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Legends of Magic - Chapter TwoChapter Two: Seek the Strong, Hunt the HealerStygian had expected to take weeks, perhaps even months to reach his first destination. He wasn’t looking forward to that journey, but if he was going to save his village, he was going to have to brave it, and hope that the stars were in his favor. The stars, however, appeared to not be in his favor. Barely an hour away from his village, a dark shadow swooped over him. Stygian paused and looked up. The good news was that this wasn’t Basso Profundo. The bad news, however, was that this was a different creature, and one dangerous for other reasons. This was a dragon, with a wide snout and scales of varying shades of green, with a pouch slung about his neck. The dragon landed before him, deep blue eyes locked upon his own, and spoke. Stygian swiftly dug the beeswax from his ears. “I’m sorry sir, I was trying to block out the sound of a creature in my village! It’s hypnotic singing…!”The dragon raised a claw. “You needn’t say any more, little pony. I caught some of that terrible singing, then saw you heading away from it. Naturally, I was curious.” He lowered his claw and tilted his head. “I take it you’ve gone to seek help.”Stygian nodded. “Would you, by chance, be able to provide aid? I know it is much to ask, and I cannot offer much in return…”The dragon shook his head. “I fear that I’d do more damage to your village than the original problem, little pony. But perhaps I can help you on your way.” At the scholar’s surprised expression, the dragon smiled, “A pony once helped me. You aren’t that pony, but you remind me of them.” He then shifted about and laid out flat. “Climb aboard, and give me a direction.” Stygian did as he was told. “The northeastern coast of Equestria. I seek a volcanic island in that area.”The dragon laughed. “Can’t be too many of them that far north! What do I call you, pony?”“Stygian!”“Knuckerbocker!” The dragon spread his wings and called, “Now hold fast!”As frightening as the experience was, Stygian had to admit that it was an easier transit than going by hoof. Knuckerbocker himself was a swift flyer, so swift that it felt as though they were outpacing the very sun. This was likely an illusion, he thought to himself, and something for him to eventually research. But that was for another time. Nonetheless, their transit was rapid, and Stygian soon caught sight of their destination in the distance. Far off on an island was a volcano, and nestled along the coast was a village. They were still too far away to see any ponies milling about, but the scholar knew that this was where he needed to go.“I think they might be a little wary at the sight of a dragon!” Knuckerbocker slowed as the island approached. “I’ll set you down a small distance away, and let you go the rest on hoof!” He then went into a gentle dive before he made a perfect landing. “I wish you good fortune, Stygian, and I hope that we meet again one day.” “Indeed Knuckerbocker, thank you.” Stygian disembarked and then waved the dragon on his way, then trotted off to the village. As he reached it, however, he caught sight of many an earth pony rushing about in a panic. Stygian hoped that he wasn’t the cause – unification hadn’t been all that long ago, however, and there was likely some lingering unease between the various tribes. His having arrived on a dragon likely wouldn’t put them at ease either. “I’m sorry if I’ve frightened anyone! I mean no harm! Is this the home of the… AHHH!”In all his haste, Stygian had neglected to notice the freshly-dug trench in his path. He fell into it, and found himself in a daze at its bottom. He barely came out of it before a gentle laugh reached his ears. “Now forgive me if I sound harsh, laddie, but I dinnae think you should be down there.” Stygian looked up to see a mountain of a stallion standing over him, what looked like a shovel held in the crook of one hoof. “Let’s see if we can get you out.” -The revelations in Neigh Orleans had left Twilight Sparkle an excited mess. This wasn’t the anxiety and nervousness that had afflicted her in the past, however, but an eager form of excitement, like a foal coming home from school eager to share their experiences of the day with their parents. Only on this occasion, it wasn’t her parents that she was eager to share things with, but her peers. Two in particular. “I can’t believe it.” Quiver laughed. “I mean, I’m not complaining, it’s very fulfilling to be right and have it recognized, but…”“But sooner or later, it gets a little daunting?” Sunset Shimmer grinned at the stallion’s nod. “Enjoy it while it lasts. Besides, it’s not a bad thing being right.”Rainbow Dash smirked. “Yeah, but it’ll get a little scary if he’s right all the time.”That prompted a laugh amongst the gathered group, with Quiver laughing the hardest of all. For ease of convenience and privacy, Twilight had gathered her immediate circle of friends and collaborators within the bridge realm to share what she had discovered. “Seriously though, this is amazing.” Sunset turned to Twilight with an impressed look on her face. “I mean, I remember Mage Meadowbrook being brought up when I attended the School for Gifted Unicorns, and now, you’ve recovered this wealth of information about her.”Twilight shook her head. “Princess Luna recovered the wealth. All I’m doing is sharing it with all of you.” She waved a hoof over the copies of the journals and noted, “Of course, now it’s up to us to go over this information and see if we can get anything useful out of them.” She grinned nervously and amended, “Useful in regards to the search for information related to the Tree of Harmony, I mean. Obviously, all of this is…”“We get what ya mean, sugarcube.” Applejack took up one of the journals. “Course no guarantee we’d all be able to read these things, unless you got some fancy translation spell cast on ‘em.” At Twilight’s grin, the farmpony rolled her eyes. “Should’ve seen that comin’.” “Saves us all trouble anyway.” Sunset took up one of the journals at random, while the rest of the gathered ponies did likewise. “Anyway, I don’t know who did what, and I don’t think it matters. We’re rewriting the history books, or at least correcting them.” “Hey Sunset!” Heads turned back towards the portal leading to Canterlot High to discover a familiar-looking girl with blue and opal hair striding towards them. “Needed to talk to you about something, and I couldn’t get you by text. Girls said you were in here.”“Sorry Vinyl. This place is a little weird with cell phones.” Sunset turned back to the group and explained, “Everyone, meet the human Vinyl Scratch. Vinyl, I think you recognize just about everyone here.”