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TFA: Sari 2.0

So if you can't tell, this is a bit of a season three spoiler. And so is the commentary.

OK, Transformers Animated's Season Three "Transwarped" is now my second favorite cartoon episode of all time (topped only by the sheer awesomeness that was the Avatar series finale). And Sari has now surpassed all the other characters to be my favorite in the series. Seriously, my Autobot version of her doesn't even match up anymore, lol. Leave it to the awesome creators to top anything fanmade. XD Great, I'm gonna have to find someway of squeezing yet ANOTHER character into that mass of figures that is my Favorite Characters pic...

I really need to get a job in cartoons. I keep predicting this kind of thing. After season two, I'd even been thinking "What if she used the key to 'upgrade' herself? She'd probably stick it in her chest and turn into a teenager with super-gizmo powers." While I didn't see her backstory coming (am I the only one who finds it ominous that it didn't specify WHICH kind of protoform she came from, and that her eyes pre-upgrade are a muted kind of RED??), and I didn't accurately predict the KIND of Autobot she'd become, I'm still suprised the series followed as close as it did to how I pictured it. Weird.
Also, I was just thinking that the key was getting over powered, and that poor Rachet was getting poinless, and then the series actually addresses it. Wow. I also knew that because the key was getting too familiar, something was gonna happen to it. Wasn't expecting Sari to drain the life out it; I was thinking more like it getting stolen for a longer time by the Decepticons. I like the writers' way better, lol.

K, ignore most of that; it sounds really egotistical now that I read it, lol. >_<

Anyways, the second I saw her transformation sequence (whoot! Transformers Magical Girl!), I had one of those "must do fanart" moments. So scrounging up a sketch of her teen form online and taking about 50 screenshots of her kick-butt fighting sequences, I managed to draw this and still botch her energy blade handles and hands, lol. Oh well. I also nearly forgot the wings on her back, because the one screenshot I was mainly using had an animation error where the actual animators also forgot her wings, oops.
And since the pic of her teen form was only a b&w outline, I kinda had to guess as to how her color pallete woulg go. The only other hint I had was the 15% of her that was showing under the blanket at the end of the episode, so I might either be corrected or validated by this Saturday's episode. So I might have to change a few things, but I reeeally wanted to get this done. So much, that I worked on it obsessively while waiting for feedback from my comission art. And that comission art was also TFA related, so I've had a fun art week. :D

I love how Sari's eyes aren't quite human anymore. They're Autobot blue, with kind of the Autobot pupil-light-blue for the rest of the eyes. They reverse when she's in Autobot mode. Kinda awesome, and fun to draw/color.

OK, I got lazy with the background. I kinda...borrowed it from my Wall-E pic, lol. And rearranged/flipped a few things around, and stuck a star border on the edge to help bring in the focus. But it really fits; kinda hints at her "from the stars" origins. I wanted to do something spacy anyways, and I didn't feel like redoing something that was gonna be silimar to something I'd done recently anyways, so there you go.

Anyways, so here's my fanart of who I'm calling Sari 2.0. ^_^

And Blurr CAN NOT be dead; I haven't even drawn fanart of that guy yet!! :( I refuse to accept this!! I REJECT YOUR REALITY AND SUBSITUTE MY OWN!! Oh wait, I do that regularly...

And even Rodimus Prime?!? And Hotshot? And Red Alert??WE JUST MET THEM, DANG IT!! And I really wanna see Rodimus and Angry Archer go at it Robin-Hood style, lol...Battle of the Bows, FTW.

EDIT: So many nice people, assuring me Blurr isn't dead. ^_^ Apparantly, one of the writers said as much, and Blurr didn't go gray. So if anyone else is concerned like me, be assured. He's not gone. He just won't be showing up for awhile.
Also, I likewise don't really think Rodimus and his gang are dead either; I was just being funny/dramatic. ^_~
...Geez, doesn't anyone stay DEAD in this cartoon though?!? The Decepticons have it best; they can get blasted into PIECES and still come back, lol.

Transformers and all is trademarked whatever to Hasboro and Cartoon Network. Fanartists like me just like to mooch off thier popularity, lol. Oh, and we love to draw their stuff, that too.
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Have you noticed that her protoform was very child like. Made me think that somebots are protoformed as kids. Wheelie was talk about in the Allspark Alamac part 2 and he's a kid in the TFA. He's not in the tv show, but he was show in one of the TFA comic books. Maybe Wheelie's protoform was the same as Sari.
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not bad. not bad at all
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...What exactly does Sari's eye color have to do with anything, may I ask?
mystryl-shada's avatar

Well on that basis, what does ANY character detail have to do with anything? It was just an observation. I notice these things when I draw them. I really do like detail changes; it shows that the creators are thinking of these kinds of things, which is something I appreciate. Add that detail to the fact that her eyes were initially reddish, and yeah; I think that's of note. Sort of the same kind of thing that people look for when they watch the Director's Commentary on movies. Nothing really that important, but fun little details all the same.

