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[OLD] Kikyuune Aiko Design 1 Ref Sheet - 2015

This reference is outdated! Please view the newest one here:

Kikyuune Aiko - Primary Design Ref Sheet by MystSaphyr


New ref sheet for Aiko! Figures she could use a new one.


Here's her alt/winter design reference!

Kikyuune Aiko - Design 2 Ref Sheet (OLD) by MystSaphyr

UTAU © Ameya
Kikyuune Aiko © me
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© 2015 - 2022 MystSaphyr
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ILoveDecepticons's avatar
I love your UTAU Kikyuune Aiko :D

She's adorable, plus I actually like her boyish voice.
I've been using her a lot, and she's my favorite UTAUloid. :3
MystSaphyr's avatar
Aaaah thank you so much ;v; I really appreciate it!
Grizlet's avatar
Amazing job as always Myst I expected nothing less :D
MikiJackson's avatar
AAAH I love aiko so much. She makes me happy about making maiku a CV forever.
(I'm fully aware she kinda had a VCV)
jellophish's avatar
It's nice to see Aiko's new refs over the years
I also am just really fond of her hoodie on/hoodie off references, her face is so cute!
AkiGlancy's avatar
precious duckling
Supersonia's avatar
As always, cute :3
yoichi-masaki's avatar
so cute, she is really tall
MystSaphyr's avatar
Yeah she is, physically I based her off of a good friend from middle school I had who was that tall back in 8th grade ;v;
yoichi-masaki's avatar
neet! I bet they are flattered (I'm about that height myself)
Kokoro-Hane's avatar
Nice ref sheet, perfect for drawing fanart~
MystSaphyr's avatar
Eeee thank you ;o;
drasticslostsoul's avatar
I've always loved her shoes and hair clips >w< 
MystSaphyr's avatar
Aaaah thank you ;v;
(the pause/play button clips were a kind of design gift from Mooncrafter from ages ago so they're quite special and she deserves credit for the idea cause it was gr8)
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