółów tej fenomenalnej transakcji. Za cenę kina i pepsi możesz mieć AQB na ścianie przez cały rok. Po roku kalendarz rozpuści się z pierwszymi promieniami słońca*

*może nie być prawdą. może włamiemy się do Ciebie do domu i spalimy go po cichu, jak święty mikołaj
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Zawieszam chwilowo możliwość zamówienia rysunków, dopóki nie zacznę na dobre roku i dopóki nie skończę komiksu.
Z jedną osobą straciłem kontakt, jednej czy dwóm jeszcze muszę odpowiedzieć na maila.


I'm putting commission work on hold for a while. I need some time to start my school year and finish my comic.
Commissions may resume in a month or two.
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I've discovered, that the email address I had in my profile was an old one!
If anyone sent me email in the past months, please, resend!
My apologies for those, who tried to contact me and couldn't :(

Clubs I'm in:
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