“Just about, yeah.” She lowered her glasses at the lone stallion and the unfamiliar-looking unicorn mare at his side. “You two must be Quiver Quill and Sour Sweet. Sunset’s mentioned the two of you here and there.”The stallion smiled. “I’m flattered. So what’s brought you here, if you don’t mind my asking?”“Found a new addition for Sunset’s sound system, wanted to help her get it hooked up.” The girl glanced over the books and reasoned, “This has something to do with a pony research project?”“That’s the short version, darling.” Rarity beamed at Twilight and Fluttershy as she explained, “Thanks to a little help from Princess Luna, Twilight and Fluttershy have discovered some intriguing information regarding a figure from Equestrian legend, one Mage Meadowbrook.”“The history books have been saying that she was an Eastern unicorn, but according to Luna and these journals, she was an earth pony.” Vinyl let out a low whistle at Sunset’s summation. “I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around that. I mean, counterparts in a world with ponies I get, but her and Principal Celestia’s counterparts being over a millennium old? The versions we know aren’t even in their forties yet.” “This from the proud Jewish girl who chats with a rabbi and whose best friend is a good Catholic girl.” As Vinyl knelt down beside her, Sunset elaborated, “Still, stuff like this would be like finding written historical proof of the existence of someone like King Arthur, or a diary left behind by Nefertiti.”“Don’t know who either’a those folks are, Sunset, but somethin’ tells me they’re important.” Applejack grinned. “Still, gotta wonder if other stories datin’ back to the foundin’ of Equestria have any merit to ‘em. Apple Bloom’d be over the moon if Rockhoof turned out to be the real deal.” “I’d be over the moon if Flash Magnus ended up being real!” Rainbow Dash laughed. “He was awesome!”“You can’t forget about Mistmane, darlings.” Rarity cooed. “Oh, if her story was true…”“Actually, Princess Luna did say that she knew Mistmane as well as Mage Meadowbrook.” Even as Rarity squealed in glee at Twilight’s admission, Vinyl started to look a little annoyed. “Okay, dudes, I’m not from your world. I need a little context.” She pointed to Applejack. “Start with your guy.” Applejack set aside her journal and grinned. “Rockhoof was one of the great heroes of early Equestria, an earth pony known far an’ wide fer his great strength. He didn’t always have it, though. He started off as a stringy little feller, the son of a farmer, livin’ in a village on an island at Equestria’s northeastern edges.”“A volcanic island,” Quiver interjected. “It was also the home to the Mighty Helm, a group of elite soldiers and one of the forerunners to the modern Royal Guard. And Rockhoof’s biggest dream was to be one of them.”Vinyl grinned. “But he was too small and scrawny for them to let him join.”Applejack nodded. “Best he could do fer the longest time was dig ditches and latrines for ‘em, but that didn’t stop him. Then, one fateful day, the volcano erupted. The Mighty Helm couldn’t figure out a way to save the village, so they were forced to evacuate. The villagers didn’t want to go, though. They’d lived their entire lives there, and didn’t have anywhere else to go, so Rockhoof decided to do somethin’ crazy, an’ started diggin’ a trench with his shovel.”“And I’m sensing a miracle.”Applejack grinned at Vinyl’s guess. “Rockhoof set to work with nuthin’ but his shovel and a heart full’a determination, not carin’ one bit fer the odds. And when things started lookin’ hopeless, somethin’ magical happened.” Quiver grinned himself as he finished the story. “According to the stories, Rockhoof went from a scrawny little weed to a mountain of a stallion, bigger even than Princess Celestia and with strength greater than any other earth pony. And with that newfound strength, he dug that trench, diverted the lava flow, saved the village, and more than earned himself a place in the Mighty Helm.”Now Sunset grinned. “Sounds familiar, huh?”“Little bit.” Vinyl then pointed to Rainbow Dash. “Okay, your guy. I’m guessing he was a pegasus?” “Aw yeah!” The prismatic pegasus took on a dreaming look as she recounted her favorite legend. “Back in the old days, pegasi soldiers were members of the Cloudsdale Royal Legion. Flash Magnus was little more than a cadet, but he was the bravest and most loyal pony you could ask for. One time out on a training mission, he and his group needed to cross the dragon lands. Usually not a big deal, as long as there isn’t a dragon around…”“But there were dragons this time.”“Bingo, two big ones, and they captured some of Magnus’ comrades and trapped them in their lair.”Spike groaned. “I’m not gonna like where this is going, am I?”Rainbow Dash’s bravado vanished. “Sorry, Spike, probably not.” She then returned to the story, “Anyway, Magnus came up with a daring plan. He’d lure the dragons away, and give the rest of the battalion a chance to free their comrades. To help him, his commander gave him a cherished artifact of the Royal Legion.”Sour Sweet grinned. “Netitus, the fireproof shield.” “Yeah! That shield and his speed protected him while the dragons chased him through the sky, and once his comrades were free, they set up a trap for the dragons! A bank of stormclouds! Flash Magnus led them into it, and then, zap!” Dash laughed and amended, “It didn’t kill them, but it did get them to decide that chasing after the battalion wasn’t worth it. He set the bar for awesome that day, and I can only think of one pony who’s even come close to matching it.” She pointed a hoof to Fluttershy, much to the mare’s surprise. “Not a lot of ponies who can get a full-grown dragon to back off, and I know I’m not one of them. Not solo, anyway.” The yellow pegasus managed an embarrassed blush. “Oh, it was nothing special.” “Ooh, you guys gotta tell me about that later.” Vinyl turned to Rarity and said, “First though, your story.”“Oh yes, of course.” The elegant mare cleared her throat and began, “Mistmane was my favorite legend as a filly, and something of an inspiration for me growing up. An Eastern unicorn, and the most beautiful in the land.” Rarity gestured to her horn and explained, “Eastern unicorns have longer horns with a slight inward curl to them, unlike most unicorns.” That brief aside over with, she continued, “In any case, she was also known for her great kindness, as well as her magnificent talents with magic. She lived in a village in a remote corner of modern Equestria, though exactly where escapes me. It wasn’t an official part of Equestria at that point, however, and was still an independent nation.”“Likely off towards where the Undiscovered West is on the maps.”