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Version : 1.37
Updated : 20th Jan 2013

Simple network gadget.

New :
- allows element color change
- new flyout for nic info - add wifi, all dns servers
- copy individual or all info from flyout to clipboard
- converted all vbscript to jscript
- background generated with slices
- wifi signal strength bars
- change source for wan ip retrieval

Click gadget to cycle full width histogram, apex values, approx totals, lan ip, wan ip, mac address, model of nic and 30 interval peak values that match the (auto)scaleable histogram. By default these will be the highest values for the last 45 seconds.

Click labels on top of gadget to set/access :
- ping tool with list builder (ping name or ip)
- interval
- bits/bytes decimal places
- nic to monitor or use combined traffic
- nic for info display
- refresh nic
- shortcuts to ipconfig /all, nic folder, device manager
- histogram fade/directions
- histogram fixed/auto/minimum/custom peak values

If adapter not detected on start/refresh gadget stops and gives option to :
- restart
- ping then open ping tool

Middle click info panel to copy adapter info to clipboard.

Japanese localization by Kazuhiro Matsuda
© 2011 - 2022 mystifeid
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