In short, what it has to do with is the fact that its now a physical marker of her Autobot heritage. And it was fun to draw.

I'm going to assume you didn't mean anything insulting by this (I know its hard to get intonation in text). Instead, I hope this answered your question. :)
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I didn't mean anything insulting at all. It's just that I don't think Sari having red eyes before her upgrade has any importance. Especially since it's a cartoon.
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Well, twas a theory. That was wrong. XD But I often have a lot of theories flying around, some based on big clues and some on small, and I can usually hit the mark the majority of the time. But not all; missed it wide on that one.

Still, that really would have been interesting. But oh well, only so much you as a creator can do when your series is cut TRAGICALLY SHORT (sob). They did all right with the last season though, save for that WTF ending.
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'WTF ending'? I thought the show ended alright...
mystryl-shada's avatar
I'd have to rewatch it to remind myself of the details (been awhile since I've seen it), but there were quite a lot of plot holes and conflicting worldbuilding going on in that finale. Especially with Prowl sacrificing himself; that didn't match at all with the nature of the AllSpark or what was going on. Also, they didn't specify if ALL the shards were recalled, and if so what happened to other characters like Wreck-Gar? It just seemed like the whole ending was rushed; like the studio had been told to end the series RIGHT NOW and they had to throw together a finale.

Don't get me wrong, a lot was cool about the final episodes. But there were a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of things that didn't make sense. Now I need to rewatch it to remind myself of what those specifics were, lol. I can only remember impressions and general problems at the moment.

Hm, just remembered the specifics of one. Prowl's death was a biiiig problem; it made little sense to me (and not just because I don't want the character to die; I can accept main character death if it makes sense). It seemed like they were just looking for an excuse to add melodrama; it didn't add anything more than that to the story, and it conflicted with how the AllSpark worked. For some reason it needed the sacrifice of a main character to do something that wasn't really THAT grandoise; we've seen a lot smaller chunk of the AllSpark do way more than that finale showed WITHOUT having to kill anyone to do it.

Lol you've gone and woken up my analytical side, now you've done it. XD But again, don't get me wrong; I really liked the finale (or most of it). But I just didn't love it, and parts of it had me going "WTFreak??" to the screen.
Sunnychance's avatar
*shrugs* To each his own.
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I love this picture- So idiotic that they never finished this series! And the thing I got mad about (i know there are some starscream fans out there) I got mad about them Killing Starscream..They knocked him off! I was like OMG NO! But awesome Pic!
When i saw sari transform for me it was like going from mew to mewto
wrencher888's avatar
Very accurate depiction, Wonderful work:thumbsup::D! I just finished watching all 42 episodes of the series on Youtube and I gotta' say: It feels UNFINISHED. There's SO much still left up in the air, especially about what Sari truly is.
mystryl-shada's avatar
YES IT DOES. And it was rather cancelled prematurely too. They barely got enough time to wrap up the series, and it was rather a lame wrap up also. Even more annoying, they thought they could bump off a main character and have the emotional impact be enough of a "finale". It didn't even make SENSE!
And yeah, so much still up in the air. At one point I had planned a fanfic 4th and 5th season, written like episodes, but eh, I got busy.
But yeah, the reason they cancelled the series when they did was...get this...the 2nd movie was coming out. And they didn't want to compete. Uh does Hasbro even KNOW how advertizing works? I don't see that as doing anything less than helping them sell toys, to be honest. A movie AND a cartoon, running simultaniously. That woudl really get the TF bug going. Gah.
...And now they've gone and started a whole new TV series. *facepalm*
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(Adam Sandler) sooooo hot want to touch the hiney aroooooooo
blitzwing94's avatar
on another note: Damn she has some fine legs
blitzwing94's avatar
yes too bad they CANCELLED THE SERIES!!! WTF
why is it when
A: the shows popularity is at its highest
B: there are the most question nswers such as the one you brought up is she really a decepticon protoform, well least we'll have transformers prime
mystryl-shada's avatar

I should get into that new series, doesn't have Sari. Or a personable Optimus. Sigh...
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Yeah I fucking hate Miko at least sari was a rambunctious 8 year old she had an excuse when she caused midfield. Miko is a damn teenager. But other than that it's REALLY DAMN GOOD The best fleshed out Decepticon cast ever. Soundwave hasn't spoken yet but he still kicks ass.

Also define personable Optimus.
I think you drew her 2 years older than the teen , also good blur
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Nice pic of sari! i like her more now that shes older, and i agree with you, BLUR ISNT DEAD! and I SAY PROWL WILL LIVE! ( i know he died to save his freinds and all, but i want him back, he was half the reason i watched the show! the otehr half was bumblebee)
spykidfan936's avatar
do you like sari as a teen robot or her eight year old self before?
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citgirl's avatar
yess blur ids not dead
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