“Thank you Quiver. In any case, one day, she left her village to further her magical studies, much to her sadness and that of her friends and loved ones, including her dearest friend, Sable Spirit. And while Mistmane was away, Sable Spirit had been crowned empress. Upon her return, however, Mistmane discovered that Sable Spirit had led their home to ruin. In an act of envy, as well as the belief that her friend was more beloved than she was because of her beauty, Sable Spirit had cast a spell to improve her own beauty, only to ruin it. The young empress then turned into a tyrant, and set her subjects to work on her palace so that its beauty would make up for her loss. The two fought, and Sable was defeated, but rather than cast her away, Mistmane restored her friend’s beauty and that of her village, by sacrificing her own in the process. Mistmane then traveled across the land according to legend, and Sable Spirit spent the rest of her days trying to live up to her friends’ example.” “Dude.”“Yes, I know, the story does have some negative connotations when one looks at it from certain perspectives, but nonetheless, Mistmane demonstrated that true beauty is inside of us, rather than on the outside. And her actions made the world a better place, and inspired others to do the same. I fail to see how that’s not something to aspire to.”“Not saying it isn’t, but still, mare sounds like the poster child for altruism run amok.” Vinyl then turned to Sunset and asked, “So how did some independent nation with its own empress become part of a country ruled by a couple princesses?”“The old-fashioned way. Arranged marriages and political alliances.” The former unicorn grinned. “Thankfully, Twilight doesn’t have to worry about that.” The young alicorn returned her grin, and Sunset continued, “Wasn’t the only time that happened either. There was another settlement in the southwest regions founded by pony refugees from Anugypt that ended up getting annexed by Equestria proper. It started as New Anugypt, but the region was renamed in honor of a local hero.” “Somnambula.” Quiver laughed. “I’m impressed you’ve heard of her.”Sunset turned smug as she admitted, “I came across quite a bit back when I was Celestia’s personal student.” At Vinyl’s intrigued look, she continued, “It’s a great story. Quiver?”The writer sat up and cleared his throat. “Long ago, the ponies of New Anugypt fell victim to an evil Sphinx, who demanded tribute from them lest she would wreak terrible havoc upon the region. Fearful of her wrath, the villagers sacrificed much of their food. They had little to carry them on, but one pony encouraged them to hold onto hope by spreading joy and optimism among her fellows.” Pinkie gasped. “Somnambula?!”Quiver nodded, and continued where he left off. “One of the nobles, Prince Hisan, witnessed her give up a string of pearls to buy bread for the townsfolk, and was so moved by her example that he vowed nopony would go hungry again. He raised forces to stand against the Sphinx, but before they could act, the beast struck and captured him. The only way he could be freed was if somepony entered the Sphinx’s lair and attempted to solve her riddle. None dared, save for Somnambula.” “I’m guessing it had nothing to do with how many legs you stand on during the day.” Sunset shook her head at Vinyl’s guess. “The Sphinx’s riddle was this; ‘I shine brightest in the dark. I am there but cannot be seen. To have me costs you nothing. To be without me costs you everything.’ It didn’t take long for Somnambula to figure out the answer.” Quiver smiled. “Hope.” “And the Sphinx was so enraged at her riddle being solved, that it looked like she wouldn’t honor her word and release the prince. Somnambula instead asked for one more challenge, on the condition that if this one was met, the Sphinx would leave the village forever and never return. The Sphinx agreed, and had Somnambula walk to the prince along a narrow bridge across a deep chasm. Blindfolded. And magically stripped of the use of her wings to provide balance or save her should she fall.”“But Somnambula never lost hope, and guided by the sound of the prince’s voice, she crossed the bridge and won the challenge. The Sphinx left, never to be seen again.” Quiver turned to Vinyl and finished, “Hope kept Somnambula going, and gave her the strength to move forward. That hope, as well as her willingness to act, saved her village, and led to her being remembered as a hero.”“Plus the Sphinx falling victim to the same stupidity as your average spy movie villain.” At Quiver’s raised eyebrow, Sunset noted, “Hey, introspective former bad guy.”“Well, you’re not wrong.” Quiver turned to the rest of the group and said, “In any case, Somnambula was real enough for the region to be renamed after her. They even have a statue and an annual festival in her honor. And a pyramid was found nearby where some sort of magic was in place that prevents pegasi from flying, even today. Which means either a story was concocted that linked all those things together…”“Or it was real!” Pinkie Pie squealed. “I hope it is! Somnambula sounds like my kind of pony!”Quiver smiled sadly. “Mine too.” Sunset quickly took note of his sad expression, as well as Sour’s disapproving frown. “I’m guessing a certain somepony didn’t approve too much of the story.”“No, he didn’t.” Quiver turned to Vinyl and explained, “Hope can be a scary thing sometimes too. The idea that something good is on the horizon can come with the thought that it can all be torn away from you in an instant. I’ve had to live with that for a long time. Couple that with being raised by the ultimate cynic, a stallion so fixated upon the worst case scenario that he’s paralyzed at even trying for something better, and I can certainly see that perspective. Nearly led to some bad decisions.” Vinyl reached over and gently ran a hand down his neck. “Sorry dude. Sounds like you’ve had it rough.”The smile returned, a little brighter than before. “I have, but it’s getting better.” He turned back to Twilight. “Anyway, we still need to go over these journals.”“Dang right, we’ve wasted enough time gabbin’.” Applejack retrieved her journal. “No sense losin’ hope.” “Well, there is a lot to go through.” Fluttershy had set aside one journal, and had started on another as she gasped, “Oh my goodness! I think I’ve found something!” Having gained everyone’s attention, she explained, “There’s an entry here where Meadowbrook mentions meeting two ponies while trying to stop an outbreak of aggression among herbivores living in the swamps! One of them was Rockhoof!”Twilight gasped. “Who was the other?!”“His name was…Stygian?” That gave the princess pause, and she turned to Quiver and Sunset, who respectively shook their heads and shrugged. “Sounds Greek to me,” Vinyl offered.