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Undertale One Shot - Anime Isn't Real: A TED Talk
The Labs of Dr. Alphys were unusually devoid of her frantic studies this particular night.
Not uncommon, considering Alphys' recent schedule, trying to make time to visit Undyne over by the Hotland/Waterfall border between keeping her experiments caged up in the True Lab or working on some servo failures in Mettaton's new body; the poor lizard was overworking herself, and it finally fell upon Undyne to sneak her out for a drink at Grillby's to chill out and relax.
Now, the labs were dead silent, save for the occasional rattling of the vent systems keeping the rooms at an acclimatable temperature... or the occasional rat scrambling through the vents looking for food.
Except one particular vent line, where a shadowy figure was making a mad dash for the robotics wing, scaring away anything that crossed its path.
The rumbling of the vents gave way to a loud crash as the figure dropped down, smacking its face in the floor.
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[Story] Have Mercy - Part Nine :iconmystshadow20xx:MystShadow20xx 0 0
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[Story] Have Mercy - Part Eight :iconmystshadow20xx:MystShadow20xx 0 0
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Story - Have Mercy (Part Seven) :iconmystshadow20xx:MystShadow20xx 0 0
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Story - Have Mercy (Part Six) :iconmystshadow20xx:MystShadow20xx 0 0
Story - Have Mercy (Part Five)
Nyl couldn't believe his luck. Here we was with the leader of The Jets, and she was conscripting him into helping repair her pet project. Either he had the worst luck in San Pedre Verde, or the worst luck in all the colonies.
It was hard for him to wrap his head around it all. How could the intimidating woman here be falling to pieces over a Type D Arbiter Android? They were servants, basically. Almost anyone worth their salt in the colonies could afford a Type A or Type S Android for their protection; Type Ds were basically maids or butlers, programmed with only the basic levels of defense protocols.
Not like there was any crime around the border town these days, anyway. Bennie had single-handedly seen to that in her earlier years, and the local politicians knew she was not one to cross if they valued the cash flow from their constituents. It was almost like a timid armistice, the only faint semblance of peace that the border town knew.
"S-so what all do you need? Just limbs?" He aske
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Story - Have Mercy (Part Four) :iconmystshadow20xx:MystShadow20xx 0 0
Cross - Cat Keyhole Bikini - Colored by MystShadow20xx Cross - Cat Keyhole Bikini - Colored :iconmystshadow20xx:MystShadow20xx 7 0
A Clockwork Soldier In King Guzma's Court (Part 1)
Cold, wet and rainy.
This was the look outside the window of the small motel room on Ula'Ula Island just outside the Haina Desert. It wasn't very often that rain came to the oasis, and it was pouring down in waves. It was almost as if Kyogre itself had been beached outside the shores of Route 13 and was calling down the storm with its anger.
The purveyor of the motel room wasn't deterred by this. Actually, it was something most fortunate for him; the rain gave him cover of darkness that night as he slunk into the room with the large suitcase he now loomed over like a shadow.
A couple clicks of the hinges and a key in the lock and the case opened, revealing the sight of a pink-haired girl sleeping silently in the box.
"Hey, rise and shine, Keiko. We're here," the renter said, his boyish voice not easily cloaked by the raincoat over him.
The girl opened her eyes with a whirr. A clicking noise sounded subtly as she sat up, rubbing her eyes. Her stare was long and deep, as if she had been
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