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MOVED TO *FelisGlacialis ( Keeping this ancient account as a record for old messages about Jayto ect.
MOVED TO *FelisGlacialis ( :iconblackmystica: :iconblackmystica: :iconblackmystica: I'll not be active on this one anymore!!
Plans to move!
Heya everybody! It has been a long time ago since my last journal update... I'm not very active as it comes to writing...anyway I want to say that I've the plans to move to a new DA account! *FelisGlacialis ( It's time to sail another sea!! I'll focus more on TeechalfoWs and more animals, also in traditional style (Haa but I'll also continue with digital art)... and my artistname was not very representive anymore. BlackMysticA fits much better! Because too much people associate my TeechalfoWs with (mystic)wolves and that's is absolutely  NOT what they are :giggle: On my new account I'll write tons of information about the biology, anatomy


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YAY! *death hugs* Random hug time! Hug 10 people in the next 5 min, or be eaten by a monster that lives in your closet!
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Ummm....i wuz wondering if i could put some of your art on my facebook??? Just to show off everyone's art. I sware I'll give you credit. You could try and find me on there yourself if you want to....but I just wanna show all of my friends art that's on here to all my friends actually here. Ya know?? LoL
Haha as long as you give me credit and refer to my DA (maybe better to my new one...see journal) it's ok ;D
Stormywolf219Hobbyist Traditional Artist
0.0 yay!!!! Thank you!! XD I'm sure my friends will love your artwork. And don't worry...I promise to give you credit and use your DA name...I even title them the original names that you named them.^^
.3. for some reason im not watching you now LOL i was wondering why i wasnt getting art or anything from you XD ha *fixed*
OMG dude your work is AMAZING! would you be interested in doing a request of my girl? id love to comission something but no job so no $$$ right now but will keep you in mind for sure!