“Okay, so why did Rockhoof and this Stygian pony come to Meadowbrook?” Twilight turned back to Fluttershy and pleaded, “Please tell me the journal says why!”“Oh, it does!” To the princess’s relief, her friend continued, “According to the journal, Stygian was on a quest to save his village. He’d already recruited Rockhoof, and they came to seek Meadowbrook’s aid as part of their journey. Apparently, Stygian’s village was on the coast of the South Luna Ocean, and had fallen under attack by a creature. There’s a scribbled in note here on the margin that says ‘siren’.” Pinkie gasped. “A SIREN?!” She leaned in close to Quiver and whispered, “I don’t know what that is!”“That’s definitely Greek, at least for us humans.” Vinyl now had everyone’s attention as she recounted, “According to the mythology, the Sirens were a group of creatures, part bird and part human, who lived on an island and enthralled passing sailors with their singing. Doing that caused the sailors to crash their boats into the rocks and die.” “Well, there’s a crude drawing here, but this creature doesn’t look like a bird.” Fluttershy presented the drawing in the inner back cover of the journal as she continued, “It looks more like a seapony.”“A really vicious seapony.” Quiver squinted at the image. “And a familiar one. I remember a story about sirens from when I was a colt, and the illustrations were pretty close to that.”“Three of them? Female?” At the stallion’s nod, Sunset frowned and turned to Twilight. “I remember that story too, but this has got to be a different incident.”The princess nodded. “I agree. It might even be how Star Swirl recognized those sirens as a threat to Equestria, assuming he heard about it.” Twilight then turned to her friends and reasoned, “In any case, Stygian must’ve sought out Rockhoof and Meadowbrook because they were legendary heroes of his day. It would be like someone asking the six of us to come help them with some terrible danger.” “And if Stygian was looking for them, he may well have sought out others of the time, like Mistmane or Star Swirl.” Rarity squealed. “Twilight, I do believe you have something to go on!”“I do. Let’s focus on the journals after the one Fluttershy has. If we can…”Twilight was interrupted as Spike gave a loud belch and a scroll appeared in a wisp of magic. He immediately unfurled it and read it over. “Twilight, it’s from Princess Celestia! Princess Luna talked with her about the journals, and Celestia thinks that she’s got more stuff that can help in Canterlot!”“Oh my goodness!” Twilight clapped her hooves together. “This is incredible!”“And a little suspect.” Despite himself, Quiver couldn’t help but wonder. “If Celestia had pertinent information, then why not provide it sooner?”“She may not have realized that she had pertinent information!” Twilight sprang to her hooves and declared, “Alright, we need to follow up on this right now! The sooner we can get to Canterlot…!”“Uh, Twilight?” Applejack turned nervous as she admitted, “As much as Ah wanna help you follow up on this, Ah can’t come to Canterlot with you. The rest of the family’s gone off to Apple Con, and it’s just gonna be me mindin’ the farm.” She shrugged and amended, “Well, me an’ Braeburn. He’s visitin’ town fer a bit.”“And I’ve got the exam to get into the Wonderbolt Reserves to worry about.” Rainbow Dash frowned. “I can come to Canterlot and help as soon as that’s done, but I gotta get to Cloudsdale first for the test.”“And I’m afraid that Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and I are detained as well with the Foals and Fillies’ Fair.” Rarity paused and turned to Quiver. “Speaking of, darling, thank you for the advice you gave me for the puppet theater I constructed.”“Hey, no problem.” Quiver turned apologetic as he admitted, “And I think I have to bow out too, Twilight. I’ve got a job that I can’t just take a day off from.” He turned to the human present and admitted, “Makes me wish we had telephones like you do.”“And someone’s gotta stay in Ponyville to look after the library, if you and Sour are going to Canterlot.” Spike sighed. “Sorry Twilight.”The princess slumped, only to find a comforting hand on her shoulder. “You might be forgetting something, Twilight.” She turned to Sunset as the former unicorn continued, “You know two ponies who’d be more than willing to help with this, and one of them is already in Canterlot.”Quiver caught on to what Sunset was implying, and grinned. “And something tells me the other wouldn’t say no to the chance to discuss a certain something with Princess Celestia.” It took a second for Twilight to connect the dots, and she grinned. “Spike, take a letter. Take two letters.”-“Almost there, friend!” The great mountain of a stallion held his shovel tight in his mouth as he lifted Stygian out of the trench. That his words were clear despite the impediment of his tool immediately suggested that he had some practice. “Ha!”The unicorn breathed a sigh of relief as his hooves reached proper ground again. “Thank you!” He barely had a moment to brush himself off before he recognized his savior. “Oh my stars, you’re him! You’re Rockhoof!”The mighty stallion laughed. “Aye! Though Ah’m afraid you’ve got me at a disadvantage, laddie.”“Oh, forgive me. My name is Stygian, and I…”“Rockhoof!” The larger stallion stood at attention as a mare clad similarly to himself approached, her earthy brown mane covering one of her eyes. “Is the trench finished?”“Aye, Captain Steela! The volcano can rumble all she likes, but we’re ready for it this time!”“Good! Now with me, we’ve got us another…!” She then noticed their visitor. “And who’s this then?”“Oh, excuse me.” The unicorn stood up straight and tried to be presentable. “Stygian, ma’am. I came to ask Rockhoof for his help. My village is under attack, all of Equestria could be in danger, and…”The mare shook her head. “And Ah cannae spare him. We’ve got a problem of our own to deal with.” “The filter fish, Captain? We’ve got the entire Helm working on that problem, you dinnae need me.” Stygian cocked his head. “Filter fish?”“Aye, a school of ‘em comes along the river once a year to clean our lake. Last year they didn’t get through, and if they dinnae do it this year, we’ll have trouble with fresh water.”“An’ the river goes through the forest. A forest that was filled with timber wolves, but now that they’re gone, the lumber bears have moved in.”Rockhoof scowled. “The Helm can handle some piles of wood with delusions of grandeur, Captain.”“In time to save the filter fish? Without somepony getting killed?”“Um, excuse me.” Stygian approached the pair. “Could I see a map, please?”Steela regarded him with narrowed eyes. “What business is our problem to you, wee unicorn?”