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:la: :la: :la:
Commission info is moved to my (wix) website:…

Commission is full for now, I'll update when I open again~
For more frequent updates join our discord server: :dummy:

Note me if you want one. Thanks! :D

Commission Slots

Recently Done
  • :iconminihakkero:
  • :iconhalocapella: :iconanymssqrrl:
  • (non-dA) Inxchu Discord/twitch [Paid][Done!] 
  • (non-dA) DAKImakura [Paid][Done!]
  • :iconvalkyriekago: :iconalchemistmoon: :iconcitrusanime: :iconanymssqrrl:
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What I draw and what not :paranoid:

  1. Original Character / Fanart
  2. Female / Male / Trap
  3. Mecha, Monsters, Animals
  4. Chibi

  1. Yaoi / Yuri
  2. R18: Hentai / Nudes
  3. Gore / Horror

The Commission Options :woohoo:

Full colored digital painting, 1-3 characters, with / without background (or just simple background)
Default size: A4 300 dpi potrait / landscape - your choice
  • USD 220 per fullbody (default outfit)
  • +USD 80 for base underwear / bikini (usable for future outfit commission).
  • +USD 120 for each outfit var (complex outfit may cost more).
  • +USD 20 for each additional expression

Fullbody + Full background

Ishtar - F/GO by mysticswordsman21 Takao D-Frag by mysticswordsman21 
Graf Zeppelin by mysticswordsman21

Fullbody + Simple background

Comm: S.A.M by mysticswordsman21 Comm: CitrusAnime by mysticswordsman21
more in my gallery

Full Group CG, all in one artwork.
Prices as follow:
  • Discounted price: @ each 1 character = USD 150 *
  • * Only applicable if picture contains minimum 5 characters
  • Add background: +USD 180
  • complex design / outfit / background may cost more (let's discuss~)
PDK Dragoncraft by mysticswordsman21FFXIV Guild Group Comms by mysticswordsman21

Art specifically made for dakimakura print. 2 fullbody character illustration of the same character.
Please understand that the price is higher because the resolution detail is much higher here. (around 8000+ px)
Rules as follow:
  • Female character only
  • I won't do R-18 (nudity, showing nipple). But bikini, fanservice not showing nipple is ok.
  • Price: USD 440
Xagia Wars: Clara Dakimakura by mysticswordsman21

How To Order & Payment :points:

  • Note me with the subject "Commission Request".
  • You can also mail me at:
Paypal Stamp by artist4com
- via Paypal only

I will send the payment invoice to your paypal address~

Rules n More :meditate:


- No deadline
- Payment after the sketch is done, down payment minimum 50%
- No refund, trust me with the comms! ^^
- Please give me references, explanations about details of the character(s)
- I will inform you about the WIP of these steps: sketch-coloring-fin, so you can fix things in between
- 3x Revision limit. More than that needs revision fee.
- You can post it as your deviation here in dA. (or anywhere, it's yours)


Things you should consider before you commish me..

- For a fullbody character, I can finish it as fast as a day, 2 days at most.
- But for commission with background, I need more time because I need to plan on composition, value, lighting, etc, usually 1 week.

Past commissioners:
  • :iconlj-comics: [ sketch done ][ no confirmation ] @_@

Really thanks for commissioning me! :aww:

Current VN Project:
>> <<
>>… <<
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ArcNovaXII's avatar
umm...what's the price for a full body no background, I'm seeing 777 but i doubt that's it. 
mysticswordsman21's avatar
777 is for group commission, a price for 10 characters :D
ArcNovaXII's avatar what's the price for one? 77? 
mysticswordsman21's avatar
Helloo ArcNova,, :D
I updated the description so it won't be confusing, and flexible option for commissions with less than 8 characters.
Commission OPEN! << What do you think now? :dummy:
ArcNovaXII's avatar
thank you, this makes much or sense, now, so one is 70, discounted of course. 
mysticswordsman21's avatar
for just one, it's in the section above (character commission) Fullbody : USD 90 :D
ArcNovaXII's avatar
Somvold's avatar
Good luck with the commissions and welcome back.
mysticswordsman21's avatar
Somvold's avatar
No worries at all.
Somvold's avatar
Good luck with the commissions.
mysticswordsman21's avatar
Somvold's avatar
No worries at all.
Somvold's avatar
Happy Early New Year to you too.
citrusanime's avatar
Oh man, I soooooo wanna commission you again now that you are offering full background now! But... I'm kind of saving up so I can afford your full background commission. but one day I will afford it!
mysticswordsman21's avatar
Yeah,, I feel ready to draw some full art again :XD:
Ookayy,, thanks for being interested again citrus. :la: :la: :la:

Also happy new year :party:
Somvold's avatar
Good luck with the commissions.
mysticswordsman21's avatar
thank you Somvold! :D /
Somvold's avatar
No worries at all.
Somvold's avatar
Good luck with the commissions.
Somvold's avatar
No worries at all.
AzureBladeXIII's avatar
I want to commission you again but I myself am busy with commissions :cries:
mysticswordsman21's avatar
Woaah awesome!! Congrats and Good luck finishing them!! :la:
Nice color and gestures there >u< )/
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