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this picture frightens me, but anyways...
EDIT: Her Japanese syllables have been re-oto'd! She should sound a little smoother now.…

It's her Act 2. Act 1 is no longer available. D: Sorry~

She's bilingual, singing Japanese and English.

Age: 13
Character item: Cupid's Arrow, or engagment/promise ring.
Suggested voice range: Roughly G3 to C5.

Permission details: Hentai and ecchi are not permitted. Religious puposes are permitted. Yuri, I don't care too much. XD; But character-wise, officially, her orientation is straight.

Utako Airu (c) Me ^^

Lemme know if you use her. :3


Manget (cover with Alexander Skeffington):…

Matryoshka: (cover with Yumiko Sawa):…

Ievan Polka:…

These are all with her Act 1.
Here's an example of her Act 2:


Her Act 2 is a bit more gentle and consistent. Her 'ga', 'ra' and 'ri' syllables have been fixed. :D You'll have to type in 'ae' for the 'e' syllable. There is no 'po' syllabe, so you'll have to adjust or make your own from her 'poi' syllable. And Act 1 is no longer available unless requested.

I hope to make a full body ref soon~ <3

Voiced by moi~ XD
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Here is that song I've been working on! I hope you like it! My sister helped me draw the picture.