“Captain, I dinnae think we’re in a position to refuse his help.” The mare scowled, then pulled a map from her armor. She laid it out on the ground. “Whatever you’re thinking, unicorn, you’d better think quickly.” Stygian studied the map, then pointed to a section near the forest. “You cannot guard the river in the forest, yes? Then we move the river out of the forest.”Steela looked at him as if he’d sprouted a second head. “Are ye daft?!”“Nay Captain, Ah see where he’s goin’ with this.” Rockhoof grinned. “In fact, Ah should’ve thought’ve this myself. Gonna need some help, though.”-“Thanks for bringing me in on this, Twilight.” Lyra smiled as she turned her attention away from the window to their train carriage and back to her old schoolmate. “I just hope that I can help.”“Of course you can, Lyra. You’re a lot more imaginative than I am.”The minty green unicorn snorted. “Which is a nice way of saying that me being a crazy conspiracy buff might come in handy.” Twilight gently laid a wing over the mare’s shoulder. “You’re not crazy. You certainly weren’t crazy about the Order of Gallopfrey, or the existence of humans.”“Maybe not, but it’s not like I can gloat about it.” The mare sighed and admitted, “Besides, we both know there were other things that I didn’t see coming.” The alicorn frowned, and her horn lit up as she cast a privacy spell with her magic. “Have you talked with anyone about what you found out since then?”“No.” Lyra shifted on the bench, going from her sprawling human-like slouch to a closed-in posture closer to how Twilight was positioned. “I want do, I really do, but it’s not exactly an easy thing to bring up. I haven’t talked about it with Quiver yet, we’ve both been too busy, and I can’t tell Bon-Bon about it.”“Because you’re afraid she might be put in danger?”“Among other reasons.” Lyra rubbed her front hooves together nervously. “She dropped a bombshell on me of her own that day. Makes me a little worried that she might have other secrets that she’s not telling me.” She finally forced herself to keep her hooves to her sides and admitted, “Conspiracy theories are a lot less fun when you find yourself a part of one.” Twilight sighed. “Well, hopefully, we’ll have a chance to talk with Princess Celestia about what happened, and maybe get some answers.”“I hope so.” A few heavy hoof-beats caught their attention, and Twilight dropped the privacy spell just as Sour Sweet remarked, “You know, I don’t appreciate being left out of the loop. And I really shouldn’t be.”Twilight managed an embarrassed smile as her bodyguard took a seat beside her, then recast the privacy spell. “I’m sorry Lieutenant. It’s not easy talking about something confidential with one pony when you have other things that need kept just as confidential.”Lyra smiled. “At least some things the rest of us can figure out.” After the last few weeks, Ponyville had become increasingly aware that there was more to Twilight’s new assistant than was obvious, and the truth of her position was now somewhere between an open secret and a rumor. Those closest to Twilight, however, had the full truth by this point. “And my stuff at least isn’t an official secret. At least, I hope not.”Sour gave the other mare a reassuring smile. “Whatever it is, it’s up to you to share it. I’m not going to force you. Besides, Quiver already told me that you’re having some trouble, even if he didn’t know the full details. I think he might be a little higher on your priorities to share it with.” “Probably, but the more I can tell him, or you, the better.” Lyra then gestured to the panniers full of books that Twilight had brought along. “We might not find time, though. Twilight’s still going over Mage Meadowbrook’s journals, after all, and if that letter’s right, Princess Celestia might just have more for us to go through.”“That wouldn’t surprise me, but I’m not too worried. I sent word ahead to Moondancer, after all, and Celestia mentioned in her letter that she was reaching out to another pony to help us.”Lyra spoke for both ponies when she asked, “Really? Who?” -Far away from the trio of unicorns as they traveled to Canterlot, a pair of Royal Guardsponies made their way along the streets of the Crystal Empire. “All due respect to the Princess sir, but don’t you think that sending two of us for this is a bit much?”“If it helps you feel better, you’re only with us until we get to the station.” The pair approached a small, glistening residence that stood out from the rest due to its roof being stylized to resemble a wizard’s hat. “I just hope that he won’t take too long to get packed.” The pair approached the door, and the senior of the two stallions knocked. The door opened into a darkened entryway as a nervous stallion looked out onto his threshold. “Yes? May I help you?”“Mister Sunburst?” As the bearded stallion opened his door the rest of the way, the pegasus on the other side explained, “I’ve been asked to bring you to Canterlot. Princess Celestia has requested your assistance with a matter of the utmost importance.” “Me?” Sunburst looked at the guardspony with surprise through his eyeglasses. “What could I do for her?”Flash Sentry smiled. “I’ll explain on the train ride over, sir.” -“Well lads, we dinnae have a lot of time! Once the signal goes up, that means the filter fish are almost upon us!” Steela turned to her subordinate and barked, “So pick up the pace, Rockhoof!”“Yes, Captain!” The mighty stallion was most of the way through with his trench. “Have this done before ye know it!”Stygian was well aware of the legend that made Rockhoof famous throughout Equestria, but even so, he was amazed at the stallion’s swift work. Just as the scrawny unicorn had directed, the mighty stallion had dug a trench deep enough to divert the river out of the forest, if only temporarily, and allow the filter fish safe passage to the lake. The plan was working. He was, of course, aware of several factors that could cause everything to go wrong. The first, of course, was the fact that the only thing keeping the river from rushing into the trench and drowning Rockhoof was his own magic, so he kept as much attention on his barrier spell as possible. The second was the threat of a lumber bear attack. That, at least, was covered by Captain Steela, though her attention was split between that and their third potential issue…Smoke billowed out at the horizon, a different color than what one would expect from a volcano, and the captain called out, “That’s the signal! Rockhoof, we’re out of time!”Rockhoof’s shovel broke through the last bit of earth in the trench just in time, and passed through the second barrier Stygian