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ArenaNet house - all by MystiqueX ArenaNet house - all by MystiqueX
I still had a few more ideas, but I feel it's time to move on.
New shiny project here I come! :D

Modeled: Softimage
Textures: Photoshop & ZBrush
Render: Marmoset

The original concept can be seen here [link]
More renders on my website [link] [link]
amaterasu111 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012   Digital Artist
I don't think it was a good idea not to put a close up of the house (the original one) in this deviation. I don't mind going to your website to see it and to see the textures but I would have preferred if I could see them directly on DA.

Nice piece overall but has some problems especially in the textures. I don't like how you did your texture planning and even the textures. I can't understand why you made the door a 256x512 when your tiled textures which take more space on the screen (for example the roof tiles). If I look closely at the last house you did, which is apparently your favorite, I can see very clearly that the tile texture is blurry next to the door texture. That's not logical because the door is an unique asset and the tile texture is a very important texture. Even with this configuration of 256x256, you could have done the texture bigger and make your UV bigger so it tiles more and there's less blurriness. It would have looked more repetitive but considering you have ivy, I don't think it would have been a problem. I think the brick texture is the worse, it's very blurry and yet it's the second texture that's most repeated on the scene.

Another thing, this time concerning the model, I think you should have done the bottom of the roof with meshes and applied the wood texture instead of doing another texture for it. It's a waste of texture space and I'm sure there's one texture here which would have loved to get a bit more space.

Aside from that, the concrete and the decals look great! The wood looks better than before but it still could be improved. It still doesn't tile very well. For the plants, they look great on the small pictures but on the big pictures, they look weird. Your hand painting isn't bad (I'm not capable of doing it) but it's super messy and looks like it was done super quickly. It looks decent on most of the textures even when you're looking close but the bush looks very bad from close.

Overall, this work is pretty solid but I can't help but feel that you could have done a much better job.
MystiqueX Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks a lot for the feedback!
I actually just updated the wip deviation for the original house with the finished version [link]

I can see your point with the texture sizes. My idea in making the diffuse for the unique parts so big was that they all stand out and the player would focus on that particular area, rather than a particular stone in the wall or the concrete/plaster walls on the second level. But you're right, it probably takes too much space, which I could use for the stone and roof textures that are at eye level anyway.

Again, agreed about the bottom of the roof, when I finally put the textures side by side I cursed my initial choice.

The whole transforming the house thing was mainly having fun and dispersing the boredom of looking at the exact same model for a long time. I screwed up half the normals anyway so I should go back and fix the textures and I'll definitely put your advice to good use.

Thanks a lot!
amaterasu111 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012   Digital Artist
You're welcome! :D

I understand the idea of making the small props stand out but that didn't work for this subject. It's very good to know because I'll try avoiding this mistake if I have to do an art test like that. (the info is useful even to me, isn't it great? :XD:)

I didn't know if the other houses were part of the test but since I hadn't seen anyone doing that before, I guess it wasn't. I know what you mean. Staring at the same piece of 3D for a long time is annoying. That's why I'm currently playing with some mat caps in ZBrush instead of finishing the sculpting of my tree... :D

Good luck fixing stuff for this project! :)
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