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Hey there!

There aren't really any rules, but please only submit artwork related to Sunset Shimmer. Simple!

If you don't respond or listen to any of the admin's messages to you, you will be kicked out. This is only done if the problem is reoccurring.
(Eg. Constantly re-sending requests when they're in the voting process.)

Thank you!
Hey everyone!

The submission process for this group is really easy, but for some reason, a lot of members lately don't seem to be submitting to the right folder. It's either down to laziness or not understanding how group folders work.

I'm just here to politely remind you to take note of where you're submitting.

A picture of Sunset Shimmer as an Equestria Girl does not go in the Sunset Pony folder.

Is it really that hard? Come on everyone, let's keep the group fun for both admins and members.

Submitting to the right folder means faster submission and getting your work seen by the Sunset Shimmer fans!

Hope you're all having a splendid time. ^^
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Thanks for the request!!
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I can't say what was going on in these recent submissions, but I did edit them to be automatically put in.  I only ask that you guys make sure to take the time to put things in the correct folder.

if something seems off or if you need help, contact me through a note.  (Just bare with me, I have plenty of things going on in my day)
EchoWing Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Is there something wrong with my most recent submission? It keeps on expiring.
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Can I join?
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Thanks for accepting my request to join to group ^^ ♥
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Is this group dead? I've sent notes and got no reply.
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Having submission issues again. Fingers crossed.
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Just resubmitted a piece that expired. Here's hoping it gets accepted this time.
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