had erected. “It’s done!”Stygian sighed in relief, then took hold of Rockhoof with his magic before lifting the barrier spell at one end of the trench. He struggled with his grip on the mighty stallion, mostly due to never having lifted so heavy a pony before, but got him up far enough for Rockhoof to plunge his shovel into the earth safely. A rumbling roar sounded from the forest, however, and Steela scowled as its source emerged. Two lumber bears, large as life and likely just as harsh, had come across them and were now bearing down upon her. The first barely managed a roar before she jabbed her spear into its neck and decapitated it, splinters of wood sent flying all around them. Even as it collapsed, the second took a broad swipe at her, only for her to dodge and buck it hard in the face. Stygian found himself more concerned with helping to pull Rockhoof from the swift-moving river, however, and barely managed it just as Steela skewered the second one to finish it off. He took a second to catch his breath, then sighed in relief. “Well done, Captain.”“Aye, I could say the same. To the both of ye.” She then smiled and pointed to the river. “An’ just in time, too.” The two stallions turned to see glittering golden fish jump in and out of the flowing river, the ends of their antennae putting out soft glows as they went. Stygian smiled at the sight, reminded of fireflies at night. “They’re beautiful.” Rockhoof smiled as well. “Aye, that they are.” “An’ that’s enough gawking about!” Despite her loud tone, the pleased grin on her face made Steela’s mood clear. “Rockhoof, when we get back to the village, you’d best start packing. We can spare ye now, and besides, I dinnae like the idea of stayin’ in debt to anypony.”Rockhoof laughed, then turned to Stygian. “Seems you have me for your quest after all, laddie! Back to your village then?”Stygian shook his head. “Your strength is mighty, Rockhoof, and nopony can question your determination. But those alone won’t be enough to best the creature attacking my village.” The mighty stallion nodded. “Well tell me all that you can about the creature anyway whilst we make our way back. Afterwards, we can set off to find whomever else you want to recruit. Hopefully, they’ll join with less trouble than you had with me.” -The train ride to Canterlot was mercifully short, and the three mares stepped onto the platform to find a familiar face awaiting them. “Moondancer!”“Hi girls!” Moondancer happily hugged Twilight and Lyra in turn. “Good to see you!” She paused and looked the latter over. “You okay?”Lyra shrugged. “I’m getting by.” She then grinned. “You seem to be doing well, though.”The mare grinned back with a slightly embarrassed blush. “Well, in my defense, Rarity is really good at those makeovers of hers.” Indeed, the bookish mare was still sporting the look she’d taken on after her recent visit to Ponyville, thinner-rimmed glasses and all. “Though it’s given me a little bit more attention than I’d like. And I’m not sure which is giving me more attention right now, my look or my escort.” “Could be both.” The new arrivals turned to the pegasus mare standing a short distance away clad in the armor of a Royal Guard. “Delighted to see you again, your Highness.”Twilight laughed. “You as well, Lieutenant.” Sunrunner smiled. “Now forgive my being forward, but I believe we’re due at the castle shortly, so if the three of you have anything you need to collect…”The princess shook her head. “We packed light, Lieutenant. Please, lead the way.” The Guardsmare nodded, and turned and led the group out of the train station towards Canterlot Castle. Sour Sweet took the rear as the rest of their party continued their conversation. “I’m a little surprised though. I mean, I’m not complaining, but I didn’t expect to be escorted here to meet the two of you.” “I didn’t expect it either.” A stray thought crossed her mind, and Twilight ventured, “Lieutenant Sunrunner, when we first met, what was Rarity wearing?”“Rarity wasn’t there when we first met, ma’am.” The lieutenant turned back to them with approval and explained, “And this escort was arranged by Princess Luna. She didn’t specify any details, but I’m assuming this has something to do with a research project.”“It does, and you’ll learn the full details as soon as possible.” Sunrunner turned her attention back to the road ahead as Twilight admitted, “And believe me Moondancer, you’re going to flip when you find out what we’ve uncovered.” Lyra laughed. “Well, what Twilight’s uncovered. She asked me along to help with the research after making the big discovery.”Moondancer smiled. “I’m looking forward to it. And honestly, I’m just glad to be working on a research project with a little help, rather than going solo. Not that I don’t mind being by myself, but going through everything in Star Swirl’s athenaeum isn’t exactly a one-pony job.”Twilight looked at her with concern. “You still don’t have a team assisting you? But I put in the funding request months ago!”“Bureaucracy moves at a snail’s pace, your Highness,” Sour Sweet helpfully remarked. “Even when you’re at the top.” The young princess sighed. “I suppose so.” She then brightened up. “Still, it’s definitely different this time. We’re a team, and we’ll crack this nut together.”-The journey from Rockhoof’s village to the Hayseed Swamps was a long one, but not arduous, thanks mostly to the company. Rockhoof proved himself an excellent companion, and not simply due to his great strength. His good humor and stories of the Mighty Helm made for interesting discussion, and while he had some trouble grasping the nuances of Stygian’s studies, he nonetheless took interest in them. There was, however, one minor issue to be had, one that finally got brought up as they approached their destination. “Do my morning exercises bother you, Stygian?”They had stopped to take a break at the edge of the swamp, mostly for the smaller pony’s sake. Stygian managed a reluctant nod. “I tried not to treat it as an issue, but I have to wonder if you ever find time to rest.”Rockhoof laughed. “Aye, of course I rest! But life’s taught me that you need to work hard to maintain what you have. You know the story about me? About how I was a wee, scrawny little thing to start with?” At his friend’s nod, the mighty stallion continued, “Well, I resolved then and there to start workin’ to improve myself. Not all of us can be as gifted a scholar as you, after all.”Stygian smiled at the compliment. “Then the part in the legend about you suddenly growing in size…?”