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Obvious Voltron Spoilers are obvious.  I'll point out when they start.

OK so am I the only one who thinks it would have been cool for Voltron season 3 to coincide with this Great America Eclipse that's coming in late August?  Either way though, I'll take it; I LOVE space stuff, and both Voltron and the Eclipse count.  So obviously I saw Voltron the day it came out, all of it, and I'm going personally to the Eclipse, even though I live in an area that will get at least partial coverage (its not enough, I must have full shadow!).  Also, there's apparently going to be the brightest meteor shower in recorded history coming up in a week or so and it will be another 96 years till we get one so bright again.

In other words, the universe is giving me the best birthday month EVER.

Except for the part that Voltron has left me crippled.  [CUE SPOILER DISCUSSION!]  Not like I'd change a thing; nearly all that show does is perfect for the tone and story they're telling.  But I've been worried when the inevitable shift-change happened, where the team would reorganize to more closely resemble how the original show's cast manned the Lions.  And it finally happened.  Keith is in Black, Lance is in Red, and Allura is in Blue.  And it was very well handled, nicely explained, and completely feasible.

So why do I sit here, after seeing all seven episodes and loving every minute, thinking that my Voltron is broken forever?

This leaves a lot of questions, obviously.  The first big one for me: what is up with Shiro?  He's . . . not quite right, to me.  His character design changed, and while he himself may be acting all right, something is off.  How's he supposed to fit in anymore?  Black won't let him back in, and if he keeps undermining Keith's leadership, NO one is going to take that poor loner seriously as a leader, so Shiro really needs to step back, but . . . is that even a good idea?  I spent episodes worrying about Shiro and wondering what had happened to him and when he'd be back, and now that he is . . . I'm more worried than ever.  I think him coming back is WORSE than him being gone, and I didn't think that could be possible.  Dang, the writers of this show are genius in evil, evil ways, lol.

I was talking with a friend on the phone and I got this crazy idea for a moment that he's like a clone, or an alt reality version (like Sven, THANK YOU DREAMWORKS FOR THE BEST IN-JOKE EVER there), but this doesn't explain how the Black Lion sensed he was dying and told Keith to go pick him up.  There are just too many loose threads with him to create a solid theory, although no matter who or what he is, he's probably a mole or brainwashed sleeper agent, and therefore the gang REALLY needs to learn to trust KEITH here, because Shiro may be unintentionally undermining him and the Paladins.  Hence, my theory that it is worse for everybody that he made his way back to Voltron.  Poor Shiro.  Poor Keith.  AUGH I NEED THEIR BACKSTORY; HOW THE CRACK DO THEY KNOW EACH OTHER ALREADY.

Other questions I had after this series.  Are Zarkon and Hagar really even . . . THEM anymore?  It looked like they got possessed by those weird things in their backstory, and hey they even DIED for a short bit so that's very suspicious.  They may even STILL be dead.  CREEPY.  Also, WHEN was Lotor even BORN?  How old is this guy?  Its been so long since all this started that Hagar had even forgotten she was MARRIED to Zarkon, let alone had a kid.  When did they have a kid??  He's obviously their kid; he's openly Zarkon's son and he has his mother's evil-bleached hair.  He even has that universal Altean Brittish accent, and I noticed he gets lines near his eyes when he's being serious (like shadows of Altean markings).  He also loves to keep Galran half-breeds around, which makes sense if he's a Halfa also.  But I can't for the life of me place his birth.  It can't have been 10,000 years ago, because he doesn't have all those creepy, alt-dimention glowy-eye powers his parents have, and I doubt very much he's been active for thousands of years.  But it can't have been recently, because Hagar didn't even remember her original NAME let alone a family of any kind.  HELP ME VOLTRON, I'M HAVING MY FIRST EVER CONTINUITY CRISIS!

Other questions too, but they're more the usual.  Where are Pidge's family (and why is she not even mentioning her father anymore), how's the team going to deal with Lotor's weird ways, what is Lotor even UP to, how the crack is Allura supposed to warp them all over the universe now that she's in the Blue Lion and not on the Castle (this has worried me since the show's start), the usual.  Also, I'm loving the new characters for this season, even if they were one-shots.  This show is fantastic at awesome one-shot characters.  Alt-Universe Slav was HARDCORE and one of the most EPIC characters in the show yet!  Anyone who can laugh right in the face of an impossible situation is awesome, but that he was laughing because he'd already planned all this out and knew the outcome could be nothing under perfect made him not only hardcore, but really helped show how cunning this character had the potential of becoming.  I hope our Voltron team's Slav can rise to this level, if he ever comes back.

So what did y'all think of the new Voltron season?  Ready for the next six episodes in October?  :D  I know I am; I really need to see how Keith and Shiro are going to iron out this "Who's In Charge" problem.  Also, they sorta left off on that bombshell of a backstory for Voltron, and we FINALLY HAVE OUR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT FOR ZARKON AND HAGAR, YAY.  Ironic that Voltron finally throws some romance in the story, and its to give its villains as sad a backstory as possible.  *tear*

SVEN:  "Just get me to Space Hospital."    <---This line killed me, it really did.  XD

PS:  In other news, I just binged a cartoon called Star VS the Forces of Evil.  Not usually my art style, but I have a friend who loves telling Magical Girl parody stories, and this one looked pretty parody-full, so I had to give it a go.  DANG THIS SHOW GOT EPIC.  I picked it up just in time.  But this is a story for another journal.   ^_~  All I'll say now is that if you can put up with a half-season of random nonsense, the rest of the series is a seriously good payoff.  Also, it has some of the best voice-acting I've heard since Voltron.  This series has real potential, and has one of my new fav OTPs.  Nothing in Voltron comes that close (mainly because Voltron potential pairings are still so much up in the air).
This series is weird and funny and random and odd and confusing and interesting and all kinds of bizarre.  Go check it out, if you can handle the weird art style and randomness of the first 7 eps or so; I'll be doing art soon as soon as I do the contest enteries.
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