“Oh, that part’s true enough. I still don’t know how it happened, I’m just grateful that it did.” Rockhoof turned somber as he continued, “But after that, after I joined the Helm, I started to slack off. I got distracted from my routine, and it caused trouble for the village. I’ve treated that as a lesson from the Maker, to not take what I have for granted and work to maintain it. I’m just sorry if that work has caused you any trouble.”The scholar shook his head. “It’s alright. Your reasoning helps a great deal.” He stood back up and said, “In any case, I’ve rested enough.” The two took a few moments to collect their possessions, then progressed into the swamps. “I will admit, however, this swamp does bother me. I haven’t seen any sign of life beyond plants since we arrived.”“That’s no big surprise. Swamps have all sorts of predators in them, after all, and the wee little animals learn to hide from them to stay safe.” “Yes, but no birdsong? Not even any insects?”That gave Rockhoof pause. “Aye, that last one is just a wee bit suspect. We should at least be tryin’ to shake off some flies or mosquitoes. Still, I…” His mood immediately brightened as something came across their path. “Oh look! A wee little bunny!”Indeed, sitting directly in front of them was a rabbit. This specimen in particular looked as adorable as any rabbit could, and looked up at them with wide, curious eyes. Stygian considered the critter before them. “He seems awfully calm for being confronted by two unfamiliar ponies.”“Ah, animals have senses that we don’t! He can probably tell we’re friendly!” Rockhoof leaned in with a smile. “Hello there little one. We mean you no harm.”A split-second later, and the rabbit jumped up and bit down hard upon Rockhoof’s nose. His bellows were those of both shock and pain, but the rabbit was quickly pulled free from him by Stygian’s magic. As the rabbit chittered about in mid-air, the scholar looked to his friend. “Are you alright? Do you need medicine?”Rockhoof inspected his nose with one hoof with some relief. “Nay, no blood. Worst damage is to my pride.” He then eyed the rabbit suspiciously and remarked, “We’d best get moving and away from this wee fellow, lest those sounds he’s making are a call for help.” Thunderous sounds from nearby dissuaded argument from Stygian, and he released the rabbit from his grip and joined Rockhoof in fleeing as a number of creatures started chasing after them, from rabbits and squirrels and birds to assorted larger herbivores. “We need a way to shake them off our tails!” Rockhoof reasoned as they charged towards a large pile of leaves along the path. “Any ideas?!”Before Stygian could even begin to think of one, the two ponies were shoved to one side. As they recovered, the charging mass of creatures disturbed the leaves, only to fall into a rope trap and be suspended above the ground. “Ah’m sorry for the rough treatment.” Their rescuer slipped off her brightly-colored mask and greeted them with a smile. “Ah just didn’t want to risk the two a’y’all ending up in the trap Ah prepared.” The mare before them was a welcome sight, and not simply because she had come to their rescue. She wasn’t in any way outstanding in terms of physique, but her manner and tone of voice gave her a certain rustic beauty. It wasn’t lost on Stygian, and certainly not on Rockhoof. “Oh, think nothing of it, lass.” The mighty stallion helped his friend to his hooved, then straightened himself out. “And thank you for your timely assistance.”“You’re most welcome.” She glanced at the trap to find the rabbit that had accosted them earlier trying to wriggle its way free. “Ah just wish Ah knew what was causing this.”“Um, excuse me miss, but… would you happen to be Mage Meadowbrook? The acclaimed healer?”The mare turned back to them. “Why yes, Ah am.”Rockhoof laughed. “Well, that’s convenient! I’m Rockhoof, and this is Stygian. His village is under attack from a creature, and he’s gathering a party of heroes to defeat it before it can threaten the rest of Equestria. We’re here to ask for your help.”“Well, Ah would gladly help, but unfortunately Ah have a problem here to take care of.”Stygian stepped forward. “Perhaps we can assist with that?” He gestured towards the trapped animals. “I admit, we haven’t quite put in a good showing, but…”The mare raised a hoof. “But Ah know that things aren’t always obvious at first blush. Any help you can provide, Ah’ll accept.” She gestured for them to follow her. “Now that trap won’t hold them for long! Ah know somewhere we’ll be safe!”“Lead on then!” The mare then led the pair through the swamp at as swift a pace as she could muster while Stygian continued, “Now then, is this aggression only happening with herbivores, or is this affecting all of the animals?!”“Only herbivores, ah’ve checked!”“Then this could be something they’ve eaten!” Rockhoof wasn’t a scholar or a healer, but he wasn’t stupid either. “Some strange plant, perhaps!”“Ah know every plant in this swamp, and nothing new’s shown up!” They reached their destination, a tree that had been converted into a home at the edge of a village, and Meadowbrook knocked on the door three times. “But there is a strange fungus that showed up in the last few weeks! Mama and Ah collected some to experiment with, but…”The door opened, and another mare ushered them within. “Inside, child!” The trio entered to find a middle-aged mare inside the treehouse, who reacted to the two newcomers with brief shock before getting a good look at Rockhoof. “Oh my…company.”“Pardon our intrusion, ma’am, but we’re here to help.” Rockhoof then began shoving a bookcase in front of the door. “I’m no good with medicine beyond cleanin’ and dressin’ wounds, but I can block a door easy enough, maybe buy some time to mix up a cure.” “Thank you kindly.” Meadowbrook started to get to work, only to notice her fellow healer was clearly distracted. “Mama!”Her mother shook herself out of her stupor. “Sorry, darlin’.” She then blushed and admitted, “Ah’m just a pony, after all.” The younger healer rolled her eyes at her elder, then turned to the scholar. “Stygian, head upstairs and keep watch. Ah have a collection of potions up there that might buy us a little more time. If any creatures approach the house to attack, use one on them! Just pay attention to the labels, and don’t use the fire or acid potions!”Stygian did as he was told and went upstairs. He then checked over the waiting wall of potions, just as Meadowbrook had described, and then looked out the window. Two things were immediately apparent. First, the trapped critters had called upon reinforcements. Second, the rabbits in this swamp were apparently smart enough to not only free their fellows, but also to figure out how to make a torch. And set it on fire. He suddenly found himself hoping that Meadowbrook was as good as the stories claimed, because otherwise, they’d be in serious be continued...
Please Remember MeTime, sometimes the time just slips away And your left with yesterday Left with the memories I, I'll always think of you and smile And be happy for the time I had you with me Though we go our separate ways I won't forget, so don't forget The memories we madeSunset Shimmer lay curled up on her mattress, quietly sobbing. For reasons unknown to her at the time, her friends no longer remembered her. So when she attempted to speak to her adoptive parents regarding it?Their reaction had been callous and detached. Instead, they seemed enraged and apathetic to her. It hadn't taken her long to recognize whatever caused her friends to forget their memories of her had also impacted her parents.Neither of her loving devoted parents remembered any good memories concerning her. Instead, they treated her like an ungrateful brat they had forced upon them, and they regretted adopting such an appalling child.Please remember, please remember. I was there for you And you were there for me Please remember, our time together The time was yours and mine And we were wild and free Please remember, please remember meSunset clutched her locket tightly. Inside her locket was a photograph of her family. Her parents are on one side, and her friends are on the other. She'd tried to show it to her parents, but they ignored it.Even when she attempted to show other evidence that she was a loving daughter, they disregarded it. Whoever had done this seemed to want her heart to shatter into millions of pieces.Goodbye, there's just no sadder word to say And it's sad to walk away With just the memories Who's to know what might have been We'll leave behind a life and time We'll never know againThe next day her heart shattered further. She had tried to talk to her boyfriend before first period. But Sunrise treated her even worse then her parents. He employed language that didn't match his character at all.He proclaimed there be no way he date a two-timing bitch like her. That he didn't date bullies or individuals who treated others like crap. He also wouldn't date a liar like herself. That only broke Sunset's heart more. Even when she ultimately discovered who had it against her, a girl named Wallflower Blush? She'd tried to reason with her.Please remember, please remember. I was there for you And you were there for me And remember, please remember meBut then Wallflower attempted to obliterate everyone's memories of their high school years. Sunset knew that her friends would forget each other, but she'd be permanently erased from her parents' and boyfriend's minds.Instead, she selflessly sacrificed her full memories of the human world. Before she jumped in, she hadn't realized that her parents and boyfriend had heard the whole exchange. They're shocked at what one petty girl had done to someone who'd never even done anything to her!Please remember, please remember. I was there for you And you were there for me Please remember, our time together The time was yours and mine And we were wild and free And remember, please remember me After the memory stone had extracted Sunset's memories of the human world, her friends, parents, and boyfriend bolted to her side. While they recognized they didn't remember Sunset, they assured her that her actions demonstrated how she loved and cared about them. Her parents consoled her, ensuring her they'd take care of her. Her boyfriend confirmed he'd also help her, as did her friends.Then after they vanquished Wallflower, Sunset's parents Sunfire and Yin Yang had a stern conversation with the girl. Sunfire informed the girl what she'd done was considered a crime. However, it was also extraordinarily despicable and petty of her. Her husband likewise reminded Wallflower she voluntarily confessed that she'd obliterated everyone's memories of her.Pointing out that no one noticed her in the first place because she hadn't done anything to be seen. She lived up to her name of being a wallflower. If you want people to notice you? You've to put yourself out there. Take the first step and talk to someone. Also, it would help if she didn't deliberately make herself even more unnoticeable.She didn't project anything that made people want to notice her. She didn't smile, nor did her melancholy-colored apparel make people remember someone who blended into the background.Sunrise also advised her that part of life is accepting that not everyone will like or be nice to you. No one is obligated to like you. Moreover, while it's important to be friendly to people?They're still under no obligation to be nice to you either. Furthermore, Wallflower should assume accountability for how both her actions and lack of actions had rendered her invisible to others.The Mane Seven even pointed out it wasn't fair to blame Sunset for her hardships. If no one had noticed her before? She shouldn't penalize one individual who'd put forth the effort to change.Wallflower ultimately accepted her own deeds that had left her overlooked. Finally, acknowledging they're all right, and it was time she did put herself out there. She needed to make an effort to be more sociable. Furthermore, make an impression of someone worth remembering. Someone individuals would want to get to know.Sunset's family then decided to throw an apology party to compensate for the despair they'd unintentionally caused her. Sunset promised she'd never take anything for granted again. Moreover, she was delighted to be able to make additional joyful memories with her family again!And how we laugh and how we smile And how this world was yours and mine And how no dream was out of reach I stood by you. You stood by me We took each day and made it shine We wrote our names across the sky We ride so fast. We ride so free And I had you, and you had mePlease remember, Please remember
Sunset Misc
Lego Sunset Shimmers New Car (MLP EG) by GrapefruitFace1
Sunset Anthro
JUNIOR GALA p40: Maps by MustLoveFrogs
Sunset NSFW
Another Outfit by Anonix123






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